OMF V3C88 A Unique Family

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Jing Yi smiled wryly. Was this everything Qiu Ling could think about? But then again he was really happy that Qiu Ling had finally stopped being so tense. Since that day when he went to give the things he had refined to Senior Martial Brother Yue, Qiu Ling had never relaxed even for a minute. Seeing that demon had really distressed him. It was good that there was now something else occupying his mind.
Qiu Ling turned toward him and grabbed his hands. “My love, what do you think? Wouldn’t marrying next week be great?” His eyes seemed to sparkle.
Jing Yi actually didn’t think it was a good idea. They were still in the Hei Dian Sect. There was no way they could have a normal human wedding with his family and their friends from the Yun Zou Sect here. As for the way Qiu Ling’s race married … He blushed just thinking about it. It probably wouldn’t be a problem to do that here.
Regardless, he couldn’t bring himself to reject when Qiu Ling looked at him like this. “Well, if you want to …”
Qiu Ling’s expression brightened before dimming again. “You don’t sound like you really want to.”
“Of course I want to.” He really wanted to explain himself but how could he say these things in front of Hong Bao? She was still the Grandmaster’s sister-in-law. If she told him about it … He couldn’t risk that. In the end, he opted for giving his fiance a hint. “I just … thought about your family.”
Qiu Ling blinked. “What about them?”
“Well, they can’t be there, can they? Isn’t it sad?”
Qiu Ling thought about it. “Not particularly?”
Honestly, even disregarding the whole thing with his mother, his relationship with his father hadn’t been that good either. After all, it was hard to ignore the way his father had looked at that so-called best friend of his. He might not have understood back then what exactly it meant but it was clear as day that that had been the main reason why they had to leave the capital. Back then, he had actually resented his father for that.
Well, he had thought of love too simple back then. You fell in love, you married, you’d be happy with each other until the day you died. And even then you’d be lying next to each other until your bones turned into dust. That had always been what he believed. To a certain degree, he still did. He wanted to have that kind of life with Jing He.
But with several ten thousand years of experience more that included falling in love himself he finally understood that things weren’t as easy. His father had done some dumb things admittedly and maybe things would have turned out differently if he hadn’t. But quite a few of them had been forced by the circumstances, too. The expectations of others, the expectations he had of himself …
In the end, he had probably been too honorable. Taking a woman home he didn’t love, raising the child he never wanted and abandoning the one his heart truly longed for … Hadn’t all of it been just because he felt it was the right thing to do? Whatever he felt he knew it wasn’t right to abandon a woman in that situation, so he hadn’t been able to bring himself to do it. Instead, he had actually denied what his own heart felt and abandoned that person.
Would things have turned out differently if that old geezer … no, he should have been a young geezer back then. If he had raised a fuzz and demanded him to follow his heart would his old man have done it?
Or maybe his father could have done it like the demons and married twice? Qiu Ling smiled wryly just thinking about it. He still remembered his father pretty good and would never forget the face of his mother. It hadn’t been that long since he saw the old geezer either. If his old man had actually married both of them, it might have been even worse. After all, his mother hadn’t been as demure as she looked while the late, uh, not so late dragon king had been the total opposite.
Heavens, just thinking back on it now he felt it pretty creepy how that geezer had looked at his father. As if he was some shy flower that couldn’t even completely lift his head in front of the man he loved. Yeah, sure, because those two didn’t run around killing things when they were young. Well, that was probably the type his father liked considering he fell for it twice.
Qiu Ling shuddered and shook his head. He definitely didn’t want to think about that any longer. Some things about dead people should better be forgotten.
Jing Yi raised his brows. Watching his fiance’s expression for the last minute he really had to wonder about that family. Well, considering how Qiu Ling was it was probably to be expected that his family was also a little … unique.
Qiu Ling came out of his thoughts and squeezed Jing Yi’s hands. “My love, as long as I have you it’s alright. You’re the only family I need. Well, and your mother is nice, too.” Qiu Ling smiled. Indeed. And not just his mortal mother. The Heavenly Empress was also a nice lady. Mn, much better than his own! Getting that type of mother-in-law on top of the marriage with his beloved was really such a great thing!
He turned to Hong Bao and nodded. “Then let’s do —”
Before he could finish his sentence a paper crane swished past him, circled around him once and then proceeded to float in front of his face. Qiu Ling frowned.
Do you think I wouldn’t know what you are? You’re clearly a stumbling block someone with bad intentions sent over to once again prevent my marriage! But honestly, do you believe I’d fall for the same trick twice? I’ll just ignore you!
He swatted the thing away and smiled at Hong Bao. Unfortunately, Jing Yi had seen the paper crane, too. He leveled Qiu Ling with a dark look until a certain dragon king’s smile deflated. Then, he obediently picked the paper crane up and read the message.

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