OMF V4C35 The Life of a Fringe Disciple

“Actually, it’s quite simple: Depending on what type of disciple you are, you’ll have different rights and benefits in our sect.” Yue Lin waved for Jing Yi to follow him again and continued to explain on the way. “As a fringe disciple, you will be entitled to be taught by the senior disciples of your subdivision once a week and by the Elder of your subdivision once per month. As I said before, the Elder in charge of the House of Healing is Elder Xie.”

Jing Yi nodded, he remembered that. “May I ask what type of person Elder Xie is? Is he strict?” He was actually a little worried. He didn’t really know anything about alchemy yet and he would have to learn not only alchemy but also how to read and write going forward. Also, a lot of time would be spent on figuring out the information that the Yun Zou Sect wanted him to find. His accomplishments in the House of Healing likely wouldn’t be very good in the foreseeable future.

Yue Lin smiled when he noticed Jing Yi’s gaze. “Don’t worry. Alchemy is one of the professions that is the most difficult to learn. And it is especially difficult to start learning it. Whether it is Elder Xie or any of the older disciples, they won’t expect you to be perfect right from the start.”

Jing Yi heaved a sigh of relief. “So it’s like that. Thank you.”

Yue Lin smiled and gave a nod. “Well, back to what I was saying: The senior martial brothers and sisters that will teach you in the meantime are Elder Xie’s direct disciples. You can ask them any questions you want but it would be better to learn the basics by yourself first.”

Jing Yi nodded again. “I will do that.”

“That’s the spirit! Well, the other days of the week you’ll be on your own anyway. For now, you’ll have limited access to the library of the House of Healing to further your knowledge and you’ll get a few materials for practicing. I’d recommend not using them for now though and to only focus on theory until you understand the basics. Before that point, any attempts would most likely go wrong, so it’s still better to wait so as to not waste any resources. After you start the actual practice, you will find out that the lack of resources is one of the worst things we have to deal with as alchemists.”

“I see.” Jing Yi bit his lower lip. This wasn’t good. He wouldn’t mind waiting until he could practice but … he could only read ten words! How was he supposed to study by himself? He certainly couldn’t ask Qiu Ling to read everything to him. His fiance wouldn’t mind but it would take up way too much time. They weren’t here to learn. They still had to work on the mission and find out what the Hei Dian Sect was planning.

With Qiu Ling’s talent, he might be able to do what he wanted in the sect but Jing Yi knew that he himself was different. Now that he was a disciple of the House of Healing, he’d have to put in some effort or they would soon notice that something was off. Then they might investigate and somehow find out the truth. He couldn’t let that happen.

As a spy, he had to conceal that he wasn’t an actual disciple. And, in all honesty, he just wanted to learn so badly! If he didn’t, wouldn’t Qiu Ling suffer with him? If not for his low status, they could already be married. They also wouldn’t have needed to come to this place where Qiu Lin had been confronted with his past once again. He definitely had to get stronger!

Yue Lin stopped in front of another room and got a small cauldron. “Here. This is for you as well. You can use it in your own room for refining a few simple potions. You won’t be able to refine anything better with it. For that, there will be other cauldrons in the future but you’ll only be eligible for those after proving that you have managed to master the simple ones.”

“Thank you. That should be enough for me for quite some time. I don’t think it’ll be that easy to get to that point.”

“Mn.” Yue Lin smiled contentedly. Ah, it really was great having such an understanding junior martial brother. It really was a pity that that child couldn’t … Yue Lin suddenly stopped on the way to the next room and turned around, silently examining Jing Yi.

“Senior … senior martial brother Yue, is something the matter?” Jing Yi couldn’t help but shudder under that gaze.

“You’d also get a simple manual as something like a welcome gift to get you started but I just remembered you can’t read.”

“Yes. I’m afraid that’s true.” Jing Yi lowered his head. It was obvious that he himself thought it was a disgrace.

Yue Lin’s eyes sparkled. He gripped Jing Yi by the shoulders, finally looking wide awake for once. “You know, the moment I saw you yesterday I knew there was fate between us. Let’s get the book and settle you down. After that, I’ll personally teach you how to read!” He patted his chest and smiled for the first time since Jing Yi saw him.

The smile on that emaciated face looked gruesome and Jing Yi forgot to answer. Before he knew what had happened he was already being pulled along by a suddenly very energetic senior martial brother. Somehow, he felt that things were going to turn out weird. If things continued like this, would he somehow turn into an actual demonic disciple?

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