My Roommate is a Fairy Fox

Today, I’d like to introduce a web series to you. This time, it’s a contemporary one with some fantasy elements: “My Roommate is a Fairy Fox” or for short “The Fairy Fox”. You can watch it with English subtitles on Dailymotion. I have to warn you, though: The bl is once again more of an insinuation.

My roommate is a fairy fox

What is “My Roommate Is a Fairy Fox” about?

Xiao Mo is the reincarnation of a fox spirit who saved the life of Lu Bai once upon a time. Out of gratitude, Lu Bai travels to the human world to help Xiao Mo.

My opinion

My roommate is a fairy fox2
Xiao Mo, his sister Rongrong (behind him, the one in the blue-white clothes) and her friend Chen Ruyue (next to Rongrong in the white clothes)

The series probably isn’t one of my highlights but it was still alright. One of the reasons I didn’t find the series that good is that the characters sometimes don’t seem to have any common sense and the acting … well, at times, it seemed a little rough to me.

My main problem was the protagonist Xiao Mo. He showed next to no expression and his friendship with Lu Bai wasn’t believable to me at all so that I couldn’t even really enjoy the cute moments. 😥

My roommate is a fairy fox_Lu Bai
Lu Bai and Xiao Mo

I guess I could live with that but sometimes the reactions were so unbelievable that I felt like the plot was suffering from it.
For example, Xiao Mo and his sister Rongrong take in Lu Bai as a flatmate immediately after knowing him. So, I don’t think that’s normal?

And there’s an even worse example: There is that point in the web series where Xiao Mo is doubting Lu Bai (who is living with him for weeks at that time and has done a lot for him) because of something a person he hasn’t really been friends with said. Especially considering that the latter tried to rape his sister a few days prior to that? I don’t think it’s comprehensible that Xiao Mo trusts the other guy over Lu Bai at that point.
Ths is probably the worst example but there are a few things that just don’t add up for me. And in regards to Xiao Mo, I felt like it just got worse with every episode.

There is one other thing I didn’t really like about the series and that is the camera work: It looks strange a lot of times which might be intended but I still didn’t like it. Sometimes it even ruined an otherwise suspenseful scene. (Have a look at the “Xiao Mo is nearly overrun by a car”-scene in episode 1 and look where the car stops if you don’t believe me. 😁)

I did like the soundtrack, though. It wasn’t totally awesome but still decent. Especially the opening and ending song were nice.


Overall …

is “My roommate is a Fairy Fox” a web series you can probably watch but you shouldn’t set your expectations too high. If you don’t think too much and just ignore the things that can’t be explained by common sense (and I’m not talking about the fantasy elements here 😜), then it’s probably even a nice series.

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