OMF V1C69 Someone Who Isn’t Your Subject

A servant girl like Hong Bao couldn’t detain a former practitioner like Leng Jin Yu. She also knew that so she didn’t even try and just watched him leave. She couldn’t help but yell after him though. “You’ll regret betraying Shun Tao and me like this! You’ll probably never fall in love!”
Leng Jin Yu closed his eyes. He didn’t want to be like this either. One should be loyal to their friends, after all. But that didn’t mean that one should indulge them endlessly either. There was more than one life at risk here. Could he ignore that? Of course not! So as much as it pained him, he had to put friendship aside.
With a heavy heart, he went to the God of War’s palace. They had already talked about the situation before so he should take his words seriously. He didn’t have an alternative anyway. After all, he had only recently cultivated into a deity. There was no way he could just go and see whoever he wanted. Gaining an audience with the Heavenly Emperor was completely impossible with his status.
Leng Jin Yu hesitated in front of the entrance. This is the right thing to do, he reminded himself. The crown prince was important to the gods. He was the Heavenly Emperor’s only child. If he tried to find a simile in the mortal realm … Maybe his death would mean the same thing to the gods that the death of a Sect Master meant to his sect. Someone like that couldn’t be casually replaced. The sect or, in this case, the Nine Heavens would descend into chaos. And considering what he had gathered about the immortal realms so far that might just lead to another war with the demons. How many gods would lose their lives in such a war? And all that could be prevented if he told the God of War what he knew.
Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath and walked up to one of the guards at the gate. He cupped his fists and bowed his head. “The ascended deity Leng Jin Yu asks to meet with the God of War.”
The two of them exchanged a glance. “The God of War isn’t in right now.”
Leng Jin Yu paused. He wasn’t there? He looked at the palace behind those walls and sighed. Maybe this was fate? Maybe Heaven wanted to tell him that he shouldn’t get involved in this matter? Maybe there was a reason as to why this was happening and he just couldn’t see it yet? But what was he supposed to do then? He certainly couldn’t walk away and do nothing, could he?
The guards exchanged another glance. “Is it very important? He went to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. Should we sent a message?”
Leng Jin Yu shook his head. “No, but thank you for the offer. I guess I’ll just come back later.” He nodded and turned around, leaving the God of War’s palace.
Well, there was nothing that could be done. He couldn’t involve any other people and he couldn’t go to the Heavenly Emperor’s palace either. So, yes, this was probably a sign that he shouldn’t do what he had originally intended.
While Leng Jin Yu went back to the courtyard of the idle gods, the God of War, Qiang Yan, stepped into the study of the Heavenly Emperor’s palace. The owner was sitting at his desk and stared vacantly.
Qiang Yan had a look around. They were alone. He went over, plopped down and chuckled. “Still thinking about that son of yours?”
Rong Su pulled out of his thoughts and sighed. “Bai Fen said not to send someone down.”
“Of course she did.” Qiang Yan laughed again.
He didn’t mind laughing at the Heavenly Emperor at all. After all, he was the older brother of the Heavenly Empress. That made the Heavenly Emperor his brother-in-law and Jing He his nephew. Why would he still pretend to be a highly humble subject when they were alone with each other?
And in this case, Rong Su really deserved being laughed at. He had spoken about how he wanted to let Jing He experience more so that he could grow but the truth was that he was a mother hen through and through. He couldn’t tolerate to let Jing He out of his eyes for even a day.
If the trials weren’t demanded by Heaven himself and if it wouldn’t result in serious punishment if they weren’t accomplished in time, Jing He never would have descended to the mortal realm. Heavens! He wouldn’t even be able to take a trip down there for his own enjoyment. Even now, Jing He would already be followed by guards if his mother hadn’t intervened.
The Heavenly Emperor sighed. “You’re laughing. Just wait until you’re married and have children. You will be just like me.”
Qiang Yan lowered his gaze and tapped the table. If he ever found a wife to have children with in the Nine Heavens … “I guess I’d be more like sister.”
“Hmph. At least, Jing He knows that I love him.”
“Yes, yes, he does.” Qiang Yan got up, went to the cupboard at the side and procured a flask of wine. “In regards to having someone take a look at his progress …” He sat back down and poured himself a cup, not bothering about inviting his brother-in-law to join in. If he started drinking while he was in that kind of mood, this might end in disaster.
“What about it?” Rong Su couldn’t take it any longer. Why did his brother-in-law take so much time for one simple sentence?!
“I’m not sure if you’d like it but I do have an idea that would not anger my sister and still let you know about Jing He’s progress.”
“Which idea?” The Heavenly Emperor’s eyes lit up. Ah, his brother-in-law was still the person he could count on in bad times!
Qiang Yan raised his cup and slowly savored the wine. “Mn, brother-in-law, you always have good wine at your place. I should come by more often.”
Rong Su slapped the table. “What idea are you talking about, Qiang Yan! Damn it, just tell me straight up!”
Qiang Yan hid his smile behind the cup. There it was again, that temper of his. Should he keep him in suspense a little longer? “Mn, it’s really simple, actually.” He put down the cup and gripped the flask again, pouring himself another cup. “You can’t send someone yourself. But you could ask someone to have a look who isn’t your subject.”
“Someone who isn’t my subject?” Rong Su furrowed his brow. “Who should that be?” Millenniums of being the supreme ruler of the Nine Heavens made him unable to catch on immediately. Wasn’t everyone his subject?
Qiang Yan raised his cup again, lifting it as if he wanted to give a toast while a slight smile played at his lips. “Longjun.”

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