LWS Chapter 7 Telling the Truth

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Su Yan didn’t have to work the morning shift so he slept a while longer and awoke actually feeling rested. With his eyes still closed, he pondered last night’s dream. It seemed … he had dreamed of naked men?
Ah, he should really pay better attention to the things he did out of curiosity. He probably wouldn’t be able to shake these images for some days. Mn, let’s just concentrate on work for now and then find a good story to write. That Whatever System, let’s just ignore it. Even if it could actually help, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my three views for it.
Su Yan reached out for the phone on his nightstand but instead touched skin. He frowned and patted around, only to find a slightly elevated part. He rubbed to find out what it was. To his shock, the thing actually hardened. Su Yan frowned. What was it? He touched it a little more. That form somehow seemed familiar …
A hand suddenly clutched his and an angry voice sounded beside his ear. “Su Yan, if you dare to tease my nipples any longer, I’m going to pounce on you!”
Su Yan didn’t really register any words. Instead, he noticed something else: He could actually feel the corresponding chest rumble. That could only mean one thing: He was actually lying on somebody’s naked chest!
Oh. My. God!
Don’t tell me I didn’t only dream of naked guys but actually did those things in reality!
The thought instantly woke him up. He sat up, his eyes flew open and he looked down at a furious Nie Chang.
Contrary to Su Yan his friend hadn’t slept a wink at night. It wasn’t that easy to fall asleep if you were lying next to the person you had had a crush on for several years. Especially if both of you were nearly naked but you weren’t able to do anything. What made it even worse was the fact that Su Yan was a messy sleeper. He had rolled around the whole night, his hands wandering everywhere, nearly driving Nie Chang crazy. He had only fallen asleep in the early morning hours just to be awoken by a hand that was touching his chest all over. Well, he could probably count himself lucky that Su Yan’s hand hadn’t started exploring in the other direction.
While Nie Chang was trying to calm his temper, Su Yan sighed with relief and laid back down. “Thank god, it’s you!”
Those words stunned Nie Chang enough to let him forget his anger in an instant. He sat up and grabbed Su Yan’s cheeks. “What are you talking about?” He frowned. Why would Su Yan think anybody else was there?
Being confronted with such an intense stare, Su Yan blushed again. Argh, what was with this reaction! He himself could feel his cheeks heating up. Had he always been so nervous around Nie Chang?
“Uh … It’s … it’s nothing.” He tried getting out of his grip but his reaction made Nie Chang even more suspicious.
He narrowed his eyes and followed Su Yan’s movement. He wasn’t just angry now. He was livid! “Damn this, Su Yan! When you wanted to show me that program yesterday and I asked if anything else was wrong you said everything was alright! Now, tell me the truth! Is somebody stalking you?”
“What? No!”
“Tell me the truth! Have you felt as if someone is following you?”
“No! What are you even talking about?”
“Then has someone tried to pressure you into sleeping with him?” Nie Chang grabbed him by the shoulders. Just imagining that somebody would try to hurt Su Yan drove him crazy! “Is it one of your co-workers? Or … or your boss? Did your boss do something to you?”
Su Yan frowned and slapped his hand away. “Damn this! Get off me, Nie Chang! What nonsense are you spouting? My boss is over 50!”
“What does that have to do with his age? Do you think just young men would lust after you?”
Su Yan angrily freed himself of Nie Chang’s hands and climbed out of the bed, searching for his clothes. “There are neither old men nor young men lusting after me!” He hurried out of the room without giving his friend any chance to reply.
Nie Chang lay back down, put his hand over his eyes and sighed. “Oh, Ah Yan, you don’t have a clue how wrong you are. Even I …” He sighed again. What kind of friend was he? Maybe it was time to come clean and finally admit to his feelings in front of Su Yan? But he felt like he would just drive him away with that.
While Nie Chang pondered, some minutes passed unwittingly. Finally, the front door was shut with a bang.
Nie Chang was pulled out of his thoughts and looked up. “Tch. No need to be angry! I was just worried about you.” He sighed and turned around. Well, at least that guy hadn’t thrown him out. He would just catch a few hours of sleep and then see for himself if there was something fishy going on at Su Yan’s workplace. He’d be damned if he let some guy take advantage of him!
Mn, nobody but him was allowed to do that!

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