OMF V4C1 Can’t Lose Any Time!

Jing Yi stood at the bottom of the chasm with Qiu Ling and looked at the tree in front of them. He had to squint to actually spot it, even though they were standing just a couple of meters away. Never before had he seen such a tree: Above the black trunk grew leaves of such a dark green color that they seemed just as black as the bark. The only thing he could see a bit better was the purple fruits because their smooth surface reflected a hint of light that fell down from above.

“What kind of tree is this?”

“Beguiling Night Tree.” Qiu Ling looked at it with mixed feelings.

Jing Yi looked up at him to ask for more information but Qiu Ling seemed deep in thought. “Is something wrong with the tree?”

“Mn? Why?”

“It looks so strange and you … you seemed a little absent-minded right now.” After Qiu Ling had told him about his life back in his inner self, he had come to understand quite a few things better. Especially that erratic temper of his. Qiu Ling could really go from sweet-talking him to complaining about how the whole world was conspiring against him in a heartbeat. But by now, he could at least predict when he would have another one of those mood swings, making it less hair raising.

Right now seemed to be one of those times where it might happen, even though Qiu Ling was still quite normal. If he distracted him for a moment, then nothing might happen. If he failed … Well, he would think about that when the moment arrived.

It seemed that Jing Yi was actually successful. Qiu Ling pursed his lips and turned away, not giving the tree another look.

“Mn, it’s always looking like that. There’s nothing to worry about. I just remembered something.”

Jing Yi gently rubbed his arm, afraid that this might be another unpleasant memory of Qiu Ling’s past. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Qiu Ling didn’t quite understand why his lover was looking at him like this but he sure wasn’t complaining about getting his undivided attention. In fact, now that they had come to the Hei Dian Sect, he felt like maybe this task that his so-called Master and that Sect Master had given them wasn’t that bad.

This seemed like they had been allowed to continue their travels with just an added detail on top. So what if they needed to look for those disciples? It shouldn’t be that difficult. They could just listen around a bit and meanwhile enjoy their time together. Also, if things got really difficult, he would just call those guys from the dragon realm. What did he have subjects for, after all?

Thinking like this, he pulled Jing Yi up against his chest, his eyes curving into crescents as he smiled. “The fruit of the Beguiling Night Tree is one of the ingredients for the Amethyst Lightning Pill so I came here last year already. Mn, when I think about it, it’s quite nice. Last time, I had to come here alone. This time around, we’re finally together. It seems my efforts weren’t wasted” He looked at Jing Yi, bent down, and lightly pecked his lips. Pondering for a moment, he wanted to go in for another kiss but Jing Yi reached up and put a finger against his lips.

“Let’s go, alright?”

“Mn.” Qiu Ling pouted and then kissed Jing Yi’s fingertips instead.

Jing Yi hurriedly pulled back his hand and turned around, indicating that he wanted to go and start on their task. In fact, he wasn’t angry. He was relieved that this didn’t seem to be something Qiu Ling would rather forget and he had already gotten used to the fact that his fiance was a little shameless every now and then. Kissing his hand was nothing in comparison to some of the things he had pulled since they had come out of his inner self.

Qiu Ling pulled him around the tree so they could go over to the entrance of the Hei Dian Sect. He couldn’t help but think back to his trip last year though. He had completely forgotten about it afterward because he still had to go to the sea but he had seen that servant girl here.

That sounded like it might be troublesome. If she was still here now and met him and his beloved, would that cause any problems? It shouldn’t be, right? After all, they should have erased her memories. She wouldn’t recognize him and also shouldn’t be after his beloved anymore. But if she really had to do with the demons as he had predicted back then …

Ah, it seemed he would have to be cautious. It would be for the best if his beloved didn’t meet her but if that couldn’t be prevented, then he’d need to make sure it wouldn’t have any serious consequences. He had to stay alert!

Just then, an opening appeared in the wall of the chasm in front of them. Two disciples of the Hei Dian Sect stood at the sides, both clad in dark robes that made them almost indistinguishable from their surroundings and weapons in their hands. Qiu Ling just wanted to go over but Jing Yi held him back.

“Qiu Ling, we … we can’t divulge our identities.”

“I know.” Qiu Ling blinked. He didn’t understand what Jing Yi was being worried about. This should be a basic thing for being a spy, right? Did he really need to remind him?

“I … I’m still wearing the robes of the Yun Zou Sect.” Jing Yi tugged at the white fabric that stood out like a sore thumb in the darkness around them. He hadn’t known what the demonic sect would be like so he hadn’t thought of it before but now that he saw two of their disciples, he felt like an idiot. Of course, they couldn’t infiltrate this place wearing their own sect’s robes!

“Oh.” Qiu Ling looked at the white robe Jing Yi was wearing and slowly, his gaze turned subtle. “Well, you don’t need to worry about this. Your fiance will solve this matter for you!”

With a bright smile, he opened his spatial ring and took out a black robe. He himself was still wearing the black robes he usually worn. Since they had only returned to the Yun Zou Sect for a short time he hadn’t been bothered to put on their official robes for that short visit.

Jing Yi nodded and took the robes without a second thought. He reached down to open his belt and change clothes when he felt like he was being scorched by someone’s gaze.

Before he had the chance to even look up, he was pulled into Qiu Ling’s arms and those hands slipped into his hair, tousling it. “My love, let me help you! We really can’t lose any time at this important moment when lives are at stake!”

Jing Yi looked up and his lips twitched. He probably would have believed him if he wasn’t able to see the unveiled happiness in those eyes.

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