OMF V4C16 Abducted by Demons

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Qiu Ling who hadn’t taken the matter about informing the Sect Master to heart, naturally also didn’t really think that guarding the disciples was important. This time, he at least didn’t ditch the task completely. Instead, he motioned at Qiang Wei and had him monitor those humans.
He himself definitely couldn’t do it. He had more important things to do!
Qiu Ling hurriedly distanced himself from the people around and squatted in a shrub not far from where the secret realm had opened. Naturally, he wouldn’t leave this place for long. In fact, he would only leave if he absolutely had to do so. Asking the old geezer for help was a reason for him to leave since it would help him to get his beloved back sooner but otherwise what else could make him leave here and possibly miss his beloved’s return?
Qiu Ling took out a transmission stone and imbued his energy. A moment later the image of a bearded old man sprang up.
“Father-in-law!” Qiu Ling cried out in a wronged tone.
The Heavenly Emperor’s brow twitched. Never mind that he hated seeing that shameless guy who dared to call him father-in-law even though he still hadn’t allowed him to marry his precious son, right now his beloved wife was with him! Could this guy not act so pitifully?! Bai Fen was already frowning at him as if he had bullied him!
Qiu Ling had no idea how the dissatisfaction of his father-in-law had come about and just assumed that it was the usual reaction to seeing his face. Thus he just moved on to the purpose of his contacting. “Father-in-law, you have to help me! A bad person abducted my beloved!”
The Heavenly Emperor wanted to scold him for being useless that he couldn’t even protect one of his people when something slowly dawned on him. Wait! The person this dandy was shamelessly calling his father-in-law was he himself and the one he brazenly called ‘my love’ and ‘my beloved’ left and right … wasn’t that …
Before the Heavenly Emperor could process completely what was going on he was already shoved out of the way by Bai Fen. The Heavenly Empress’ eyebrows were knitted and worry suffused her gaze. “What happened to Jing He?” She clutched the transmission stone, her hands itching to shake the person on the other side to finally spill the beans! Was her beloved son hurt?
“Mother-in-law!” Qiu Ling cried out wretchedly, making the dragons who weren’t standing nearly far enough away shudder.
Heavens! Could their king get any more shameless? He had obviously already calmed down and hurried around to ask people for help. Why was he pretending to still be all shaken up right now?
Qiu Ling also clutched the transmission stone in his hands. Finally, a like-minded person who also cared deeply about his beloved! With his mother-in-law there, he would definitely get help to solve this crisis as fast as possible!
“Mother-in-law, it’s terrible! I’m afraid it has to do with those bastards from the demon realm. It’s all their plan!”
“What?!” Bai Fen stumbled backward. “Jing He … Jing He is …”
Just at that moment the God of War, Qiang Yan, entered the Heavenly Emperor’s study. He saw his sister swaying on the spot and hurried over. A guard trailed behind him, his brow coated in cold sweat and his expression just as wretched as that of the three people who had been previously in the room. Naturally, this was the guard that had been sent over to report from the human realm.
Qiang Yan caught his sister and helped her sit down at her husband’s desk. Never mind etiquette now. They had more pressing matters to attend to!
He turned to his brother-in-law who was, strangely enough, sitting on the floor with a dumbfounded expression. Qiang Wei had no time to think about this right now though. He hurriedly clasped his hands and bowed to keep up appearances in front of the guard but didn’t wait for anyone to ask him to speak. “Your Majesty! One of the guards who was sent to the mortal realm to guard His Highness, the crown prince, just came back and reported that His Highness was attacked. His whereabouts are still uncertain!”
The Heavenly Empress covered her mouth with one hand and stared at her brother, tears already brimming in her eyes. Her son was undertaking his trial right now. If he died, he would wake up and might be punished by Heaven for not accomplishing everything.
But that was still alright. At least he would return to them. Whatever punishment he received, whether it was losing some of his powers or even losing one of his senses, they could cope with that. He was their son, their only child that they had showered with all their love. Naturally, they would find a way to help him and make his life bearable.
But considering what Qiu Ling just said it was highly likely that this was related to the demons and they hadn’t killed him but abducted him instead. Who knew what they were doing to him right now? Torturing him until he wanted to die but still had to continue living, maybe even injuring the immortal soul that was residing in that mortal body of his. They might even …
Tears slid down her cheeks and she grabbed her brother’s arm, looking up at him with pleading eyes. She had been married for so long already. This child, it had been a blessing after all these years. She had finally managed to raise him up without problems and now he might be killed forever! She couldn’t let that happen!
Qiang Yan clenched his fists. He really wanted to do what his sister was silently pleading for: Taking his army and setting out to destroy whoever had dared to lay a hand on his precious nephew. But it wasn’t his decision. He turned to look at his brother-in-law, waiting for his decision.
The Heavenly Emperor sat up straight and his gaze became hard. They had dared to kidnap his son! Did they take him for a paper tiger? He’d show those demons that the gods weren’t to be messed with!

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