LWS V3C6 Not My Fault!

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While Nie Chang was happy with ending the conversation right there Su Yan thought differently. He hadn’t forgotten yet why he asked Nie Chang what he liked about him in the first place. He had already found out what he wanted to know but there was still something he had to say. After all, even though Nie Chang had said that he loved him and also loved all of those crazy things he did, he had still hinted that he thought of him as a little troublesome.
Su Yan grabbed the fabric of Nie Chang’s shirt and pulled him closer. “Ah Chang … Thank you for telling me all that. I know I’m not always easy to get along with. I always let you do things and … I guess I am a little difficult sometimes and demand too much from you. But I’ve always treated you as a very good friend. And now … I also think of you as my boyfriend. I don’t want to change anything about that. So, you don’t have to worry about me breaking up with you or anything. Because … I won’t.”
“Mn. I was … too hasty earlier. I shouldn’t have suspected that you want to break up. I should know you good enough.”
Su Yan nodded. He couldn’t help feeling that that was indeed right. Nie Chang really should have known better! If he didn’t like him, why would he have gotten together with him in the first place? And it wasn’t like he was so fickle to change his mind on something like that after not even two days.
As soon as his head moved up and down Su Yan felt that something was wrong though. Wait! Hadn’t he wanted to apologize to Nie Chang? How come he just agreed like this?!
He hurriedly shook his head and burrowed his head into Nie Chang’s chest to make sure he wouldn’t see his expression. Unfortunately, Nie Chang was right. He really couldn’t hide his thoughts.
“No, no, no, no! It’s not like that. Absolutely not. Not your fault. You’re the best boyfriend ever. It’s my fault this time. I should have made clear what was going on. And I shouldn’t have forgotten to text you back. Well, actually, it wasn’t really my fault either. The battery died. That was also why you didn’t reach me when you called. I also don’t know how that could happen today of all days.” Su Yan pouted. This really was such a dumb coincidence!
Nie Chang sighed. This type of tearful apology after doing something wrong was also something he knew well enough from Su Yan. Thankfully, he wasn’t looking up with those big, shiny eyes this time. That kind of look from Su Yan had always been lethal to him. Even if he had been angry before, he could never continue to do so after being looked at like this.
He just patted Su Yan’s head and gently placed a kiss on it. “Isn’t it because a certain someone read his comments and reviews yesterday evening and this morning? And you probably didn’t even think of charging it, did you?”
Su Yan froze. Uh … Right. He should have done that. He tugged at the buttons on Nie Chang’s shirt and shifted around in his arms. “It’s not my fault! It’s all because of the system.”
“Mn. It’s never your fault.” Ah, Su Yan’s mother had really spoiled him too much. Well, he wasn’t any better. Whatever Su Yan wanted he would always comply. Expecting him to become responsible like this … What was he even thinking of?
Nie Chang chuckled and let go of Su Yan. “Alright. Sit down and wait a bit. I’m going to make breakfast.”
Su Yan perked up and hurried to the table looking very much like a fox. It took a lot of effort for him not to smile but how could he? If he acted just a little bit suspicious, then Nie Chang would definitely notice that he had forgotten to punish him at all! He couldn’t risk still being forced to cook!
Actually, Su Yan was thinking too much. Nie Chang had already decided not to torture him any longer when he saw him holding the knife. If he actually let Su Yan ‘help’ him cook … he’d probably spent more time giving first aid to a certain young master and talk until he was blue in the face until he was finally forgiven. Who would be the one punished then?
Su Yan watched his boyfriend busy about but finally couldn’t take it any longer. Watching someone cook really wasn’t all that exciting. He twisted and turned on his chair for a while and finally hurried away. The first thing to do was charging his phone to make sure there wouldn’t be another accident that could endanger his relationship. Hmph. This thing was really too troublesome! Hadn’t he charged it just yesterday? How come it had already been empty? And even at such an important moment! This thing was obviously bullying him!
He left his phone behind and instead went to grab his notebook. While Nie Chang still cooked he should use his time to take another look at the Lovely Writing System. After all, he had only seen the special task before. He still had to take a look at the normal task and see how much closer it would bring him to the next level.
Still smiling like a fox Su Yan opened the system and clicked on the task list. Naturally, his last task was already accomplished and the system didn’t delay in admitting it:
[Congratulations on finishing the publishing process of your first complete story, host! As of now, you are an author with a finished story which will be helpful on your further path to becoming a successful bl author. Finishing shows your readers that you have the dedication to complete something and thus helps you in gathering new potential readers for future works.]
Su Yan nodded. This sounded really logical to him. He himself would also rather pick something to read where he was sure that the author would actually finish it than try reading a story whose author had started writing ten stories but never finished a single one. After all, even if the first half of the story was great, he still wanted to know how the story would end!
Feeling that the system was once again giving good advice Su Yan clicked for the next part:
[It takes more than one swallow to make a summer and it takes more than one story to establish an author. Regardless of how well-received your first story was or if it was completely ignored what really proves your worth as an author is continuing to write and publish.
Use your experience from your first story and start to plan your second story!
Hint 1: The comments and reviews your readers left on your first story will give valuable advice as to what your audience likes. Try to keep what they thought of as great about your first story while incorporating the things they felt were lacking.
Hint 2: The planning of your story in consideration of your readers’ opinion will be judged by the Lovely Writing System and serve as your test for ascending to the next level.]
Su Yan’s eyebrows show up. Hah? Publishing the complete short story had actually been enough to reach the threshold of the next level?! This was really too awesome! Heheh, especially since he had already started to plan his second story. Passing this test would really be too easy!

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