LWS V3C9 Really Too Strange!

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The idea was good but he wasn’t sure how he should go about it. He somehow still had the image of an old man in mind when he heard the word master. But it was true that cultivators didn’t age after reaching a certain level.
“Eh, now that I think about it, it’s actually quite strange. All those xianxia novels are full of bearded old elders that try to make things difficult for the protagonist because … well, because he’s the protagonist I guess. But how could that be if they really don’t age after reaching a higher level? Shouldn’t most of them look really young? After all, the people who become elders later on should be the best disciples, shouldn’t they?”
“Then that’s really too strange.” Su Yan stopped eating and stared ahead. Actually, he couldn’t think of even one novel where the elders of the sect had looked young. It was even difficult to think of one where most of them had been middle-aged. This was truly … too illogical!
Su Yan turned back to Nie Chang with an especially serious expression. “Ah Chang, I want to write a novel that makes more sense than that. So, all the elders of my sect should be men that look young and handsome, just like the elite disciples are always described. What do you think about that?”
“That sounds …” Like Comedy. Nie Chang coughed. “That sounds good. I’m sure your readers will love it.”
Su Yan beamed and scooted over onto Nie Chang’s lap as a matter of course. “Mn, Ah Chang, you’re such a good boyfriend! Without you, I never would have noticed such an obvious flaw! You’re so intelligent!” He pursed his lips and looked at him, his gaze expectant.
Nie Chang chuckled. Was his darling learning how to compliment someone? Well, that was probably a talent he’d have to train a bit more. It still sounded quite clumsy. “Mn, it’s just a small thing, nothing to talk about.” He bent down and kissed him. Anyway, it was still nice to see Su Yan trying. In fact, he wouldn’t mind hearing some more.
Su Yan burrowed into Nie Chang’s arms and sighed. This wasn’t the first time Nie Chang had helped him think of ideas for his stories. Not only that he had even stood in as the model for his very first male lead.
“Mn, Ah Chang, thinking about it now you’re actually not just my boyfriend.”
“No? Then what else am I?” Nie Chang gently combed through Su Yan’s hair with his fingers.
Su Yan looked up at him and grinned, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Well, aren’t you my muse?”
Nie Chang coughed. “Am I?” Why did it sound somehow strange if Su Yan said it like that?
Su Yan didn’t notice that Nie Chang’s expression was a little off and just happily nodded. “Of course!” He gently stroked Nie Chang’s chest and craned his neck to give him another kiss. “Because of what you said my first story became a lot better and now you even helped me think of such a good idea for the second story. If you’re not my muse, then what else could you be?”
Nie Chang smiled. “Isn’t being your boyfriend enough? I feel like it’s normal to talk about the things that occupy us. Which couple wouldn’t talk about things like their jobs or —”
“Ah, no, no, no!” Su Yan wildly shook his head and clasped a hand over Nie Chang’s mouth. “Don’t say it!”
Nie Chang raised his brows. Had he said something wrong?
Su Yan looked at him very seriously. “We can’t talk about our jobs.”
Nie Chang reached up and plucked that hand from his mouth before kissing it gently. “Why that?”
“Because I won’t understand.” Su Yan pouted. “You’re doing some strange, magical things. How could a mere mortal like me understand?”
Nie Chang chuckled. “So you’re worried about that. You don’t have to. I can tell you other things about my job instead.”
“There are other things?” Su Yan hugged Nie Chang’s neck and listened.
He didn’t really have an idea what Nie Chang was doing. He only knew that it always looked astonishing. After all, he had sat next to him sometimes when Nie Chang fixed something concerning his notebook. The only impression he had of these times was that Nie Chang’s hands were really fast and that after just a minute or two Nie Chang would normally say that everything was finished. In fact, it seemed that he had done some more things in that time because each time after Nie Chang did something with his notebook it started to run smoother afterward. He had no idea how that had happened though.
Nie Chang just smiled. “Naturally, there are other things. For example, I could tell you what kind of things Old Lao and Gong Gong are doing.”
Su Yan blinked. “Aren’t they doing the same thing as you?”
“Mn. Sometimes. They spend a lot of their time on Weibo, too.”
“In front of their boss?” Su Yan couldn’t help but be stunned. He probably wouldn’t dare … Oh. Come to think of it he was also writing and doing the other tasks of the Lovely Writing System while at work. But Nie Chang had said that it was alright when he hired him. Maybe those two were the same?
“Well, in part it’s also for the repair shop. They’re mostly sharing things about repairs and some practical hacks people can use to have a better experience with their devices.”
“So … They’re … giving advice to people like me?”
Nie Chang laughed and rubbed Su Yan’s head. “That, too. Most of it is for more technology-savvy people though. They do share some stories from the shop though. Like …” Nie Chang took out his phone and opened Old Lao and Gong Gong’s Weibo. He was a little afraid how Su Yan would react but he still felt that it was better if he brought it up himself rather than that Su Yan heard it from somebody else. Especially after the shock he had suffered this morning. He didn’t want to take any chances.
Nie Chang scrolled down to the picture those two had taken of him and Su Yan. With a slightly tensed expression, he showed it to Su Yan.
The reaction stunned him though because Su Yan instantly looked up at him with a furious gaze as if he wanted to scratch his eyes out the very next moment.

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