RMN C576 Not a Threat

Elder Baili raised his brows. They had originally planned to use the magical box as part of a large-scale attack. Now, it seemed that Mei Chao Bing had different plans. He could see some merit in it because he really didn’t know how to defeat Feng Bai Xiao otherwise but it would also cause other issues. “What about the rest of the people in the demonic headquarters? If you set that off, they’ll attack you.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “I’m aware of that. Although …” He looked at the magical box and furrowed his brows. “I filled this to the brim with the energy of the chasm. Even though I can’t say for sure how much it is, I would wager it is about as strong as a cultivator at the demigod stage. At the very least, it is much stronger than a nascent soul stage cultivator.”

Elder Xing’s brows shot up and he turned to Elder Baili with some excitement in his eyes. “A demigod cultivator could likely raze the headquarters of the demonic cultivators to the ground with a single attack. If he used that in there …”

Baili Chao nodded. “In that case, there might not be too many to start a fight and even those might be injured. It’s just …” His expression turned complicated as he looked at the magical box. “I trust my second disciple but this is far above his own level so he couldn’t have tested this, only some prototypes at a lower level. There is no telling how exactly this will play out.

“It might not work at all or only release as much power as your own level allows you to wield or maybe it will indeed work and be as strong as you presume but not be directional but burst out into all directions, engulfing you as well.

“Knowing this, can you really bear it?” He knew they had talked about this before but no matter what, he didn’t want to see Mei Chao Bing die. Maybe this was him selfishly protecting his youngest disciple from pain or maybe he felt guilty toward Mei Chao Bing because of the past but anyway, he didn’t want to see him injured or even dead.

Mei Chao Bing smiled. “I suggested killing myself to end all of this. Of course, I’m not afraid to be swept up in this. Elder Baili brings up an important point though: Nobody else from our side may be close by. This means that Senior martial brother Zhi, senior martial sister Liu, and senior martial sister Xi definitely need to get out of there first. And we can’t let Yun Bei Fen get captured.”

Elder Baili nodded but he felt a bit unconvinced. “If what we believe is right, they’ll definitely try to grab him one way or another. I’m not sure we can prevent it either with everything that is happening right now. At that time, what would you do?”

Mei Chao Bing fell silent. Yes, he could throw away his own life without worry. But if it concerned Yun Bei Fen … was he really that callous? Of course not. It was easy to sacrifice yourself. Well, he also didn’t want to. After all, he was looking forward to his life with Yun Bei Fen. But he could do it if he had to. Sacrificing the one he loved though … he couldn’t do that.

Elder Baili nodded again. “That’s what I thought. And that is also what I am worried about. Your idea is good but … there is so much you can’t plan ahead of time. I just don’t see this working out as you hope it will.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “But what else can be done? We can’t prevent all of this from happening. We can only try to think of what to do in each case. So, if Fen’er were to be captured and held captive to force me … I’d try to bargain with my Master. He can’t force me without him but since he needs me, I will have some power at least.”

He furrowed his brows and thought for a while, finally pulling out one of the paper ducks Yan Hong Min had given him. “This will allow communication up to a certain point. I’ll ask my Master to have Yun Bei Fen be accompanied out because I don’t trust him not to hurt him even if I do what he wants until the point where I can barely hear him. He should agree with that. After all, at that point, I’ll be surrounded by his people with no way to flee while Yun Bei Fen is still out there, being held hostage.”

Elder Baili narrowed his eyes. “But you can’t do what your Master wants you to do and if you attack him instead, the people guarding Yun Bei Fen would either hear through the paper duck or actually see it. At that point, they’d try to kill him.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “Which is why we need to prepare options for Yun Bei Fen. Some ways for him to protect himself.”

Elder Xing coughed. “How about giving him some of those things your second disciple sent then? There should be enough and if Mei Chao Bing alone takes over what would have been a large-scale attack otherwise, we won’t need them.”

Elder Baili shook his head. “We can try but I’m afraid it would be spotted. They’re not going to kidnap him and then still let him carry anything that could be used as a weapon. They want him helpless, after all.”

“Well, your disciple looks pretty helpless and he is only at the Foundation Establishment stage so … I don’t think they’d think of him as a threat.”

Elder Baili coughed. “Well, you’re not wrong.” He shook his head and finally sighed. “Fine, we’ll do that then. I’m still not sure if this will work out but we’ll see.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. “I do believe it’s possible. If it really is … we’ll have to see.”

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