OMF V4C2 A Guilty Pleasure

Jing Yi coughed faintly. He knew his fiance well enough to understand what was going on. After all, they had traveled together for almost a year and this kind of scene wasn’t new even though Qiu Ling had never been this blatant before. “I’m sure I am able to do this on my own. But thanks for the offer.” He lightly pushed him off and then turned away. In any case, there was no reason to make things even more difficult for Qiu Ling.

Jing Yi was thinking too beautifully. Just because he wanted to make things easier for Qiu Ling, that didn’t mean that his fiance would let him. He clasped his hands behind his back and continued to stare at him with unveiled desire. In fact, he even tilted his head to the side to get a better view.

Jing Yi flushed red and his hands that were trying to open his belt trembled a little. Originally, he might have been too young to understand Qiu Ling’s advances but with each passing month, he noticed more and more just how intense Qiu Ling’s feelings for him were. There really was no way to deny it any longer. On one hand, it made him anticipate their wedding but on the other hand, it scared him as well. He just didn’t know how to handle this.

This situation was the perfect example: They had a clear-cut task. They had to infiltrate the Hei Dian Sect, find the relevant information, and return. Right now, they shouldn’t be losing any time. So why was it that even at this moment, Qiu Ling could quietly stand there and look as if he was about to take off his clothes just by utilizing his gaze?

Jing Yi’s brows twitched and he looked over his shoulder when he still couldn’t open his belt after another try. “Qiu Ling …” He was making him too nervous!

Qiu Ling gazed into his eyes, a brilliant smile on his lips. “What is it, my love? Didn’t you say you didn’t need any help? In that case, please, continue.” He motioned for him to go on and seemed as if he was enjoying himself.

Jing Yi blushed even deeper and his breath caught. “Qiu Ling …”

“Do you need help after all?” Qiu Ling stepped closer again and reached out, gently grabbing him by the shoulders and turning him around. His hands grabbed onto the white robe next. He really, really wanted to pull it apart and reveal the slender figure beneath.

Jing Yi stared at him. He really wasn’t sure if he should be annoyed. Most likely, he should. But at the same time, he felt strangely happy at Qiu Ling’s behavior. After all, this also showed just how much he meant to Qiu Ling, didn’t it?

Jing Yi was in a complicated mood when he thought of that and finally said nothing in response to Qiu Ling’s question or actions. As a result, his fiance actually went ahead. He slowly pulled at the white fabric, his eyes glued to the place where the lapel came undone. Unfortunately, there was still an inner robe and the belt held everything in place.

Qiu Ling gave a faint hum and swiftly opened the belt, throwing it into his spatial ring. He finally got the chance to undress his beloved. Naturally, the evidence of this beautiful experience couldn’t just be thrown aside!

With this, the outer robe came undone as well. It was still warm from Jing Yi’s body and it smelled just like him. Qiu Ling’s hands trembled a bit when he finally took it off Jing Yi’s shoulders and let it vanish in his spatial ring as well.

He had never gotten this far with Jing He.

That thought made him pause for a second but then he continued with renewed vigor. Jing Yi wasn’t protesting so he should go ahead. Otherwise, just like with Jing He, he might need to wait another ten years. How could he take that? It had already been almost sixteen years since the beginning of this trial. He was really sick of waiting.

Qiu Ling reached out again. He really wanted to use this moment and take a bit of advantage of Jing Yi. After all, even though they had traveled together for so long, this was still the first time he saw Jing Yi like this. Before, he had always behaved or, well, Jing Yi had made sure he couldn’t even peek. Now, the opportunity was finally in front of him.

His gaze slipped over his naked skin and he gave another happy hum, feeling like this was his lucky day indeed. He gently brushed Jing Yi’s hair back, touching his shoulder while he did so.

He would have liked to go further but he knew better than to actually do so. They were outside right now. Even though they were still hidden from those guards by a corner, he couldn’t risk that somebody else came by and accidentally saw his beloved’s perfect body.

Qiu Ling took the black robe from Jing Yi’s hands and helped him put it on. Of course, his hands could not help but get a little naughty while he did so. This much should be allowed, right?

When he was finally happy and the belt tied just as it had to be, he gave Jing Yi a scrutinizing look, only to frown in the next moment. This … looked completely wrong.

His beloved shouldn’t wear this color. Well, it also looked good on him but it was still not quite right. Mn, thinking about it, Jing He would look even more gorgeous in it if this was his immortal body. He could imagine it very well. When he woke up and they also married in that life, then he should take him to the dragon realm and have him wear a black robe at least once. It would probably be a guilty pleasure.

“What is it?” Jing Yi smiled and tugged at the black sleeves. “Does it look strange?”

“You’re looking beautiful. It’s just … unfamiliar. I’ve seen you in white robes most of the time. It seems to suit your character better.”

“I think so too but we can’t do anything about it. So, let’s concentrate on the mission for now, alright?”

“Mn.” Qiu Ling nodded and grabbed his hand. Finally, they went over to the gate to begin their time as spies in the Hei Dian Sect.

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