OMF V11C12 Only One Way to Help

Inside, Zheng Yin and Xiang Yong were sitting to the side while Qiu Ling was lying in bed, still unconscious.

Jinde furrowed his brows when he saw him that way and went to sit down next to him. He reached out, brushing over the side of his face with his fingertips. “We’ll solve this for you.”

Leng Jin Yu stopped a few steps away and only looked at Qiu Ling with a pained expression. He also didn’t want to see him like this but other than finding Jing He, he wasn’t sure what else they could do for him. And even that seemed almost impossible right now.

He sighed and then turned to Xiang Yong. “I suppose nothing new happened since we last spoke?

Xiang Yong shook his head. “No, Zheng Yin and I have stayed here all the time. As soon as there is any change, we’ll inform you.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. He hesitated for a moment but finally told Xiang Yong and Zheng Yin what had happened in the Nine Heavens. “I think there is nothing we can do here. We’ll have to solve this from the Nine Heavens by finding the Son of Heaven first. Depending on what happened, we can then probably help Qiu Ling.”

Zheng Yin nodded. “Yes. Although … as long as the Son of Heaven is still alive, His Majesty should soon wake up. Even if he fell, that should only mean temporary pain. His Majesty will experience the same second hand but … after getting past that, he should wake up.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then turned to Jinde. Putting a hand on his shoulder, he motioned to the door. “Should we go back?”

Jinde hummed and got up but then paused and turned to Xiang Yong. “Right. Xiang Yu said that Xin Lan came looking for me. Did you see him?”

Zheng Yin lowered his head when Xin Lan was brought up. Earlier, the situation hadn’t been suitable to say anything but it had still hurt to be ignored like that. Xin Lan had barely so much as glanced at him.

Next to him, Xiang Yong nodded. “I’m not sure what he wanted but I last saw him in the meeting room. Do you want me to go and check if he is still there? You could stay with His Majesty in the meantime.”

Jinde nodded. He didn’t really want to leave right away after just coming here. “That would be kind of you.” He sat down on the bedside again and turned his attention back to Qiu Ling.

Even if he wasn’t his own child by blood, he still loved him the same way. Seeing him like this … of course, he was devastated. Staying close to be there in case something else happened made him feel less anxious. But he also realized that this wouldn’t help. No, if he wanted to do something for Qiu Ling, he should help by getting the love of his life back for him. There was nothing more important.

Xiang Yong had quietly left the room and went to the meeting room. He didn’t hold much hope that Xin Lan would be there but, to his surprise, he actually found him sitting at the table when he opened the door. He raised his brows but then simply cleared his throat. “Ah, Leng Jin Yu and his husband just returned from the Nine Heavens. If you still want to see him …”

Xin Lan who had been thinking about nothing in particular while sitting there turned back and hummed. So Jinde had been in the Nine Heavens. Well, that would have been the last place he would have looked for him. It also meant that he should be alright. Surely, he wouldn’t have made that kind of trip if he wasn’t doing well. Still, it couldn’t hurt to see him.

He got to his feet and followed Xiang Yong out of the room and over to Qiu Ling’s. He wasn’t surprised that Jinde would be there. Of course, he would stay at his side if he came back and heard that Qiu Ling had gotten hurt. This was just how he was.

He walked over and took a closer look at him, only feeling truly relieved when he saw that he looked just like always. Still, he couldn’t help but want to hear it from Jinde directly. “How are you doing?”

Jinde looked up and smiled wryly. “Like Heaven is playing a bad prank on me. I just lost one child. I still miss him, I hate that he lost his life for me, and I blame myself. And now, here I am, looking at another one of them, afraid that I’m going to lose him.”

Xin Lan nodded. Jinde’s life had always been hard in this regard. Finding happiness was truly difficult for him. Still, he seemed clearheaded enough. “But you’re awake and … I suppose that means you can find ways to solve this.” He nodded at Qiu Ling and his lips twitched. “I don’t have anything else to do so if you need help …”

Jinde shook his head. “Only if you know how to find a fallen god. Although, of course, I’d be happy if you helped us investigate.”

“A fallen god?” Xin Lan raised his brows. “Other than the one in your courtyard, you mean?”

Despite the situation, Jinde laughed. “Yes, another one. Apparently, either the Son of Heaven fell or he was kidnapped by one or … both, I guess. We’re going to the Nine Heavens to investigate with Xiang Yu as soon as he’s appropriately dressed.”

“Him?” Xin Lan’s expression turned into one of disgust. “How could he ever be appropriately —”

“I’m done!”

Xin Lan looked up at the familiar voice and then fell silent, just quietly staring at Xiang Yu. He seemed … well, not as childish as usual and also less like a fallen god. If not for knowing who he was, he might have had some other thoughts.

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