OMF V2C33 Refining the Amethyst Lightning Pill

Qiu Ling had a look around the Grand Elder’s peak but actually couldn’t find the old man. Neither did he see the Grand Elder’s disciple Nian Fang Hong. Qiu Ling pursed his lips. That was just too bad. Now he couldn’t ask for a good cauldron.
Thus, Qiu Ling entered the courtyard, went into the alchemy room that was reserved solely for the Grand Elder’s use and just took the big cauldron that stood on a platform in the middle of the room.
Alchemy was something all dragons could learn but most wouldn’t make the effort. Since they all had a certain aptitude for it the ones that did take the trouble to become alchemists would never be like humans and ask for strange favors in exchange for refining a single pill. Being an alchemist in the dragon realm was just like any other job: You did what you were asked for and then you got money. End of story.
The occupation had gotten quite popular after Jinde became king. After all, Jinde had been a distinguished alchemist long before he became king. Actually, this was the reason Qiu Ling had never even thought about touching alchemy. He had never liked Jinde and thus, had instinctively rejected the thing that that guy liked. Now, he could only hope that a cauldron that was this prominently displayed would be of a high enough quality for his predecessor to refine the pill he needed.
He didn’t know what else to do. There wasn’t anyone around and he couldn’t just take all the cauldrons on the peak with him, could he?
Just when Qiu Ling wanted to leave, he suddenly had that idea. Mn, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad … He didn’t have to tell the old geezer. He could just take them, go over and present him the first one. If he wasn’t satisfied, he’d take out another one. Mn …
Qiu Ling contemplated for a while but finally decided against it. This cauldron looked pretty good. The old geezer should be satisfied.
Thus, he made his way back to the formation and entered the special dimension once again. “Old geezer, I brought the cauldron and the remaining ingredients.” He hurried over to the boulder, took out the cauldron and placed it in the middle. Then, he put the last ingredients next to the herbs that Jinde had already prepared for the refinement process.
“Mn. Then stand back now. Don’t interrupt me.” Jinde frowned before he turned to Qiu Ling. “In fact, I think it would be good if you just went out for some hours.”
Qiu Ling frowned, too. “How could I do that? I have to present that pill as soon as possible to my beloved. I can’t even miss one second!”
Jinde’s brows lifted. That pill was only for the consumption of mortals. It couldn’t be that that boy had actually fallen in love with a mortal? He observed Qiu Ling’s determined expression and finally sighed. It was definitely possible. “Alright. But sit down over there. Don’t move around, don’t say anything. Understood?”
Qiu Ling nodded eagerly and hurried to the place Jinde had indicated. He indeed sat down and even went as far as to put up an obedient expression.
Jinde repressed a sigh. How often had he told the same things to Qiu Ling’s father back then? It was a pity … He shook his head and turned toward the cauldron. He couldn’t bring Chun Yin back from the dead. Helping his son was the only thing he could do for now.
One after the other he picked up the ingredients and put them into the cauldron. Then, he used his energy to activate the flame stone that was embedded in the bottom of the cauldron. He closed his eyes and ignored everything else. He only concentrated on the ingredients in the cauldron and the steps he needed to take to refine the Amethyst Lightning pill.
Qiu Ling sat behind him and bit his lip. Damn. Now he really wished he had tried to learn about alchemy. Was everything going alright? The old geezer wouldn’t mess up, would he? With each passing minute, Qiu Ling grew more nervous. He wanted to stand up and go over to take a closer look but he finally held back.
No, he had said he couldn’t disturb him. If he lost his concentration and something went wrong … He couldn’t take responsibility for that. Jing He’s future in this mortal lifetime depended on this!
Qiu Ling closed his eyes and just tried to imagine how deeply moved Jing he would be when he brought the pill over. Mn … Actually, it wasn’t that easy to imagine. Whenever he closed his eyes he saw Jing He like he had been in the nine heavens. He just couldn’t reconcile his name with the appearance of his mortal reincarnation.
Qiu Ling repressed a sigh. It was really time that Jing He returned to the nine heavens. Ah, well, at least it would happen sooner if his mortal reincarnation cultivated. He had to support him as good as possible!
Finally, when the day had ended and the following night was already beginning to brighten again, Jinde extended his hand. A pill flew out from the cauldron and landed in his hand. Qiu Ling who hadn’t been able to keep calm for a long time already leaped up and jumped behind him, looking at the result of Jinde’s work with glittering eyes.
The Amethyst Lightning pill was just as big as the nail of his pinkie but the energy inside was distinctly perceptible. The lightning pattern on the surface was dark but the amethyst-colored base of the pill seemed to glow from the inside.
Qiu Ling smiled with satisfaction. Now he finally believed that this pill would enable his Jing He to cultivate. He tried grabbing the pill but Jinde closed his hand and took it back.
“Qiu Ling, before you go, let me say one thing as your Elder.”
Qiu Ling blinked. Was it really necessary to do that now? He hadn’t seen Jing He for two days already!
Jinde saw his expression but since he was still keeping the pill hostage he didn’t have to fear that Qiu Ling would just leave. “You’ve fallen in love. That’s great. But you also know what that means for us dragons. You haven’t told me much about him but I gather that he isn’t one of us. Especially in that kind of situation … Don’t wait too long. Don’t repeat the mistakes your father and I made back then. Some things, once lost, will never be able to be brought back.”
“Mn.” Faced with Jinde’s serious attitude even Qiu Ling didn’t manage to say something inappropriate. In fact, he even had to admit that they thought alike this once. “I’ll do that. Now …” He extended his hand and Jinde dropped the pill into his palm.
Qiu Ling turned around and wanted to leave but in the end, he turned around once again. “Thank you. Even though I can’t stand you, you’re not that bad, actually.”
Jinde smiled. “No need for flattery. Just go and woo that person.”
Qiu Ling nodded and hurried away. Jinde’s gaze followed his leaving figure and he sighed.
“He’s looking remarkably similar to you, Chun Yin. I really hope he’s not going to end up like you.” He sighed again, shook his head and entered the lake again. He knew thinking about it was futile. The things that had passed had passed. He couldn’t bring them back. He could only hope that someday some sort of opportunity would present itself for them to meet again. That was his sole wish.

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