OMF V4C39 It Doesn’t Work On Humans

“Did you find out what happened?” Hong Ai looked up from where she was sitting with her sister when her husband came back. All of them had heard the strange tinkling of the tiles just now.

Shen An De nodded and sat down next to the two women. “It’s one of the disciples. Say … is it normal for a man to visit somebody else’s roof and roll around on the tiles while planning the anniversary of his wedding?”

Hong Ai stopped with the chopsticks in her hand. “The anniversary?”

Shen An De frowned. “I think that’s what he said. But I was quite surprised so maybe I misunderstood. Maybe he was just talking about his wedding?”

“Then I’d say that’s something I’d only plan on the roof of the person I liked.”

Hong Ai and Shen An De exchanged a glance. There were only three people living in the estate and two of them were a married couple. So the only possible answer … They turned to Hong Bao mechanically who was stuffing her mouth with buns. Two at a time.

Shen An De blinked and turned back to his wife.

Hong Ai just smiled, reached over, and patted Hong Bao’s head. Then, she sighed. “Ah, it was just a question of time until someone would see her worth.”

Shen An De looked up at the ceiling. That guy was probably still there. “I doubt it’s her. He already has a lover. A male one.”

Hong Ai’s chopsticks fell onto the table. “What?”

“See? I also can’t understand. How about you talk with him?”

“What do I have to do with him?”

“He’s the person I told you about the last time.”

Hong Ai’s brows arched and she stood up at once. “Let’s go talk with him! What are you waiting for?”

Hong Bao looked up when her sister wanted to leave but she was still chewing on the buns and couldn’t speak. She looked to her brother-in-law for help and got a smile and another pat on the head in return.

“We’ll be back soon. Just continue eating.”

Hong Bao nodded, even though she was a bit curious. Who would plan a wedding on somebody else’s roof? That sounded like someone who might be very much in love but also very desperate! Mn, maybe she should find out who that person was and help him a bit? Hong Bao slowly started to ponder.

Meanwhile, her sister and brother-in-law made their way up onto the roof. Indeed. Qiu Ling was still lying there. He had propped his head up on his hands and stared into the courtyard while frowning and pursing his lips. He seemed like the epitome of dejection.

Hong Ai smiled and walked over, folding her hands behind her back and leaning down to him. “Do you have trouble planning your wedding?”

“What use is planning it?” Qiu Ling didn’t even look up.

“Oh? Why that?”

Qiu Ling frowned even more. “Hmph. What? You also want to —” He finally turned around and froze. That … wasn’t this that damned servant girl?!

Qiu Ling leaped to his feet and reached out to grab her. Hong Ai’s eyes widened. She certainly hadn’t expected this reaction! She tried to evade him but Qiu Ling had already grabbed her shoulder.

“You —”

Shen An De also hadn’t expected this. He knew that something had happened between this new disciple and his sister-in-law but he wouldn’t have thought that he would just attack without even saying anything! “Stop that!” He flew forward and grabbed Hong Ai’s other shoulder while pushing his hand toward Qiu Ling. He wasn’t holding back much this time. He didn’t want to hurt a talent but he certainly wouldn’t let him injure his wife!

Qiu Ling raised his other hand and pulled Hong Ai toward him. Huh! Don’t think he would let her get away after he had finally found her! He’d take her back to Jing Yi right now! Qiu Ling pushed off the ground and pulled her with him.

Hong Ai screamed and unsheathed her weapon. The blade glinted in the sun before striking toward him. Qiu Ling ignored it. What could a simple sword do against the body of a dragon?

The weapon hit and pain shot through Qiu Ling’s arm right into his heart. “Ah!” He doubled over from the pain and let go of her. They both tumbled down again.

Shen An De leaped forward and hurriedly caught his wife. “Hong Ai!”

Qiu Ling fell down next to them, smashed into the tiles, crashed through the roof and down onto the floor of the building. He groaned at the impact and rolled onto his side, clutching the arm Hong Ai had struck.

Shen An De and Hong Ai exchanged a glance and bent over the hole in the roof before looking at each other again. Hong Ai tried to speak up several times but couldn’t find the right words. Shen An De also didn’t know what to say and just frowned. He put his wife down again and went through everything that had happened again but it seemed like Hong Ai had really injured him right now.

Hong Ai gripped his sleeve. “This … didn’t you say this weapon couldn’t injure humans?”

Shen An De nodded. “It doesn’t. Not to this degree at least.”

“So then he …”

“I also don’t know.” Shen An De could only shake his head.

Qiu Ling hadn’t been wrong when he saw him for the first time: Shen An De had some demon blood in him and his knowledge of the three races was quite good.

“Eh, when this disciple isn’t human and Hong Bao’s loss of memory has to do with him … Do you think the demons are behind this?”

Shen An De smiled wryly. This was once again a question he couldn’t answer. “Let’s go down there and ask him.” He looped an arm around her waist and leaped down, landing next to Qiu Ling who was still lying on the floor in pain.

Qiu Ling cracked his eyes open and stared at the two of them vigilantly. “What do you intend to do?!” This was such a joke! He was the best warrior in the dragon realm. Damn, he had even managed to kill the previous demon king! Would he really be taken down by two humans?!

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