LWS Chapter 11 Being Misunderstood

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The time at work went by fast. Su Yan sighed. He really couldn’t wait to finally go home. This day had been especially taxing and not because of his work but because of all the other things that had happened.
Really, getting such a huge fright upon waking up, being frightened once again by that system in the subway and then being subjected to the teasing of his co-workers … He had enough. He only wanted to go home, call for delivery and go back to bed.
A vacation would be nice … But it’s definitely not looking like that’ll happen anytime soon. Ah, maybe I should really take Nie Chang up on his offer?
Being immersed in his thoughts, he didn’t notice that someone was hurrying after him. He boarded the subway. At this hour, it was packed. He found a spot at the back of the cabin and leaned against the wall. Ah, just ten minutes … Su Yan sighed and closed his eyes.
Meanwhile, a man weaved through the crowd and only stopped in front of him. “Su Yan. Su Yan!” He grabbed his wrist and came closer.
Su Yan’s eyes flew open. He could actually feel the other person’s breath on his face. He looked up and found himself in front of Li Ming.
“Li Ming? What … What are you doing here?” He wanted to back away a step but he was already leaning against the wall, after all. Where could he still go?
“It’s alright, you don’t have to be so nervous.”
Su Yan looked down at his wrist that was still being held by Li Ming. Somehow he felt like he definitely should be nervous. “Then, what may I do for you?” He tried taking his wrist back but Li Ming stubbornly held on.
“You’re probably still thinking about this afternoon, right?”
“This afternoon?”
“Yeah. About the girls telling me? You really don’t have to be embarrassed about it. It’s really alright.”
“Well, as I said, it’s not even true. They misunderstood.”
Li Ming smiled. “You don’t have to pretend. Not in front of me. You can just tell me directly.”
Su Yan looked at him exasperated. Why wasn’t this guy listening at all?! Just like his co-workers before. Did he somehow seem like he was into men that they all believed it so easily?
Sometimes it’s better if people don’t get an answer to their questions. In this case, at least, Su Yan probably wouldn’t like the answer very much because his co-workers had actually thought for a long time already that he might prefer men over women. They just hadn’t been sure and thus, hadn’t dared to approach the subject.
Now, with seemingly solid proof, they just couldn’t hold themselves back and wanted to wish him good luck. This was a co-worker they liked, after all! They didn’t really care about his preferences, they just wanted him to be happy. And in their thoughts, he would definitely be happy if he could finally openly admit that he loved men.
Or rather: A certain man. Because after what they had seen today, they actually believed he liked Li Ming. And naturally, they wanted to help him with getting his dream guy to like him.
“You don’t want to? Is it because there are so many people around? We can go somewhere else if you like and talk about it. What do you say?”
Su Yan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then, he decisively grabbed the hand that was still clutching his wrist and wrenched it off. “Li Ming, it’s nice of you to try and help me but there is no reason to do that. I’m not into men. Really.”
Li Ming just smiled and grabbed his arm instead of his wrist. “Su Yan, I already know. Zhi Bao Yu told me and I’ve seen how you’ve blushed when they told me. Don’t you think it’s pretty obvious?”
Su Yan felt an alarm going off in his head. “What’s obvious?”
Li Ming chuckled. Su Yan’s shocked face seemed to confirm his assumption even more. Before Su Yan knew what was happening, Li Ming had already cupped his cheek and bent forward. And then their lips met.
Su Yan’s eyes widened and his mind went blank. He didn’t even think of pushing Li Ming off. He only heard a buzzing in his ears. This couldn’t be really happening, right?
Hadn’t Nie Chang asked him just this morning if someone was stalking him or if one of his co-workers was trying to pressure him? And now, he was somehow standing in the subway and was being kissed by one of his co-workers despite the fact that he had told him repeatedly that he didn’t like men.
Unfortunately, his lack of reaction was interpreted as approval. Li Ming actually pressed him against the wall of the subway and deepened the kiss.
Back in Su Yan’s apartment, a certain someone slapped his notebook shut.
“Damn this, Su Yan! You clearly told me nobody was trying to take advantage of you at work! And now, the first thing I see when I observe your day at work is some shameless guy doing exactly that!”
He took his jacket, took the spare key and hurried toward the subway station. As soon as he stepped inside, he took his phone and hacked into the security system again. With a grim look on his face, he continued to watch the video from the surveillance camera.

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