OMF V4C36 Needlessly Paranoid?

A few minutes later, Jing Yi stood in front of the building that housed the fringe disciples of the House of Healing with three robes, a cauldron, a manual, and a bag full of materials. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on, just that Yue Lin had suddenly become energized and was working at twice the speed used before.

“Alright, let’s get you a room!” Yue Lin’s eyes almost seemed to sparkle. He could already imagine the future: If he took out two or three hours a day and diligently taught this obedient junior martial brother, then in a year or two he wouldn’t be the only one to do the paperwork for the Alchemy division! Ah, he’d have nights full of sleep again and maybe even — Ah, no, better forget about cute junior martial sisters. Sleeping some additional hours was still way more important.

Yue Lin nodded with satisfaction and pulled at Jing Yi’s arm but this time, this obedient little junior martial brother didn’t budge. He turned around and raised his brows. “What is it?” After how Jing Yi had behaved so far, was sure that there had to be a special reason for him not to follow his directions.

“Senior martial brother Yue …”

Jing Yi’s expression was tangled but he hesitated instead of explaining right away. Yue Lin didn’t quite know what to make of that. What was there that he couldn’t tell him? It should be something awkward? He pondered for a moment before his brows raised. “Oh! Is it too heavy? Let me help you!” He couldn’t let this junior hurt himself. He still needed him to save his life!

“It’s not that.” Jing Yi hurriedly turned to the side to evade Yue Lin who was already reaching out. If this senior martial brother managed to grab some of his things, he might just run away with them and dump them in some room. “I don’t need a room.”

“Huh?” Yue Lin frowned. “How can this be? Little junior, you don’t have to worry. Every disciple of the sect gets a room when they’re admitted. It’s not that I’m especially nice to you.” Well, I certainly am. I’ll even give you the best available room! You just have to do a little something in return. But naturally, that thought couldn’t be said out loud yet. He had to slowly prepare Jing He for these matters!

Jing Yi smiled wryly. “That’s not it. I’m living with my fiance.”

Yue Lin’s eyes went wide. “Fi … Fiance?!” He turned away and looked up at the building in front of them. Oh, Heavens! This cute junior was actually engaged already! How come he himself was still doing paperwork and didn’t even have a girlfriend? There was definitely a decade between them. How could their situation be so different? “Is that true? You’re engaged?”

Jing Yi looked around. Maybe he was getting paranoid because he was with Qiu Ling too often but he felt that this reaction wasn’t normal at all. It couldn’t be that this senior martial brother liked him, too, could it?

Well, even if he did, he couldn’t just stay silent. Jing Yi cleared his throat. “Mn, yes. I am. We’re … very happy with each other,” he added on in the hopes of diffusing any interest that might be there.

Yue Lin barely held back a sigh. The junior martial brother he had picked as his helper … he would be stolen away by another man! And even one that might not need his help! How could he convince Jing He to help out in the division now?

Yue Lin turned around again and examined Jing Yi. Mn, this junior was so obedient. There might still be the chance to talk some sense into him. “Which division is your fiance from? Is he also an Alchemist?”

Jing Yi shook his head. “No, he isn’t. I’m afraid he isn’t part of any division yet. After all, we only arrived —”

“Aiya!” Yue Lin lifted his hand to interrupt him. “Don’t speak any further. Jing He, you’re young and very much in love. I can see that and honestly, I do understand it. But you see …” He went over and wrapped one arm around Jing Yi’s shoulders before turning him around to face the buildings behind them. “Look, this is a new environment for you. You’ll learn new things and get to know new people. And you’re so young. I feel like … it’s way too soon for you to think about marriage. If you ask me, you shouldn’t even consider that for the next fifty years or so.”

Jing Yi averted his gaze. If Qiu Ling heard that someone wanted to persuade him to not marry for half a century … He was afraid this senior martial brother Yue wouldn’t live to see the next day.

“For now, you should completely focus on your studies. Look, there’s so much you have to learn about alchemy and now I’m even teaching you how to read and write. That will take up a lot of time as well. And then you’re still a cultivator besides being an Alchemist. You’ll want to take some time to cultivate, won’t you? Where do you want to take the time for a fiance from?” Yue Lin looked at him with a gaze that seemed really, really worried as if Jing Yi was walking down the path to his doom.

Jing Yi pressed his lips together. “That’s true.”

“You see! So you should move in here. It’ll be much better for you.” Yue Lin was sure that his patient persuasion had paid off. After all, the pressure put on both cultivators and alchemists wasn’t low. Who wouldn’t prioritize their studies over some man?

In any case, a decent alchemist wouldn’t lack suitors. This boy would be able to choose whoever he wanted when the time came. Yes, how could he refuse this opportunity? He would definitely say that he agreed any minute now.

Yue Lin started to smile faintly when he imagined that. Unfortunately … the expected answer could not be heard.

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