OMF V4C51 The Secret Realm’s Core

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Jing Yi hadn’t slept much that night, thus he had already cultivated for some hours when Leng Jin Yu finally came to check up on him in the morning.
Seeing the boy sitting on the bed and cultivating with an incredible speed Leng Jin Yu was somewhat speechless. How come the person who had been all panicked and afraid of remembering his past yesterday was suddenly cultivating as if he hadn’t done anything else in his life?
And furthermore … why was he so fast?
Leng Jin Yu looked at the flow of the spiritual energy and slightly frowned. For a normal person, this speed of taking in spiritual energy would definitely lead to injuries sooner or later.
Maybe they could sustain it for a while if their stage was higher but someone at the second stage like Jing Yi shouldn’t be able to do it. Just a slight lapse in judgment, just a bit of hesitation might even lead to death. So why … was he alright?
Could this have something to do with his special situation? But if that was the case, then wouldn’t a lot of trueborn gods have ended up dead because their reincarnations ascended? After all, only a few of them would be watched as closely as the crown prince and would get impeded at every step they took. So the probability of them ascending if they ever stepped onto this path would be quite high. And even though it was said that Heaven had cursed the gods, Leng Jin Yu couldn’t really believe that he’d be that harsh to allow something like this.
Leng Jin Yu really would have liked to take a closer look at Jing Yi’s situation but who knew if his probing wouldn’t startle the boy and thus indeed lead to an accident? He could only sigh, leave the room and close the door again.
Well, he might as well use the time and find the core of the secret realm and wrest the control over from the previous master. That way he would know if that troublesome dragon king managed to find a way around the array and could react accordingly.
As for the crown prince’s reincarnation … He didn’t like to leave it at that but for now, he couldn’t do anything. He’d have a look as soon as Jing Yi stopped cultivating and then depending on how much progress he had made he would do something. Maybe he wouldn’t even need to act. Wouldn’t it be great if Jing Yi just wasn’t able to make progress for long? Hindering him seemed a little vicious.
Well, now wasn’t the time for that.
Leng Jin Yu walked down the corridor, keeping an eye on his surroundings so as to not activate any of the traps around him. After all, he still needed a reason to keep Jing Yi from the core of the realm.
Soon enough, he reached the door to the courtyard in the innermost part of the palace. He took a deep breath and opened it.
The courtyard in front of him wasn’t big compared to the rest of the palace. In fact, it only measured about twenty steps in both directions. There was a roofed corridor leading around it and two short bridges leading to a small isle in the middle of a pond where two stone statues stood.
This was supposed to be the place where the core of the secret realm lied? He hadn’t imagined that it would look like this. But then again, it wasn’t that unexpected. After all, whoever was still alive after encountering all these traps probably wouldn’t be kept away just because the realm’s master added another one. So, the question was where exactly in this courtyard was the core?
Leng Jin Yu stayed at the door and closed his eyes, sensing for any larger accumulation of spiritual energy.
There wasn’t any.
Leng Jin Yu slightly frowned. The ice spiritual energy below the courtyard seemed especially dense but it wasn’t the core of the realm. Then what could it be? Had he missed something? Or was the core hidden so well that he couldn’t find it from this position? If the latter was the case …
Leng Jin Yu stepped below the roof of the corridor and slowly made his way around the courtyard. He still didn’t notice any traps but also couldn’t find any trace of the realm’s core. Just where was it hidden?
His gaze turned toward the middle of the courtyard. Those statues … were placed there pretty obviously. Could it be that they were the core? It would make sense, too.
He slowly walked over, taking one step at a time until he reached the bridge. He made sure to reach out with his spiritual sense to make sure nothing would hinder him from approaching and stepped onto the first plank. Everything stayed silent. There really didn’t seem to be any more obstacles around.
Leng Jin Yu still didn’t hurry and approached the statues slowly. What was the rush? He had to keep Jing Yi in the secret realm for as long as possible anyway and he really doubted that Longjun would be able to break the formation tying the secret realm to the Leyuan region anytime soon.
He hadn’t looked at it too closely before but as far as he remembered it was an array from the mortal realms. The dragon king shouldn’t be all that familiar with it. He’d need some time to find out how it worked. And even if time was of the essence, being careful was still the most important. If something happened to him, how would he help the crown prince with his trial then?
Leng Jin Yu finally reached the small spot in the middle of the lake. With the two statues around, there was barely enough place to step between them or go around them once.
Leng Jin Yu stopped next to them and took a closer look. The two statues depicted humans, one man and one woman, that were facing each other. Both of them wore robes that seemed to belong to a cultivation sect although Leng Jin Yu couldn’t say which one it was.
Maybe one of them was the master of this secret realm? Then it really was likely that he had put the core of the realm here. If he examined the statues, he would probably be able to find it.

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