LWS Chapter 61 A Test Is In Order

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Su Yan followed Nie Chang up to his apartment with a queasy feeling. He couldn’t help asking himself again and again if he had done something terribly wrong. He couldn’t turn back though. He’d just have to see where this led.
Nie Chang smiled at Su Yan whose gaze was obviously flitting around. He could imagine very well what he was thinking right now. For a moment he considered telling him that he had no reason to be nervous.
After waiting so many years until Su Yan finally understood how he felt about him he certainly wouldn’t ruin his hard work just for one night of pleasure. Moreover, it probably wouldn’t even be pleasurable considering how nervous Su Yan looked. No, for now, he’d give him a bit of time to grow comfortable with the new situation.
Ah, it would probably be nice anyway doing all these couple-things that they had both missed out on until now. Going on dates — real dates not like those outings they had done as friends — with watching a romantic movie, going to eat in a cafe where they would share their food and drinks while talking about whatever came to their minds and laughing until the people around them started looking over as if they were crazy. After that, they could slowly walk home hand-in-hand looking at the city they had both grown up in with new eyes.
He had imagined doing these things for a long time now. Now that this wish of his was close to being fulfilled he certainly wouldn’t jeopardize it.
Nie Chang led Su Yan into the living room and sat down with him on the couch. “Do you want something to eat?” He gently ruffled Su Yan’s hair and gave him a smile.
Su Yan shook his head and averted his face. Wasn’t this the scene in the movies where the male and female lead sat in a quiet place with nobody else around and then the atmosphere slowly turned ambiguous? They would look at each other at the male lead would slowly reach out, maybe he’d stroke her hair or maybe he’d take her hand but in each case, he’d lean closer until only a couple of inches separated them. And then if the female lead didn’t avert her gaze he’d bridge the last gap between them and kiss her.
Naturally, their relationship would have entered a new state by then. The male lead would regard the female lead as his new girlfriend while the female lead would continuously wonder if she was indeed the male lead’s girlfriend now. Then, an awkward stretch of time would begin that was prone to misunderstandings and manipulations from other people. This was the most likely situation to be exploited by the secondary leads, male and female alike.
Nie Chang watched with interest how Su Yan’s expression changed from one minute to the other. “What are you thinking?”
Su Yan took a peek but looked away almost immediately. “I … I just wondered what we’ll do now?”
Nie Chang watched his boyfriend’s twisted expression. Su Yan really looked like he was afraid of his answer. “Well, how about having sex?”
Su Yan’s eyes went wide and he stared at Nie Chang with his mouth hanging open. Nie Chang couldn’t be serious, could he? Wait, no! That wasn’t the problem here! He wasn’t some female lead that should get all flustered because of something like this! This was his life, not some movie, and he was a man for heaven’s sake! He should be courageous and take Nie Chang up on the offer, shouldn’t he?
Nie Chang doubled over with laughter. “You should have a look at your face! Did you honestly think I’d say that?”
Su Yan closed his mouth and turned away. This bastard! He had tricked him! And here he had actually tried to bolster himself up. Tch. This bastard wasn’t worth it.
Nie Chang leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Alright, I’m sorry for making fun of you. It’s just that you looked so adorable right now. I couldn’t hold back. Don’t worry. There’s no need to rush anything. We’ll take it easy.”
Su Yan pouted. He wouldn’t forgive him that easily.
“Alright, how about watching a movie instead?”
Su Yan didn’t want to but in the end, he still nodded. The atmosphere between them had been awkward the whole time since their confessions. Maybe doing something normal together would help.
Nie Chang chuckled and stood up. “Alright, I’ll get the notebook.” He left the living room to get it and made an additional stop in the kitchen.
Su Yan pursed his lips. This really was too strange. He took out his phone and stared reproachfully at the screen. “Isn’t this all your fault?” He really felt that all of this was just thanks to the Lovely Writing System. Without this thing, he’d probably never have gotten into this situation.
As if to answer his accusation the screen lit up and he was once again shown a message.
[Creating basic characters] read the title. Su Yan raised his brows. Creating basic characters? That wasn’t the same type of task he had gotten before, was it? Could it be that he had already gotten to know all the archetypes? He clicked for the content of the task and instantly got the answer to his question.
[By now you’ve learned about more than half of the basic archetypes. Overall there are twelve of them but even with the seven you got to know until now, you’ll be able to create the first convincing characters for your story.
Since the host accomplished all seven tasks a special reward will be given out: The host is given a special dimension to see how the characters he created react to each other and their environment.
This reward can also be used in the test that concludes the task line concerning the archetypes.]
Su Yan stared at the so-called task and read it again. Something just seemed wrong with it. What special dimension? What test? The System had never told him about anything like that!
In the end, the task wouldn’t change just because he was dissatisfied. If he wanted to know what all this was about, he’d have to see for himself. With a sigh, Su Yan clicked on the okay button below the message.
Instantly, a new one popped up: [Testing progress]
[The host has completed the first taskline. To measure the host’s progress a test is in order. This will be done by putting the previously acquired knowledge into practice.
For the Questline ‘Character basics’ this will be done by crafting convincing characters for the host’s first original story. May the host proceed to the special dimension now.]
Su Yan raised his brows. He certainly wouldn’t —
Before Su Yan could even think his protest the phone’s screen lit up and his body disappeared from Nie Chang’s living room.

Author’s Note:

So, originally, I started this project with the thought that this would be a short project that I could write alongside of “Oh. My. Fate?!” to have a bit of a change of pace from the cultivation and family secrets and stuff that Qiu Ling and Jing Yi have to deal with. I was sure that the project wouldn’t have more than a hundred or one hundred fifty chapters at most.
Well … now we’re at chapter 61 and I just realized that this is obviously the end of the first volume. 😅 So, let’s start with the second volume tomorrow and see how long this project will actually get. 😉

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