LWS Chapter 35 Big Boss And The Beauty

When Nie Chang entered the room in the back again, Old Lao and Gong Gong were intently concentrating on their work in quite the conspicuous way. Nie Chang raised his brows and took out his phone. He nearly choked when he opened Weibo. What had those two rogues done now?!
[Lao Lao: Heh, Gong Gong, did you hear that?
Gong Gong: ???
Lao Lao: I think I heard something shatter right now.
Gong Gong: Might be the hearts of some girls. You know … BB brought a beauty to work.]
Attached to the post was a sneakily shot photo of Nie Chang and Su Yan hugging.
Nie Chang looked at it and gulped. Heavens! They really looked close on this photo. If he didn’t know it any better, he would really think that they were a couple that was very much in love. In fact, with how his head was lying on Su Yan’s shoulder and how he had turned his face toward his friend, they looked like they were kissing.
Indeed. A look at the comments showed him that this assessment wasn’t just his own wishful thinking:
Xiao Ming Ming: [</3 Must be my heart you heard! How can you do this to us, BB?!]
Little Water Fairy: [Big Boss, you’re bad! I thought you wanted to marry me! .( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )]
Miao Meow: [Look at what she’s wearing!!!(*〇□〇)……! Are those BB’s clothes?! ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡]
Nie Chang nearly laughed out loud. Oh wow, they had actually misunderstood Su Yan to be a woman. Well, it wasn’t that surprising. Su Yan was slender to begin with and thanks to Nie Chang’s arms around him his figure couldn’t really be seen in the picture.
Well, at least not everything. Nie Chang frowned when he saw the latest comment popping up:
Just here to look: [Who cares about her clothes? Look at five inches below BB’s hand! Ah, I’d like to touch, too! _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_]
Right at that moment, Old Lao and Gong Gong took a glance at their boss’ expression. They hurriedly turned back around and innocently started to work again. Shit. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot. Had someone written something that shouldn’t be written? They wanted to look but they didn’t dare to.
Nie Chang contemplated if he should hack somebody’s phone. What touching, too? Even he himself hadn’t touched! And even if he had, that area was forbidden for everyone else! Don’t even think of looking there!
In the end, Nie Chang just put his phone away and sat down with a sigh. The photo was already posted and Su Yan was good-looking. He couldn’t really complain about people saying such things about him. Thankfully, nobody had seen him in reality until now or he’d really have a problem. What if some man showed up that was interested in him?
Damn. He had to step up his game.
Nie Chang sat down and started browsing around for things to do. It was already Thursday. If they went on Saturday, he’d just have to make sure that nothing happened tomorrow.
So, cooking it was? Don’t worry, my dear, I’ll make sure we’ll have an unforgettable date.
Naturally, Nie Chang didn’t think of this as an outing between friends. This was obviously a date. And a date had to be filled with romantic things that would bring them closer together. He smirked, looking at the list of things he had chosen. If Su Yan still didn’t get it after this day …
He stood up and went out of the shop to make sure Su Yan wouldn’t hear anything he said. Then, he called the places he wanted to visit and made his reservations. Mn, this would definitely be good.
Nie Chang didn’t know that while he was preparing his date, Official Shen Lu had initiated the next step of her plan: Providing cover and educating the shou along the way. And who could be better suited for that job than some fujoshis?
Thus, she logged into her personal terminal and published a message for the followers of ‘Writing Myself Into Your Heart’, the web novel that was being made out of Su Yan’s time with the System:
[Today’s chapters come with some special content: This link will take you to an interesting post in the network of lesser planet 32847. Su Yan’s new co-workers Old Lao and Gong Gong actually posted a photo of him and Nie Chang hugging! Is their clandestine love-affair about to be discovered by everyone else?
Special gimmick: You’re not only allowed to view the post and its comments but can log into the lesser planet’s website using the guest accounts provided by Heaven Corporation and write your own comments!
Furthermore, this guest account will be valid for as long as ‘Writing Myself Into Your Heart’ is being published. So you’ll have the opportunity to take part in every post related to our dear Su Yan and Nie Chang. Please note, though, that information only available to those from our galaxy can’t be made known to people from the lesser planet.]
It didn’t even take a minute until the first comments were made below Official Shen Lu’s announcement. Most of the fujoshis and fudanshis reading on the Heaven Corporation’s web novel subpage for bl didn’t take the time for that, though. They pounced on the guest accounts as if they were going to expire the next day and needed to be gobbled up before that.
Soon, a new barrage of comments appeared below the photo of Nie Chang and Su Yan. Since the boss was outside Old Lao and Gong Gong dared to take a peek. As soon as they saw the content, they unanimously decided to put their phones away and not look at it again until they arrived home. If they didn’t know about it, they could keep a straight face when the boss asked.

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