LWS Chapter 59 Take Me Home

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Nie Chang came back with a smile on his face. “Alright. We can go now. I’ll drive you home.”
“Mn.” Su Yan wanted to follow him out but before he could take a step out of the room Nie Chang had pulled him into a hug. “Ah! What are you doing?”
“Hugging you.”
“Hah? Why?”
“It’s so that you can be sure that I love you very, very much.” He pecked his cheek, making Su Yan blush.
“You … Honestly, stop this! We’re in the hospital!”
“Mn … I know.” Nie Chang kissed his other cheek before he finally let go. Well, at least he stopped to hug him. He quite naturally took Su Yan’s hand, though, and led him out of the hospital with a satisfied smile. Ah, it really was great to be an official couple.
He thoughtfully opened the door for Su Yan and helped him fasten his seatbelt before he started the engine. “Ah, do you have anything to eat at home? Maybe we should grab something on the way?”
“Mh-mh, no need. I’ll just call delivery.” He reached into his pocket but froze. “Eh? Where’s my phone?”
Nie Chang looked over and sighed. Thinking back now, he still felt scared. Mister and Madam Su had been so preoccupied with their fight that they hadn’t even noticed that their son was hurt. What if something had happened to him? He had been so dizzy. Just one step wrong and he could have fallen down the stairs and break some bones or even worse!
“You dropped it back at your parent’s. I’ll drive you there.”
“Oh. Thank you.” They both grew silent after that.
Nie Chang focused on driving, after all, there was someone really important in his car now. He couldn’t let him suffer any harm. Especially after he had just come out of the hospital.
Su Yan, on the other hand, just didn’t know what to say. Nie Chang might have said that everything would just be the same between them even though he was his boyfriend now but he definitely didn’t feel that way. Ah, he had no idea what he was supposed to do now. What were lovers supposed to be like?
They arrived at the residence while Su Yan still pondered that question. He only looked up when Nie Chang parked the car.
“Do you feel good enough to go up yourself or should I do that?”
“I … Uh, maybe it’s better if you go. I … I don’t want to see my father right now.”
Nie Chang reached over and lightly stroked his hair. “In the end, what exactly happened?”
Su Yan shifted in the seat. He didn’t know how to say it but he wanted to talk about it. He felt … misunderstood. The only one who could probably understand him was Nie Chang. “He had some photos of us. From the park when we were … He said I was sleeping around.” He lowered his head and frowned. What sleeping around? He hadn’t slept with anyone! And that kiss with Li Ming really had been an accident but his father hadn’t even listened.
Nie Chang sighed and hugged him. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault.”
“Indeed!” Su Yan lifted his head and glared at him. “What was this all about? Kissing me in the park like that, giving me that heart-shaped chocolate. Why didn’t you just say it directly?”
“I guess I was afraid how you’d react. What if you … rejected me? Then you wouldn’t become my boyfriend and most likely … we wouldn’t even be friends anymore. I thought … maybe it’s better if I take it slowly and make sure it’s alright with you before I tell you. I only dared to do it yesterday.” He smiled and kissed Su Yan’s temple. “I’m happy, really, really happy that we’re finally together. Had I known in the beginning that you’d take so long to figure it out maybe I would have told you sooner.”
Su Yan averted his face. “What taking long? I only took a day.”
Nie Chang sighed. “Mn, you only took a day. It’s all my fault.”
Su Yan pouted. If Nie Chang said it like that, then he felt like it wasn’t that way. Maybe he really … Well, he had sometimes felt like things were strange between them. But he had always managed to find an explanation. Never would he have thought that his intuition wasn’t wrong and that there was really something changing between them.
“Alright. I’ll be back as soon as possible.” Nie Chang kissed his cheek and hurried to the residence. He hadn’t thought of locking the door back then so he went right in. The house had already reverted to silence.
Nie Chang silently followed his memory to where Mister Su’s study was located. Indeed. Su Yan’s phone was lying not far from there, right next to the wall. Su Yan had probably propped himself up since he couldn’t hold his balance and was unable to pick it up.
Nie Chang sighed. Really, he always had to worry about that idiot. Mn, maybe it would get better now that they were a couple. He picked the phone up with a smile and hurried outside. He, too, didn’t want to meet Mister Su. That man was his future father-in-law. It would be bad if he couldn’t hold back when he saw him and accidentally punched him.
He got into the car and handed Su Yan his phone.
“So … Do I bring you home or do I take you home?” He looked at Su Yan through the rear-view mirror and observed how he blushed. Ah, being a couple would be pretty fun. Now he could finally pay him back for all those years of waiting.
“Uh … Then …” Su Yan bit his lower lip. He wanted to tell him to bring him home but then he thought of that happy smile of Nie Chang’s. Most likely … he would be even happier when he went home with him?
“Then … Take me home?”
Nie Chang who had already driven down the gateway nearly went off the road. He turned around and stared at Su Yan. Baby, can you cut down on such surprises while I’m driving? Otherwise, I’m afraid we won’t live through it.

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