OMF V4C33 The Wrong Subdivision?

The demons in question were already working on their own mission at that point in time. Xiao Li stood behind the edge of one of the buildings in the Alchemy division and observed Jing Yi who was entering the main building right now.

“So you’re a disciple of the alchemy division.” He narrowed his eyes and took a look around.

As Elder Shan’s disciple, he could be counted as part of the light weapons division even though he usually didn’t engage with anyone there and just did his own thing. As for the other divisions, he hadn’t even seen them from within. Naturally, that was also true for the alchemy division. He knew that all of them were organized the same way though. Thus, he didn’t have trouble coming up with a plan to find some of the information he needed.

A new disciple would always be registered in the book of the subdivision. It would usually detail their name, their age, where they came from, their aptitude or level if applicable.

Xiao Li smiled sinisterly. The book of the alchemy division would definitely be in the main building that the boy had just entered. He could follow him while looking for it and might even find out something more. Then his task might be finished soon enough. Once again his body turned into a wisp of smoke. He flew into the building and followed Jing Yi’s steps to the small study.

Jing Yi was standing in the doorway and softly called out even though nobody else could be seen. “Senior martial brother Yue?”

From the desk on the other side, a soft rustle could be heard. Finally, some black strands of hair appeared between the scrolls of paper before the rest of the head followed. Yue Lin blinked tiredly and rubbed his eyes. “You are …?”

Jing Yi smiled, cupped his fists, and bowed slightly. “Senior martial brother Nian brought me over yesterday to register for the alchemy division.” He pointed at the book that was still lying at the corner of Yue Lin’s desk.

Yue Lin picked it up and browsed through the pages. “What’s your name?”

“Jing … Jing He.” Jing Yi felt awkward saying that name but since they had already decided on it, he couldn’t change it anymore.

Yue Lin didn’t notice his reaction. He flipped further through the book before finally tapping on one of the pages. “So you want to become part of the poison subdivision.”

Jing Yi’s eyes went wide and he hastily shook his head. “No, no! I don’t want that. Didn’t he register me for the general Alchemy division? I hadn’t decided on a subdivision yet. I mean I don’t even know what exactly they do.”

Yue Lin sighed. He really didn’t have the time to educate some newcomer. “It doesn’t work like that. You can only become a disciple of the whole Alchemy division if you have notable talent. I doubt you were tested for that.”

Jing Yi lowered his head. How could he have notable talent for alchemy? He couldn’t even read more than ten characters! “Then … I definitely have to become part of the poison subdivision? There’s no other choice?”

Yue Lin looked up and wanted to nod but looking at the cute junior in front of him he didn’t feel as annoyed anymore. He sighed and stood up. He slowly stretched his limbs and motioned for Jing Yi to come closer.

Jing Yi bit his lower lip and hurried over. He had already seen the day before how busy Yue Lin was with his work. He felt bad about disturbing him again and even adding to his workload. Maybe he should have accepted being part of the poison subdivision? After all, he wouldn’t stay in the Hei Dian Sect for that long if things went well.

Yue Lin pointed out the window. “Did he explain what subdivisions there are?”

Jing Yi shook his head. “Well, we did see the buildings on the way here yesterday and senior martial brother Nian mentioned them. But I don’t know what exactly they are.”

Yue Lin sighed. How could one just arbitrarily decide which subdivision to choose? No, he had to explain to this junior martial brother in detail so that he would become an asset to their division in the future. “What do you know about alchemy?”

Jing Yi lowered his head and folded his hands in front of his body. “Actually … I don’t really know anything about it. I just heard it has to do with herbs and you can help people with it.”

Yue Lin raised his brows. “Oh. So … you came here because you want to help people.”

Jing Yi pondered and finally nodded. Yes, that had indeed been what he thought. He wanted to be of help to Qiu Ling so that he’d be able to do more for him than just bandage his wounds should something like yesterday happen again. It had just been a light injury this time but what if something more dangerous had happened? His knowing alchemy or not could have very well been the deciding factor in whether Qiu Ling lived or died. He never wanted to be in this situation again while being helpless. “Senior martial brother Yue, I know I’m making things difficult for you but isn’t it possible to change the subdivision I’m in?”

Yue Lin patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry about that. There’s no problem with changing that. It’s partly my fault considering I just let an outsider sign you in. Something like this was bound to happen. I asked just now because I wanted to know which subdivision would fit you best. Hearing your answer I guess you’d best be suited to our House of Healing.”

Jing Yi smiled gratefully. “Thank you very much, senior martial brother Yue.”

Yue Lin nodded and went back to his desk. He put the scrolls of paper to the side and picked up the book and a brush. Then, he crossed out the poison subdivision and blew the ink dry. Lastly, he wrote the House of Healing’s subdivision down instead. “Alright, everything is done. You’re now a fringe disciple under the command of the House of Healing and its Elder Xie.”

“Thank you very much, senior martial brother Yue. Then, what should I do now? Can I just go over?”

Yue Lin wanted to nod but halted before actually saying anything. He took a closer look at Jing Yi and sighed. “How did they admit you to the sect? You’re not even wearing the official robes!”

Jing Yi could only smile wryly. He certainly couldn’t say that Qiu Ling had forced his way in. “Well, I only arrived the day before yesterday.”

Yue Lin nodded and stood up again. “Alright, if that’s the case, I’ll help you organize everything. First of all, you will need an appropriate robe.” He left the room and waved Jing Yi with him. Both of them didn’t notice the wisp of black smoke that was trailing them.

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