RMN C573 A Long-Standing Plan

Mei Chao Bing came from a bustling city in the far east. All kinds of people came together there so the idea that someone hailing from the Lin family might live there wasn’t too strange. But if they were … surely, they should have at least some ties to cultivation or at least something that was slightly adjacent to it like a medicine store or maybe a forgery for weapons.

His own family wasn’t like that though. His father had been working in a restaurant, first as waiter and later as somewhat of a manager when he had proven himself useful.

His mother had been a servant girl at the home of one of the influential families in the city. She left when it was time for her to marry. After that, she stayed at home, taking care of the children most of the time, and only using some of her skills at handcrafting to sell some wares every now and then to help out with their family’s finances.

These two people … they couldn’t be further from what one imagined to be the remnants of a cultivation family. In fact, this sounded so ridiculous that he couldn’t even begin to guess which one of them had the blood of the Lin family.

But then, if it had been easy to tell, his Master wouldn’t have had such trouble finding a suitable heir of the family who still carried their constitution. Not to mention … after all this time, was it really a wonder?

A constitution could be passed on and there would always be a trace of it as long as you had a trace of that family’s blood. But to retain it strongly, you needed to strengthen your hold on it sufficiently. This mostly meant suitable marriages. But to find those, you needed to be aware of the constitution in the first place.

Mei Chao Bing narrowed his eyes as he thought back to the information Zhi Guan had been given about the Lin family: If that was right, then the whole family had been killed off save for some survivor who had never been discovered. To stay hidden after such a massacre … it might have been on purpose.

In fact, why exactly had the Lin family been murdered? Nobody had found an answer back then but that might be because they were lacking clues. There was a certain chance that the case back then and what was happening right now might be connected.

Yes, maybe even at that time, somebody had thought of a scheme like his Master was preparing for and realized the role the Lin family would have to play in it. Thinking about it, the only way to prevent it from happening would be to get rid of all of them and thus their special constitution as well.

Of course, it was also possible that this massacre had already been part of the demonic side’s plan. After all, if the Lin family had been a cultivation family on the righteous side, then winning them over to take part in such a plan would have been difficult. So maybe the demonic practitioners had sought to force them which didn’t work out and ended in the destruction of the Lin family.

It was also possible that they had wanted to destabilize them by killing off most members and only letting a select few escape that would be scattered with the wind. Without the support of their family and because of trying to hide their identity, the teachings of the family would be slowly forgotten, until what remained was only someone who had the right constitution but not necessarily the knowledge to refuse the offer of the demonic faction. Of course, his Master’s influence would have naturally played a huge part in that as well.

Mei Chao Bing could only sigh again and shook his head. “Well, we know nothing about the Lin family’s constitution and it’s tough to say whether Mu Qing has much information. I suppose it’s impossible to find somebody on short notice who would know more about them, isn’t it?”

The Elders could only smile wryly.

“To be honest, I’m not sure if we’ll have the time to contact anyone before the final battle commences.”

Elder Xing nodded. “Yes, I don’t think so either. Not to mention that the demonic faction might have increased the disciples close to us. We might not even be able to contact the outposts of the other three great sects.”

At this, Mei Chao Bing’s brows raised. “Actually … maybe Elder Baili’s third disciple could do that?” He turned to look at Baili Chao, not entirely sure of this idea.

Luo Lin had a small dreamscape now that could support him and Shen Lei. They could theoretically go to the other three sects’ places and warn them without being noticed by the other side. The problem with this was that the other sects might not necessarily believe them based on their experience from the last time and that the demonic faction had somehow gotten involved with the abilities and might be able to spot them after all which would make this incredibly dangerous.

Elder Baili could naturally also think of those problems. He furrowed his brows as well, not sure if he should put his disciple in this position. He might now have those copied abilities at his disposal and had also learned some sneaky skills but would that be enough? Sure, there was also Shen Lei but they had already seen that he was also powerless when they were surrounded by a large number of people. Could he really allow this?

Mei Chao Bing kept quiet while the Elder thought but finally cleared his throat. “Even if we don’t inform all of the other sects, maybe it would be best to inform at least one of them. I am a bit more familiar with Elder Fa of the Zhen Yan Sect. Among the people currently in the border region, I believe she would be the one most likely to believe us and coordinate with us for the upcoming battle. We should take advantage of that.”

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