LWS Chapter 51 It Should Be This Way

No, no, no no! Su Yan shook his head. What was he even thinking about? That was his best friend! He couldn’t seduce him regardless of what was happening. And if Nie Chang really liked someone, then it wouldn’t be alright to do it anyway. He should be happy for him instead. Ah, he really needed to figure out who that person was. If it really was he himself …
Su Yan shook his head once again to calm his palpitating heart. Pondering this would get him nowhere. To take his mind off the matter he took out his phone again and clicked for the next task. This time it seemed different from the rest, though.
[The Creator has a unique form of expressing himself. Whether it be his view of life or a love confession, before it is expressed in words he’ll say it through his art. Just like the Explorer the Creator is often an individualist who doesn’t adhere to society’s conventions. This type of character may make a good protagonist that manages to capture the male lead’s heart through his dedication and visionary view.]
The title of the quest was [Watch the Creator realize his vision] but the text seemed more like the second part he normally got after he finished a task.
Su Yan pressed his lips together. This was very obviously a task he had solved in passing. He put his phone down and rubbed his face. “Honestly? A love confession expressed in a piece of art?” This really had to be some kind of conspiracy.
Su Yan sighed. “Whatever. At least I’ve accomplished another task. There can’t be that many others in this questline.”
He raised his phone again and clicked for the next task: [Let the King make a ruling] read the heading, so it seemed like he had really completed the Creator task already. Su Yan wondered if the System would make Nie Chang the King, too, but surprisingly, it seemed to have other intentions this time.
[The archetype of the King could make a great male lead but also a great antagonist who will confront the protagonist and the male lead and bring conflict about that will keep your readers on tenterhooks.
How about visiting your family to let the King make a ruling?]
Su Yan’s face fell. “What king? That old man is obviously a fucking tyrant!” he stared at the System but naturally it wouldn’t do him the favor to change the content of the message.
Su Yan put his phone down again. “Well, whatever. I guess it won’t hurt to go over.” Mn, actually, it might even be good … He didn’t really want to see his father but it would be nice to talk with his mother.
“Eh?” Su Yan hurriedly sat up. “Wait a moment … My mom! Why didn’t I think of her sooner?! I can just ask my mom about Nie Chang!” He hurriedly took his phone and called her.
It didn’t take long for her to pick up. “Ah Yan! You’re finally calling again! Why didn’t you get in touch for so long?”
“I …”
“Never mind! How are you? Are you eating enough? Do you have enough money? When will you come home again? I haven’t seen you in so long. Mother is worried about you!”
Su Yan coughed. “Mom, actually —”
“Don’t tell me something really happened!”
“No … Well …” Alright, something happened indeed but he didn’t want to talk about that on the phone. “No, mom, nothing happened. It’s just that I also thought I should come over. How about tomorrow? Do you have anything planned?”
“No, no! Just come here! Aiya, child, I really was worried this time. It’s been so many weeks already since you last called. Are you sure you’re alright?”
“Mn. I am. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow, alright?”
His mother sighed. “Alright, alright. Then come over early. Stay for a while.”
“Mn. I will. See you tomorrow!” He ended the call before she could start with another round of questions. Really, his mother never found an end when he called. Speaking to her had calmed him down a bit, though.
He opened WeChat and send a message back to Nie Chang: [Sleep well]. He didn’t write anything more. He didn’t want to risk that Nie Chang would misunderstand something before he knew for sure what was going on.
Finally, he put down his phone and covered himself with the blanket again. Hmph, what Sage Nie Chang? His mother was a real Sage! If he asked her, then he’d definitely find the answer to all these puzzling questions.
Mn, he should prepare well. He couldn’t risk forgetting to ask even one of them …
Before he could think of all the questions he had, he had already fallen asleep. His dreams were just as puzzling as reality, though.
Unsurprisingly, he saw Nie Chang in his dream. His friend gave him a hug but it somehow didn’t feel like that at all. That warm and cozy feeling he had in the beginning, it soon turned scalding hot. And he definitely knew that something was wrong when he suddenly found himself back in that park again with his back to the tree and Nie Chang in front of him. Their lips met and Su Yan closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling.
Then, Nie Chang bent to the side. His lips touched Su Yan’s ears and he whispered in a low voice: “I love you! Here, take my heart.” And then something was stuffed into Su Yan’s hands.
Su Yan pressed it against his chest and cracked his eyes open just to meet with Nie Chang’s heated gaze. He felt like he should say something in response but he didn’t know what. What were you supposed to say if your best friend told you he was in love with you?
In the end, he opted for the only thing he felt was right: He reached out, grabbed onto Nie Chang’s shoulder and tiptoed. Their lips met in an especially sweet, chocolate-flavored kiss. He somehow felt like … it should be this way.

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