LWS V3C24 A Powerful Background

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Su Yan really wanted to cry. How was he even supposed to plan the story in such detail? Wouldn’t that just happen along the way while writing? He had always done it like that!
He grumbled and started to add some details in the hope of getting at least one point more. For example, the admission test for the Jin Shan Sect as he had named it was now consisting of three parts that tested different traits of the children.
The first one would be about their physical strength, the second one about their spiritual strength and the third one about their personality. Naturally, the latter wasn’t as obvious as the first two and would, in fact, just consist of the advisers observing the children closely while they underwent the first two tests.
In the same manner, Su Yan enriched the scenes he had previously listed. As the protagonist, Dou Fang Hai naturally couldn’t have just any adversary. He needed an especially powerful one! In fact, the more OP his opponent was the stronger the protagonist would seem when he finally defeated him. Or, well, in this case, it would probably just highlight the male lead’s strength since he would be the one giving help so that the opponent could be defeated easily.
Thinking like that the cannon fodder that had only been casually noted down as the one competing in the auction and the assembly with the protagonist now became [a handsome cultivator with a powerful family background].
Su Yan stopped typing at that point and pursed his lips. Uh … Would it really be enough to only write that down? That seemed a little … lacking? Ah, he should probably add some more information! He couldn’t give the system any reason to complain!
“Mn …”
Nie Chang looked over when Su Yan once again seemed about to start grumbling. It seemed it wasn’t going too well for his darling? He put the iPad away that he was looking at right now and pushed himself a little closer to his boyfriend.
“Got stuck?”
Su Yan flinched before looking up with an expression as if he had been bullied just now. “Ah Chang, you scared me!”
Nie Chang only smiled happily. “I hope it’s not because of my face!”
Su Yan couldn’t keep up his pitiful expression and instead broke out into a beautiful smile himself. “Ah, how could that be? You’re so handsome!” He pursed his lips and leaned forward.
Nie Chang looked at those lips that were obviously pursed as an invitation to a kiss. Ah, no, wait, that wasn’t an invitation. This was his little darling demanding a kiss!
Su Yan’s eyes grew wider to give another hint when said demand wasn’t met and he frowned slightly. What the hell was Nie Chang doing?! Couldn’t he see that he was still waiting for a kiss?! He refused to say something though and just continued to sit in front of him with pursed lips. Well, they were slowly starting to turn into pouting lips.
Nie Chang slightly leaned forward, his own lips curling into a mischievous smirk. Then he reached out … and pinched those cute cheeks.
“Ngh!” Su Yan gave a sound of protest and hurriedly tried to pull away but a certain ruthless boyfriend hadn’t let go yet.
In fact, that bad person seemed to be having fun. “You look really lovable, did you know? Ah, I just can’t keep my hands to myself. They refuse to listen to me. As soon as I see you looking like this they just rush out to pinch your cheeks. It’s beyond my control.”
Su Yan responded with a glare and seemed about to rant and rave.
Nie Chang hurriedly leaned forward the rest of the way and finally gave him the kiss he had asked for. After that, he pulled him onto his lap, hugged him and placed his chin on his shoulder. “Alright, so what was troubling you?”
Su Yan blinked. Huh? He looked at his notebook and remembered that he had originally been troubled by the revision of his plot. “What do you think would be a powerful family background?”
“Are we talking about xianxia?”
“Of course!”
“Then that would certainly be a family of cultivators. Maybe they have some hidden expert or especially strong ancestor still living somewhere in their home? Or there could be some kind of mythological beast or something that guards the family because of something that happened in the past?”
“Mn …” Su Yan thoughtfully looked at his screen. That didn’t sound bad …
Nie Chang wasn’t sure if his little darling was satisfied with his response yet so he pondered further. “Well, if it isn’t supposed to be a family of cultivators, then it could naturally be a powerful family from the mundane world, too. Maybe they have a trading empire? Or maybe they’re tied to the emperor’s family or the military?”
Su Yan nodded and hugged Nie Chang back. “I know now!”
He turned back to his notebook and started typing. Nie Chang’s ideas were all good but since the protagonist’s master was especially strong the antagonist needed an equally strong background or it would be boring. Thus, Su Yan wasn’t reconciled with just using one of the ideas Nie Chang had provided. Instead, he started to make up something even more powerful:
[The antagonist is one of the princes of the Jin kingdom. He has a good relationship with the crown prince. Their mother is the daughter of the highest ranking general so that he can use the military for his personal goals. There is also a hidden expert in the imperial palace who has a great relationship with him. Even the cultivation sect behind the hidden expert backs the prince. This expert also encounters a mythological beast some time in the story and gives it to the prince.]
Su Yan happily typed for a few minutes before he suddenly froze and straightened up. His head mechanically turned to Nie Chang and he blinked before narrowing his eyes.
Nie Chang felt a slight chill creep up his back and turned to the side. A pair of hands shot out and grasped his cheeks before pulling.
“Don’t think I forgot about it!”
Nie Chang really would have laughed out loud if a certain someone hadn’t clutched his cheeks.
My little darling, honestly, if you only remember to get back at me after five minutes, then that clearly means that you’ve forgotten.

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