LWS Chapter 34 Too Hot For The Hot Guy?

Su Yan smiled like a fox without any inkling of what Nie Chang was thinking at that moment. Ah, he’d have a whole day of fun and he wouldn’t even have to pay a single yuan for it! This was too great!
He couldn’t help but express his happiness. “Ah Chang!” Su Yan hugged him. “You’re really the best, ah! Had I known I would have become your person much, much sooner!”
“Uh …” Nie Chang didn’t know where to put his hands for a moment and left them hanging in the air. What to do now? Hug him back? Be even more shameless? He gently placed his hands on Su Yan’s back and gave a noncommittal grunt. You still can become my person sooner …, he thought and slowly let his hands wander down.
Su Yan didn’t even notice but unfortunately, just at that moment, Old Lao walked in. He looked at the two of them, raised his brows and placed a notebook on the counter.
Su Yan couldn’t help but curiously look over, oblivious as to how their hug seemed to other people. Nie Chang frowned and glared at his employee.
Old Lao could only lift his hands in defeat. “Don’t mind me. Carry on. I’m already gone.” Then, he hurried out as if the room was in flames.
Nie Chang smiled with satisfaction. Unfortunately, Su Yan’s attention had already been drawn away. “Why was Old Lao looking like that?”
“Who knows?” Nie Chang lowered his head until his forehead touched Su Yan’s shoulder and hugged him tighter. He certainly wouldn’t waste such a good opportunity!
In a rare show of empathy, Su Yan patted his head. “You’ve worked hard.”
Nie Chang tilted his head and peered into Su Yan’s face. He had worked hard? He had indeed but what was he talking about?
“You probably didn’t sleep much last night, mn? Ah, I’m feeling a bit guilty now.”
In the backroom, Gong Gong experienced a coughing fit while Old Lao just lifted his brows and silently continued to work. Yes, you could hear every word that was said in the front if you paid attention. And after seeing how Old Lao had looked when he came back, Gong Gong hadn’t been able to restrain himself. Old Lao, too, couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation.
Who could fault them? It was just too interesting! When had they ever gotten the opportunity to hear some gossip about their boss? And it wasn’t even just rumors! It was happening live, right here in their repair shop!
“Eh.” Old Lao elbowed Gong Gong. “Do you think we should send out a message? I’m sure a lot of people would like to know.”
Gong Gong frowned. Actually, he would also like to tell everyone at once. “Nah, how about we wait until they know what to do?”
“Tch. What should we wait for?” Old Lao took out his phone with a smirk and opened Weibo. Don’t look at how those two were only working in a small repair shop. They were actually quite famous on the web.
As ‘Lao Lao and Gong Gong’, they were giving advice on all kinds of technology-related topics. Yes, their naming sense was shit but the content was great. Beginners, as well as slightly more proficient people, liked to visit their Weibo.
Alright, the latter especially because of the stories those two shared from their work. Who didn’t want to have a good laugh every once in a while? And there were lots of things happening in a repair shop that technology-savvy people could laugh about.
There was still one another group of followers: Those girls that liked looking at their boss. Actually, this had been a major factor in promoting their Weibo back then. They had posted a few photos of the shop and some sharp-sighted girl had spotted the boss in one corner. And then … then she had shared the post with a message of her own:
[Where’s that place?! Please, please, I’ll beg you to tell me! I swear my laptop broke down this morning! It’s totally not because of the hot guy!!! Seriously, is he working there?! I might become your regular customer!]
Her good girlfriends had looked at the ‘hot guy’ in the photo and decided that their devices were all broken, too. Unfortunately, they also didn’t know the address so they shared the post, too.
Soon, their boyfriends saw the posts and then their friends saw the post and then somebody recognized the shop and a ton of girls suddenly stood in front of their door all holding some kind of gadget that urgently needed to be repaired. Well, it wasn’t that urgent. In fact, they could wait for one or two weeks. They took the time to swing by every day to ask if they were finished already, though. Naturally, they were trying to peep at the boss while they did so.
Most likely, the only person who hadn’t realized how good-looking Nie Chang really was, was the person he had set his sight on: At least, back in the room in the front Su Yan still hadn’t grown weak in front of Nie Chang’s charm.
Right now, he had clasped his shoulders. “Boss, you should sit down for a while. Don’t overexert yourself! Here, here.” He pushed Nie Chang to the chair and then took a stand behind him. “Heheh, let me massage your shoulders.”
Nie Chang tensed. “Eh … No need.” Seriously, he felt like it would become troublesome if he really let Su Yan do as he pleased. “I’m al—”
“Ah, you deserve it, you deserve it.” Thus, before Nie Chang could refuse any longer Su Yan’s hands had already started to work. “Heavens!” Su Yan couldn’t help but exclaim. “You know, you really shouldn’t refuse, Ah Chang. Look at how tense your muscles are! Eh, by the way, those are nice …” Somehow, Su Yan’s ‘massage’ had turned into him feeling Nie Chang’s chest up.
Nie Chang took a deep breath and hastily grabbed Su Yan’s wandering hands. “I just remembered I still had something important to do. Why don’t you get back to writing?”
“Eh, but I wasn’t fin—”
Nie Chang had already fled the room, though. Su Yan looked at his leaving figure with a puzzled look.
“What’s with him? I hadn’t even started yet. And where is he going anyway? What important business? Isn’t that where the restroom is?” In the end, he just shook his head and did what Nie Chang had told him and went back to work.
In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain fujoshi snickered. It seemed like that had gotten too hot for the hot guy. Go for it, Su Yan! She hurriedly added a note to definitely include the things Nie Chang did as soon as he was alone into their web novel! Ah, the readers would certainly love it!

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