OMF V2C133 Perfectly Well On My Own

While Qiguan Cheng Da went to prepare his matters and Yu Jin took out another scroll of paper, picking up the brush again to resume painting, the two people outside were still standing at the edge of the lake. Qiu Ling’s fiery gaze hadn’t diminished in the least while Jing Yi’s determination slowly turned into embarrassment.

Could somebody tell him why Qiu Ling was looking at him like this? This was getting awkward.

Jing Yi cleared his throat, his gaze darting to the side in the hope that breaking eye contact would make Qiu Ling realize that he was making him uncomfortable.

Jing Yi’s reaction did indeed pull Qiu Ling out of his thoughts. Unfortunately, what had originally been an expression of unwillingness was suddenly seen as him being bashful.

Qiu Ling’s heart leaped and he smiled sweetly, stepping closer to Jing Yi and fixing him with a gaze that was seven parts lovestruck and three parts unwilling. Ah, even though this would help his beloved on his road to ascension and thus bring his Jing He back sooner, he still loathed to part from his mortal reincarnation for even a single moment! Mn, his beloved probably thought the same. He should better reassure him before he left.

Thus Qiu Ling took his leave from Jing Yi with a heavy heart. “My love, don’t worry, I won’t be gone for long. I’ll definitely come back soon with good news for you. You’ll see I’ll be back before you can even start to miss me.” He clung to Jing Yi’s hands and looked at him as if the world was going to end the very next minute.

Jing Yi smiled wryly. He wasn’t bothered about not seeing him for a while, though? In fact, he was quite happy at the thought that Qiu Ling would leave now. This was really getting too much! “It’s alright. I’m not —”

“You don’t have to pretend, my love. I understand your heart. Don’t you worry! Even though I’m young and handsome, I’m also very strong. Whatever needs to be done to help you on your way, it won’t be a problem. Nothing will happen to me. You can be completely at ease. I will return to you in one piece.”

Jing Yi’s lips twitched. He had also thought that Qiu Ling was very handsome when he saw him for the first time but was it really alright to say that about yourself? Furthermore, he had never asked him to do anything dangerous for him! “Senior martial brother Qiu, I …” He looked at the sky and sighed. He couldn’t say it like that or he would seem ungrateful. In fact, he felt a bit moved that Qiu Ling was willing to go that far for him. That didn’t mean he would accept it though! “You really don’t have to do this. I know that my aptitude and my comprehension are low. That is just the ability I was born with, it is nothing bad. Since I have decided on this way I’ll just work harder and reach my goal that way. You don’t need to put yourself in danger to make things easier for me. I wouldn’t want that.”

In response, Qiu Ling deeply looked at Jing Yi’s face, then he reached out and circled his shoulders with one arm. “Ah, so you were distraught about the danger I could find myself in that much. But don’t you worry. It’s true what I said: I’ll be able to handle it. Although …” He smiled happily. “I’m very happy that you feel that strongly for me. If you want to, we can get married right after I get back.” He said so but he didn’t give Jing Yi any chance to respond. Instead, he pulled him into a hug and slid his fingers into his hair. “Ah, I already miss you before I’m even gone. Who knows how long this will take? If it’s more than a day my heart might not be able to take it.” His fingers brushed through Jing Yi’s hair, playing with the strands. Mn … Jing He’s hair … Well, not really, but it was better than nothing.

Jing Yi went rigid. The feeling of somebody pressing up against his body, hugging him like this and their fingers entangling with his hair … His skin crawled and his hands shook, everything in him revolting against the feeling.

He didn’t think. He pushed him away and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. For Heaven’s sake, what did this guy think he was doing?! How could he hug another person like that?!

Qiu Ling stood there as if struck by lightning. His beloved … had cruelly pushed him away when he tried to say his farewells. His smile faltered and his shoulders drooped. He looked pitifully at Jing Yi. “My love …”

Jing Yi closed his eyes. As much as he didn’t like what Qiu Ling did, he couldn’t stomach that hurt look in his eyes. His own heart squeezed painfully at that sight, making him regret his harsh reaction immediately.

What was going on with him? He didn’t even know the guy! He shouldn’t feel bad about how he treated him. After all, it had been Qiu Ling who overstepped his bounds first. He had to accept that the other person might react like this.

Jing Yi took another deep breath and clenched his shaking hands into fists. He forced himself to stare at Qiu Ling as hard as he could, forcing a rejection out between his teeth. “You don’t have to do anything for me. I’m perfectly well on my own. So if you want to go, then just do so.”

“My love —”

“And don’t call me that! We don’t even know each other.” Jing Yi turned away. He couldn’t take it any longer. “I’ll take my leave now, senior martial brother Qiu.” He didn’t wait for his answer and ran away.

Qiu Ling gulped and watched him leave. He slowly patted his chest. It really hurt, being rejected like that as if knives had cut into his poor heart. Ah, he might really bleed to death like this!

“Never mind, it’s just because you can’t remember me right now. But I’ll make you fall in love with me again. I definitely will.”

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