LWS Chapter 60 Did You Seduce Me?

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Once again the car was wrapped in silence. Both of them didn’t dare to say anything after Su Yan’s sudden choice.
He really felt like he had done something wrong. Why had it become so awkward now? It somehow reminded him of that feeling he got when he watched a movie where a woman went home with one of the supporting male leads after the first date and wondered why their relationship wasn’t moving in the direction of becoming a couple. He had always sighed at that and wondered how those women could be so stupid.
It was so easy! The female lead would never go home with the male lead after the first date. The male lead would never try to take home a woman he was interested in after the first date, either. So if you were a female character and the guy you went out with invited you and you actually followed, then you could be sure that you weren’t the leads but just some stepping stones on their way!
Su Yan had always felt that it would be the same way in real life. If you didn’t develop a relationship but instead did those things right at the beginning, then how would you grow as a couple?
And now he had become Nie Chang’s boyfriend and done exactly that. He really felt stupid.
Su Yan took out his phone to divert his attention. He wasn’t that optimistic that it would work considering he had really done something stupid now but he was once again in for a surprise: The Lovely Writing System popped up again.
Oh. Right. My task was to go home and let that so-called King make a ruling. Well, I guess I should have accomplished that. Let’s see …
[Normally, the King is a confident and powerful person who is able to inspire others to become the best possible version of themselves. This requires them to be good at reading people, intelligent and sometimes a bit shrewd.
Unfortunately, sometimes they might be a bit too cunning and are thus prone to manipulating others into doing their bidding. The tremendous power they hold might also lead to them valuing their status too much and punishing those who dare to threaten it.
Hint: Not only the King but all archetypes have a negative side to them that directly stems from the points that are normally good about them. Try to think what a good character trait might entail on the negative scale when crafting your characters!]
Su Yan smirked. Well, that was indeed true. In fact, this read as if it had been tailor-made to describe his father. Wasn’t his old man just this angry because he felt that he had made him lose face? Otherwise, why would he care for with whom he was? He hadn’t really paid attention to him all these years.
Su Yan paused. That probably wasn’t right. These photos had to come from somewhere. So most likely his father had paid someone to tail him. He had probably kept up with everything that was happening in his life.
Su Yan sighed. He really didn’t know if he should be happy or angry because of that. Was it too much to ask him to just pick up the damn phone and give a call? Who paid someone to secretly take photos of his child?!
In a bad mood, Su Yan clicked for the next task but once again he didn’t get a task but rather a message that indicated he had already solved it.
[Put yourself in the hands of the Lover] read the title. Su Yan blushed. Alright. It was way too obvious what this was about. He took a peek at Nie Chang, still feeling a little strange.
His lover … It sounded so odd. Nothing like what he had thought about him until now. Well, whatever. They already were lovers. There was no use getting worried about that. He would just see where it led them.
Su Yan had a look at the description of the task instead: [The Lover is a passionate person that appreciates all kinds of relationships: He could be someone who shares a common interest, a good friend or a lover in the literal sense. In each case, he is someone who likes to connect with other people. The lover will most likely be a person that is fun to have around, a natural charmer that might sweep the protagonist off his feet.
Naturally, the Lover will make the perfect male lead that slowly seduces the protagonist until there is no other way out than falling in love. Thus, using this archetype for the male lead is always a fail-safe method to ensure a romantic storyline.]
Su Yan lowered his phone, leaned back on his seat and turned to the side, observing Nie Chang’s profile. “Ah Chang, do you feel like … you’ve seduced me?”
Nie Chang’s hands jerked once more and the car yawed on the road. He cursed under his breath and steadied his grip on the steering wheel. “What are you talking about?”
“The System said the male lead would seduce the protagonist until he falls in love with him. So, since I got the System I should be the protagonist and you should be the male lead.”
“Good that you know that.” Nie Chang smiled. That scare just now was worth it if he could hear Su Yan say such things.
“Mn. So did you seduce me?”
Nie Chang didn’t answer immediately. Instead, he concentrated on driving. They weren’t far from his apartment.
Su Yan looked at him. The longer he had to wait for an answer, the more agitated he got. What did Nie Chang mean with taking this long? Did he have to think really hard about this? He wanted to ask again but by then they had already reached Nie Chang’s apartment.
Nie Chang pulled the car up to the side of the road and parked. Then, he dutifully turned the engine off and faced Su Yan. “Ah Yan.”
“The question you asked me just now … Can I ask you a question in return before I answer?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. Did he have to make such a secret out of his answer? “Sure. Why not?”
“So what I’d like to know … Did you feel seduced?”
“Ah?” Su Yan blushed and turned away. “Forget it. Pretend I didn’t ask.”
Nie Chang smiled. “If that’s the case then … I indeed tried to seduce you. So, come on up with me.” He leaned over and kissed his cheek before getting out of the car with a chuckle. Ah, being a couple really was fun.

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