OMF V3C233 A Family Gathering

Shen An De adjusted his flying speed to match Hong Bao’s so the two of them needed longer to get to their destination. The Hei Dian Sect was quite far away from the Chun Feng Sect as well so it took the two of them until the next day to actually reach it.

As Shen An De found out early on, it absolutely wasn’t a problem for his sister-in-law to talk without a pause for several hours in a row. By the time they actually arrived at the Hei Dian Sect, he felt that he knew half the disciples of the Chun Feng Sect like intimate friends and had a pretty good grasp on his sister-in-law’s daily life there.

The person he actually found out most about though was precisely that Liu Cheng that had come to the Phoenix Inn the other day and tried to confess his feelings to Hong Bao. As it turned out, those feelings weren’t one-sided. Well, that probably explained why he had readily believed that Hong Bao had invited him to that inn in the first place.

Well, for now, that wasn’t something to be worried about. He would talk those things through with Hong Ai later on. At the moment, the sisters’ reconnection was much more important.

Just thinking of it, Shen An De smiled. He silently waved for Hong Bao to follow him to his palace on the ledge of the cliff while she was still talking about that Liu Cheng. As soon as she stopped to take a breath, he hurriedly changed the subject. “This is the palace where your sister and I are living. As I said before, she doesn’t know yet that I found you so this is going to be a surprise for her.”

“Oh, I see!” Hong Bao’s eyes lit up when she heard that. “Should I try to give her a scare?”

Shen An De thought of how his wife would usually be training her sword arts at this hour of the day and his smile became a little strained. If Hong Ai accidentally killed her sister because he let the girl try to play a prank on her, she wouldn’t just divorce him but kill him as well. “Maybe … let’s just surprise her nicely? She’s been waiting to see you again for so long.”

Hong Bao nodded, feeling that he was right with that. It was nice enough to be able to see each other again.

Shen An De secretly heaved a sigh of relief and then led Hong Bao to the chambers where he and Hong Ai lived. He didn’t dare to speak loudly anymore since Hong Ai was so close by and instead lowered his voice, pointing at the door to the courtyard. “She’s in the courtyard outside. I’ll stay here so you can have some time to yourselves.”

Whoa! Hong Bao’s eyes widened and she nodded, being in a bit of a daze. She had never doubted her sister’s taste but she couldn’t help but feel that her sister’s taste was even better than she had thought it’d be. Her husband was especially great! Not only was he really, really handsome, but he was also caring! He had actually searched everywhere for her and then let her surprise Hong Ai on her own instead of telling her beforehand or coming along. If this wasn’t a great husband, then what was?

Hong Bao tiptoed through the room, opened the door, and wanted to sneak over to Hong Ai’s side. Even if she wasn’t supposed to scare her, she could still jump out and yell ‘surprise’, right?

Unfortunately for her, things didn’t work out that way. Even though Hong Bao wasn’t as clumsy as before, her sister was a peerless genius. Hearing a slight sound behind her that didn’t sound like her husband at all and rather as if someone was sneaking around, she whirled around. She still held her sword in her hand, the blade glinting in the afternoon sun. It was pointing right at the other person’s neck.

Furrowing her brows and wanting to question whoever had dared to break into their palace, Hong Ai finally froze. She stared at the familiar face in a daze, unable to believe what she was seeing. For a short moment, she even entertained the idea that maybe the one she had heard was an assassin and that they had actually managed to accomplish their goal. Maybe this was a long lost memory that resurfaced at the moment of her death or maybe she was hallucinating because her life was giving out.

Despite thinking that, she couldn’t help but speak out. “Hong … Hong Bao?” She lowered the weapon and then gingerly reached out, touching her younger sister’s face. The last time she had seen her, Hong Bao had been fifteen. She had just lost her mother and had only barely escaped with her own life. Now, she seemed a little older, a bit more mature, albeit only by a few years.

Hong Ai gulped and then looked behind Hong Bao. Her husband was still standing in the room, looking out through the window with that trademark smile of his on his lips. It really was true! He had found her sister for her. He had brought Hong Bao back to her.

Hong Ai carelessly threw her sword aside and pulled Hong Bao into her arms. “Xiao Bao!” She actually started crying. Only Heaven knew how long she had wanted to see her again. “Xiao Bao …”

“Big sister!” Hong Bao hugged her back but instead of her crying sister, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Even though she had liked being in the Chun Feng Sect, it was still better to be with her family! She couldn’t wait to hear what Hong Ai had experienced in the last five years.

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