LWS V3C7 Setting a Rule

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Su Yan opened the document he had created for his notes before he went to shower. He already had a vague idea of what he wanted to write: It was supposed to be another story with a xianxia setting and this time in compliance with what his readers wanted there would be more cultivation and lots of fights. He also wanted to change the roles of the protagonist and the male lead because, well, wouldn’t it get boring if they were always the disciples of the same sect?
This point gave him some trouble though. What kind of role could they have? If they weren’t disciples of the same sect, then they could be part of different sects of the same faction or maybe even part of different factions. But the latter seemed awfully similar to what would nearly have happened with Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing. After all, Mei Chao Bing’s master had betrayed his sect from the good faction and became an evil practitioner. It was just because of Yun Bei Fen that Mei Chao Bing didn’t follow him. But there still would have been the possibility of them ending up as people from different factions.
But maybe that was good, too? Maybe that was also what the readers had liked? Argh, he really didn’t know much about romance! How would he know what kind of romance people would like to read?
Just when he frowned and didn’t know how to continue a hand pushed the notebook shut and took it away. Su Yan blinked dumbly and looked up just to find the smiling face of Nie Chang in front of him.
“How about setting some rules for this relationship, darling?”
“Rules?” Su Yan’s eyebrows drew together while his tone sounded especially clueless.
“Mn, rules. I have one to suggest: No notebook and no phone while we eat.”
“Ah?” Su Yan’s eyes widened. “Why that? You never had a problem with me doing anything else while we ate!”
Nie Chang nodded and put the notebook away before placing a steaming bowl in front of him. He got one for himself and sat down next to Su Yan. “Back then I wasn’t your boyfriend though. It’s expected to change some things, isn’t it?”
Su Yan pouted. “Alright. But can we change something else?”
“Why? You can’t stand spending one meal with your boyfriend without anything to divert your attention? Don’t you have the whole day at work to concentrate on writing?”
“I … I do! But …”
Nie Chang raised his brows and Su Yan didn’t know how to continue. Alright, it wouldn’t be a problem. But he was used to doing whatever he wanted. Why did it have to be so troublesome?
“So, I can’t deal with the tasks the system gives me at all while we eat? What if I have a sudden flash of inspiration?”
Nie Chang looked at his boyfriend that was trying to defend against this suggestion with everything he got. Was it really so terrible to spend the mealtime with just some food and him? Unfortunately, just looking at his little darling’s lost expression he was starting to waver. He really hadn’t cared about this before. Maybe he should continue to do so?
In the end, he sighed. If he let Su Yan haggle now, then he would always do so. Then someday they might not have any time together.
He reached over and took Su Yan’s hand. “Ah Yan, it’s just a meal. Look, we’re working at the same place but you’re at the counter while I’m working in the backroom. We only see each other when I’m bringing something over that I finished and get the things that have been delivered in the meantime. Yes, we can see each other more than before but … I still wish to spend as much time with you as possible. So, at least let me have your full attention while we’re eating?”
Su Yan continued to purse his lips. “If you have my full attention, how am I supposed to eat?”
Nie Chang smirked. It seemed his little darling was already considering his suggestion. “It’s made by me, so that still counts as paying me attention. Actually, I don’t even mind if we talk about whatever crazy task your system gave to you. In fact, I would love if you told me all about it. So, what do you say?”
Su Yan pondered. He could still talk about whatever he wanted? So, Nie Chang just didn’t want him to look at his phone or his notebook? That didn’t sound so bad … He picked up his chopsticks and slowly started to gobble down his food. “You know the system wants me to plan my second story. But there’s something I’m not sure about.”
Nie Chang smiled and also started to eat. Su Yan talking about that meant that he had accepted. Mn, it really felt good to fight for a little bit of time that would be solely reserved for yourself. And he would even have three of those little time spans each day.
“What’s the matter?”
“You know about my first story, don’t you? The main characters are two disciples of the same sect but one of them nearly betrays them and becomes an evil sect member. Now I actually wanted to have the protagonist and male lead have different roles in the new story. Don’t you think it would be too similar if one of them was the disciple of a righteous sect while the other is a disciple of an evil sect? After all, that nearly would have happened in the first story, too.”
Nie Chang pondered while continuing to eat. “I don’t think it would be a problem. But I guess you could take something else if you’re uncomfortable with it.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “What else am I supposed to take? Either they’re that or they’re both disciples of different sects in the righteous faction.”
Nie Chang raised his eyebrows. “Who said that?”
“Nobody. Isn’t that obvious? The system wants me to write gay romance after all. So it’s not like I can turn one of them into a martial sister, can I? Even if I did, wouldn’t it still be the same constellation?”
Nie Chang blinked. “Yeah, sure. But who said that both or even one of them has to be a disciple of a sect? Aren’t there other identities around? A master, a grandmaster, a magical beast in its human form, an immortal that descended from heaven, a transmigrator from a different world who starts to cultivate later on or maybe even someone who doesn’t cultivate at all?”
Su Yan blinked. Unable to believe what he had just heard. Stupid! He was too stupid! Why hadn’t he thought of all that?! He really felt ashamed of himself.

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