OMF V7C8 I’ve Let You down

Jing Yi felt that Qiu Ling wasn’t quite acting like himself but he didn’t think any further about it. He just thought that it might be because he was still shaken up from how he had vanished right in front of his eyes and been held captive for such a long time. That was natural, wasn’t it? After all, Qiu Ling had always been very worried about him. Right, thinking of that …

Jing Yi grabbed Qiu Ling’s hand and gave him a wry smile. “Qiu Ling … Back then, we didn’t have much time. I still wanted to apologize to you. After I saw the things in the secret realm …” He shook his head and sighed. “I made so much trouble for you. Just because I thought there was somebody else in my past life, I pushed you away. I even lied about it because I thought that the person I loved was a demon. And thinking about what you previously said about the family of your mother and what you think about the demons, I was afraid. I didn’t feel good about it but in comparison giving up on that person seemed even harder than giving up on you. So I did all that. I’m sorry. I’m afraid I acted very immature.” Continue reading

OMF V7C7 Always Hurting One of Them

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Qiu Ling and Jing Yi had returned to the little bamboo house that had been given to Jing Yi when he became an inner sect disciple. Since the demon king had already left and the danger was over, Qiu Ling let go of Jing Yi and actually sat down at the table, merely looking at him.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong. Since when did this person not want to stick to his side as if they were bound by a rope? He had never done that before. Don’t tell him something had changed in the time he had spent outside of the Yun Zou Sect? If he remembered correctly, then time flowed differently in different realms, so maybe several years had gone by for Qiu Ling while he was in the demon realm and in the High Heavens. It was entirely possible. Continue reading

OMF V7C6 Who Cares if You’re Related?

Jin Ling took a shaky breath. Yes, he was his child. That couldn’t be changed. But so what? Even if he was, why shouldn’t it be possible for them to be together? Wasn’t it normal in the demon realm? That was what his father had told him.

In the demon realm, it didn’t matter who was who. There was no status to be inherited. There were no familial ties. Yes, you might have parents or you might have a child and there might be brothers and sisters but it didn’t matter. If they weren’t worth anything to you, then they might as well not exist. But if they had something to give, then why shouldn’t you make a deal with them? It was like that with any person. Blood ties counted for nothing. And they weren’t considered when starting a relationship either.

Even if you were related, why shouldn’t you indulge in what you wanted? That was what Jian Heng had always said. And he had believed him. Because if he did, if what the demons did was really right, then he would have a chance to be together with the person he loved, even if Jinde regarded him as his child. Continue reading

OMF V7C5 His One and Only Child

Jin Ling stumbled backward. Jinde’s child … He closed his eyes and shook his head. No! No, he wasn’t his child. He wasn’t.

Even though he told himself so, he couldn’t help but remember his childhood at Jinde’s side. Back then, he hadn’t really understood yet. He had only known that he liked this person very much. He didn’t want to be apart from Jinde, not even for a single second. In the whole world, this was the only person that loved him and cared for him. Others were nice too but nobody was like him.

Those golden eyes and that golden hair that shimmered like the sun, that sweet smile that was only reserved for him, the soothing sound of his voice … He couldn’t get enough of any of that. And the most important was that Jinde was like that only for him. Continue reading

OMF V7C4 It’s Not about Fairness

Tian merely looked at Jin Ling, his gaze not any different from usual. Yes, why would he only bar the demons? That was a good question. “Why would you think that I would answer you?” Nobody in the immortal races had ever dared to question him. Well, nobody other than that bastard Xin Lan. But that guy had always been arrogant so that was to be expected.

Jin Ling furrowed his brows. “Aren’t you in favor of happy couples? After all, that’s what you are remembered for, isn’t it? You and your partner. A marriage against all odds, a love story many are still talking about even after such a long time? I’m here because of the person I love since I think that he might be here. So why don’t you tell me if that’s the case? Or where I can find him if he isn’t? I’ll leave immediately after that.”

Tian scoffed. “The person you love? I don’t know what’s more pitiful: The fact that that person has to put up with so many men pretending to love him even though they don’t or you actually thinking that you know what love is?”

Jin Ling clenched his hands into fists. “What are you talking about? Of course, I love him! I’ve never loved anybody else.” Continue reading

OMF V7C3 He Had Never Cared about this Person

While Xin Lan had already left the High Heavens, the demon king Jin Ling was still sitting at the foot of the mountain leading there from the Nine Heavens and meditating to get his strength back. He continued to do so until he felt that he had recovered just enough to get up there.

Actually, he didn’t know just how high this mountain was and he had never experienced what it was like to go to the peak. Still, he didn’t want to wait any longer. If Jinde really was up there, then he couldn’t wait too long. What if Xin Lan knew about some other exit and led Jinde out there? Then he really wouldn’t be able to find him!

He opened his eyes and got up, smoothing out his robe and looking up into the sky above him. Ah, if he really scaled this mountain and found Jinde up there in the High Heavens, then he should be happy, shouldn’t he? Maybe that would make Jinde forgive him? Well, he could at least hope for that.

Jin Ling took a deep breath and expelled it, before pushing off the ground and rushing upward. Jinde. He could do this for Jinde. Nothing would be able to keep him down here. He would reach the peak, he would prove to Jinde that he deserved him. He would earn his happiness. Continue reading

OMF V7C2 Maybe the Child Is Sick?

Xin Lan stayed at the house and continued to watch as the humans tried to humor the child. Unfortunately, even after half an hour, the brat hadn’t calmed down. He wasn’t crying as hard anymore but he was still sobbing profusely, making especially his parents and older brother look as if the world was about to end. Just what had happened to their precious baby?

Xin Lan felt helpless. He had a strange feeling that the child would probably calm down as soon as he took his previous words back. Unfortunately, he didn’t dare to go over. After all, while his brother was at a rather high stage already, the real powerhouses were their parents. He could even feel somebody in the house that was close to ascension. Even he wouldn’t dare to be too casual in such a case. It wasn’t that he was afraid of these humans. No, there was no way for them to beat him in a fight but it was entirely possible for them to notice that he was here. If they did and he was exposed … That might become troublesome in the future. Continue reading

OMF V7C1 The One Thing He Hated

Xin Lan’s expression darkened as soon as he set foot in the mortal realm. Just a casual look around revealed that this was not the Yun Zou Sect nor was this the place where his Master had gone to. That bastard! Was it really asking too much to send him to a good spot? And Tian had opened the gate before he told him that his lover’s fate was his own fault so he couldn’t even pretend that it had been because of what he said. No, that bastard had intended to do this from the very beginning.

Xin Lan hid his figure from the sight of mortals and looked around. He was standing in a beautiful room that seemed to be in the house of some rich family. The most surprising thing was the amount of spiritual energy in the place though. If compared with what he had felt in the Yun Zou Sect, he couldn’t help but regret that his Master had landed there. This looked like the home of a family but the surrounding was much better. If his Master had come here, he might have recuperated to a better degree already. Continue reading