OMF V4C38 The Perfect Wedding

At the same time, a certain dragon king was lying on a roof and intently peered into a courtyard. This was the place where he had seen that damned servant girl the last time so he was sure she would turn up there again sooner or later.

His plan was easy: He’d lie in wait and as soon as he saw her, he’d jump down, struck her unconscious, and bring her back to his beloved. Then they could ask her all the questions they wanted and their mission might be accomplished in a few days at the very latest. After that, they could return to the Yun Zou Sect, his beloved would be made an inner sect disciple and then, finally, they would hold their wedding!

Qiu Ling’s lips slowly curled into a smile. Ah, he could practically see it in front of him: Jing He in a beautiful red robe, wearing some nice jade accessories while his beautiful hair flowed down his back and sparkled even in the dimmed lights. The bright red of his clothes and the inky black of his hair would let his skin appear even more creamy than usually which, in turn, would set off the slight blush on his cheeks. Jing He’s lips would be curled into a gentle smile when he snuggled into his arms.

Ah! Qiu Ling’s hands twitched. He seemed to feel it: The smooth silk of Jing He’s robes slid across his fingers, unable to hide the warmth of his body. He let his fingers wander higher, up into that satiny hair. They glided through the strands and up toward that slender neck. The contrast of the warm skin and the slightly cool hair enticed him further.

He bent down and kissed those supple lips. His eyes closed in delight and he continued to savor what he had longed for. Mn … Jing He’s lips. He had always liked to steal a kiss every now and then but it felt even better now that they were about to be married. Ah, was this already the feeling a husband had for his spouse? Had their feelings deepened even further?

Ah, no, no! That couldn’t be! His feelings had already been as deep as the sea, as high as the sky, as broad as the horizon! They couldn’t get deeper or higher or broader or anything. Everything was perfect already!

He pushed the thought aside and continued with his kisses. Mn, yes, he broke the first one and started anew and finally he rained some short kisses on Jing He’s cheek, trailing the curve of his beautiful cheekbone and then toward his ear. His lips lingered on his beloved’s hair for a bit before gently sucking on his earlobe.

Meanwhile, he snaked an arm around Jing He’s waist and pulled him closer, until their bodies stuck together, seemingly inseparable. And then, finally, his lips reached Jing He’s jawline and went even lower. With his heart beating wildly, Qiu Ling kissed his neck. A light sigh escaped Jing He’s lips. Ah, his beloved was anticipating this just as much as he did!

Qiu Ling smiled and slowly loosened his grip on the nape of Jing He’s neck. It was time to take the last step.

He gently stroked Jing He’s shoulder and chest and finally untied his sash. Ah, looking at how this infuriating piece of cloth fell to the floor really made him giddy with excitement! His fingers trembled a bit when he reached out and grabbed the lapel of Jing He’s robe.

He gazed up into his face when he opened the robe. His beloved was blushing even deeper now and his eyes had turned a little misty. Anticipation and embarrassment rang with each other inside them. He clearly didn’t know how to feel.

Qiu Ling smiled, took Jing He’s hand, and pressed a fleeting kiss on its back. “There is no reason to be nervous.”

Jing He nodded and surrendered himself into his arms.

Ah, finally! Finally! Qiu Ling embraced him and lightly pecked his lips before pulling that thin red fabric off his shoulders and carefully putting it aside. Ah, he had to take good care of that robe too. This was what his Jing He had worn to their wedding, after all. It was an especially important piece of clothing! Maybe he could even make him wear it once every year on their anniversary and then he’d once again peel him out of it in reminiscence of their wedding day. Uh, night. Ah, he really liked this idea! He definitely had to do this!

“What are you doing?” A slightly husky voice sounded from somewhere above.

“Planning my wedding anniversary!”

“Alright?” The word was somehow stretched and uttered like it was a question. “Then … why are you doing that on my roof?”

Qiu Ling’s eyes flew open and he looked up at a disgustingly blue sky with a lot of offensive, fluffy white clouds. How had these abominations gotten into his nuptial chamber?! And why was there a person next to him?! And why was it even some demonic-looking man who seemed to be that Hei Dian Sect’s Grandmaster?

Qiu Ling turned back onto his stomach and saw the courtyard in front of him. “Damn!” He slapped the roof in front of him, breaking the tiles in two. Wuwuwu, this wasn’t fair! It had been so wonderful, so perfect! Why couldn’t it have been his real wedding?!

Grandmaster Shen raised his brows. He couldn’t understand why the disciple that had just happily rolled around on his roof was now shrouded in a cloud of misery. Maybe … this needed the hand of a woman?

He silently left to find his wife, leaving Qiu Ling to wallow in his self-pity.

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