LWS Chapter 21 My System Is Gay?!

Su Yan didn’t have to think too deeply to understand how this strange feeling had come about: It was all the fault of that strange system he had gotten. After filling out that strange test and then reading that equally strange web novel and looking up those unfamiliar tags on Baidu he had somehow started looking at Nie Chang differently.
Su Yan sighed. “I probably can’t use you anymore.” He took out his phone with mixed feelings. He didn’t like the strangeness of the system but the few hints he had gotten, like how observing the people around him and trying to gauge how compatible they were could help him write romance, were actually good advice. Actually, it was so obvious but he himself never would have thought of that, so he loathed the idea of letting go of the system a bit.
Just when Su Yan turned his phone on to find a way to disable the system he was greeted by another message: [Congratulations host for finding the first highly compatible couple. Find 9 other highly compatible couples to accomplish your first special mission and earn a special reward.]
Su Yan’s face darkened. “What do you think you’re doing?”, he asked the thing in a low voice. “What highly compatible couple? I didn’t choose that pair! That’s clearly two men! How could you even calculate the compatibility?”
He didn’t get an answer. Instead, the message vanished and the front page showed up again. The system opened the detail page of the so-called ‘special mission’ of pairing up people. Besides the label of ‘special mission’, the task itself and the explanation a progress bar had been added. Or, no, it should be said that there were two of them.
The first bar showed the total number of pairings that had already reached an astonishing 34. The second progress bar only showed a 1/10. This was obviously the number of highly compatible pairings he had found.
Su Yan frowned. He had needed a third of his possible attempts to find one such couple and it was even a strange one. He would never be able to find the other nine!
“Heh, if you’re my system that is supposed to make me into a great author, then shouldn’t you give me a few more hints?” He poked the screen. In all the system novels he had read the protagonist could always interact with the system. Why was his trying to play dead?
Su Yan sighed. Maybe he had missed some obvious hint? He looked at the texts again and suddenly froze. Wait … ‘Observe the men in your surroundings and pair them up!’ What did the system mean by ‘pair them up’? It couldn’t be … pairing them up with each other?!
He hastily put his phone on the counter and gulped. It made sense. It actually made sense! His first normal task had been to read a novel in which two men were getting together. And this special mission only talked about men, not women. The fact that only Nie Chang and he had gotten such a good rating should tell him something.
No, wait! There was still that middle-aged man with the young girl!
He picked his phone up again and searched around for his previous results. There! When he clicked on the progress bar he could actually see the people he had tried to pair up. He searched for the middle-aged man and the twenty-something girl and clicked on their pictures.
He ignored the man and went straight to the information about the woman. Normally, he would feel bad reading this but in this case, he just couldn’t help himself. He had to get behind this!
He didn’t need to search for long. The hint he needed was painfully obvious: [Bai Bao Jing, 24 years of age, studied literature at the renowned institute of national literature in the capital. He is the youngest son of —]
Su Yan stopped reading and leaned back in his chair. The youngest son … So that girl in the lovely dress he had praised for her sense of style … was actually a guy?! So the comparatively high score he had gotten for these two wasn’t because of the fact that they were that compatible in comparison to the other couples but because they were both men? What was happening here?!
Su Yan stared at his phone and the characters ‘Lovely Writing System’. This thing wasn’t lovely at all! It had tricked him so despicably.
He frowned at the phone. Be honest, this wasn’t a system that should make him into a famous author at all, wasn’t it? Damn this, his system was actually gay! And it seemed like it wanted to turn him gay, too!
Su Yan grimaced. Why had this system that seemed at least half-helpful turned out this way? No, maybe he had somehow gotten it wrong. He should test it one last time.
He gripped the phone with both hands and stared intently at the screen. Then he thought of Nie Chang. Now, he only needed a man as a possible partner for him. If the score was high again, then this definitely was a gay system and he couldn’t use it anymore. But if the score was low, then there still was a chance of this being a normal system.
He furrowed his brow. He needed some man as a possible partner. He looked around but, of course, he couldn’t find anyone. He was alone in the room. The only other people were that Old Lao and Gong Gong who were in the backroom with Nie Chang.
Speaking of which … Su Yan fixed his gaze on the phone again and thought of Old Lao. He couldn’t bring himself to pair his best friend up with someone who was called a eunuch. If Nie Chang were in a gay relationship, he should at least get a decent partner!
The system showed him the well-known message: [Processing answer.]
Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, Official Shen Lu hit the table and nearly smashed her potato chips. “What kind of thought process is that, Su Yan? Shouldn’t you as an author be more intelligent?! Of course, you won’t get a high score if you’re pairing him up with that straight old man! You should rather look how you’d do with some other man!”

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