LWS Chapter 2 A Dirty Joke

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Some days later, Su Yan returned home and fell onto his bed. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed. He wanted nothing more than to sleep but he already had a bad conscience. How long had it been since he uploaded one of his stories? It was time he finally went online again to post.
“Ah …” He sat up and fetched his notebook from the desk. “At least one chapter. Even if it’s just 500 words. You can do that!”, he motivated himself.
His plan came to a premature stop, though. There was some unknown app on his screen.
Huh? Did he install that accidentally? He frowned at the name. ‘Lovely Writing System’? He couldn’t remember having seen something like that but it did sound like something he’d like to try.
He opened the program and was greeted by a seductive voice. “Welcome, host~!”
Su Yan slammed the notebook shut. That … didn’t sound like a program meant for writing at all! What was with that kind of voice and that manner of addressing someone?! He felt like he had been on his way to a nice family restaurant but accidentally stepped into a strip club!
Ugh, he had probably been hacked and someone thought it funny to install something dirty on his notebook. Hmph. Don’t think I’ll panic just because of that!
Su Yan took out his mobile-phone with a smug expression and clicked one of the numbers he had on speed dial.
The phone just rang once before an equally seductive voice came from the other side. But this time, Su Yan had expected nothing else. “Mn … How nice of you to call, Xiao Yan! Did you already get off from work?”
“Yeah. Ah Chang …” Su Yan ruffled his hair and adopted the whiny voice that he always used when he wanted something from that friend of his. “There’s something wrong with my baby! Come over and help me!”
Low laughter came from the other side. “Alright, alright. I couldn’t take responsibility if something happened to your ‘baby’, huh? How serious is it?”
“Dunno! I didn’t dare to get curious. Just come over already, okay?”
“Mn.” There was some fabric rustling on the other side. “Give me half an hour.”
“Alright!” Su Yan hung up with a big smile and went into the kitchen. Mn, he should eat something and maybe draft his next story on paper. Half an hour was long. And who knew how long Ah Chang would need to fix that thing? Maybe he’d be there for some hours.
Despite what Su Yan thought, the bell already rang twenty minutes later when he had just managed to cook a simple meal. Su Yan leaped to his feet, hurried over and pulled the door open. He grabbed the man outside by the collar and dragged him inside.
“Ah Chang, you’re finally here! Come on, come on, sit down. Please, diagnose my baby! I’m afraid it’s dying!” He pushed him over to the couch and fetched his notebook again, sitting down next to him.
At the headquarter of Heaven Corporation, Official Shen Lu started hooting. Yes, with the approval of the Lovely Writing System she had gained permission to peep at … uh, no, to observe Su Yan’s progress! And seeing such a hot guy coming by on the first day of his life with a system she was sure that this would become excellent material!
Ah Chang, or rather Nie Chang, just looked at his friend before pulling the notebook over. He couldn’t see anything unusual at first glance. “So, what exactly happened?”
“I also don’t know. I just started it and then there was some strange app.”
“Hm …” Nie Chang browsed through the list of programs and did some background checks Su Yan couldn’t understand but he turned up empty-handed. “I can’t find anything dangerous.”
“Well, maybe dangerous is the wrong word.”
“Oh?” Nie Chang looked over but Su Yan only pursed his lips. “Well, if you don’t wanna say it … I’m afraid your baby will have to die.”
“You’re mean!” Su Yan boxed his arm and turned to the screen. Somehow, the app seemed to have vanished? “Hm, that’s really strange. It was still there when I closed it.”
“Then someone was probably playing a joke on you. Don’t think about it. Everything’s alright with your baby.”
“Mn. Alright. If you say that.” Nie Chang was his go-to person whenever something related to computers came up. He certainly wouldn’t doubt him, especially when he himself couldn’t see that app anymore. “Then you better go home now. It’s late already.”
“Heh!” Nie Chang grabbed his arm when he wanted to hurry back to the kitchen. “What kind of friend are you? It’s late already and I came especially over because you called me. And now it was all for nothing. Do you really want me to drive home now?”
Su Yan blinked innocently. “What else?”
“Ask me to stay over!”
“Okay. If you want to.” Su Yan wriggled out of his grip, took the notebook and went back to the kitchen.
Nie Chang grinned. Of course, he wanted to! After all, who knew when he would get such a great opportunity again! He rubbed his hands and followed Su Yan over. He had high expectations for this evening!
And he wasn’t the only one: At Heaven Corporation’s headquarters, a certain female official was practically glued to her personal terminal. She totally wouldn’t mind watching her favorite author’s private life instead of reading one of his stories as long as it included such a hot guy! Mn, of course, it was only because of research! A successful author would need inspiration, after all.
So, go for it, Nie Chang! Supply my favorite author with enough inspiration to write a great bl novel! I can’t wait to watch — er, to read how you two will be rolling around in the sheets!

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