OMF V11C10 Just Ask a Fallen God!

Qiang Yan nodded but his thoughts were somewhere else. The ability of a fallen god … this meant that it was more likely for that man to have been the fallen god and that nothing might have happened to Jing He. It also meant that as long as they were able to find the fallen god, they could save Jing He. As for how to do that … he had no idea but somebody else might have a clue.

Qiang Yan finally nodded with some more fervor. “You’re right. I … I have an idea of how I might be able to find further clues. I will go and take care of it right now.” He didn’t wait for a response and simply rushed off, leaving the heavenly couple, the two people from the dragon realm, and the four guards alone.

Jinde used the opportunity to poke his husband’s back.

This time, Leng Jin Yu didn’t need to ask. He turned to the Heavenly Empress with a solemn expression. “Is there still anything we can help here with?”

Bai Fen looked at them and shook her head. “No, I’m afraid not. It’ll take time to find Jing He but all the clues should be here in the Nine Heavens.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Then Jiang Li and I should return to the dragon realm and see how Qiu Ling is doing. Maybe he will be able to tell us something when he wakes up that can help with finding the Son of Heaven.”

Bai Fen inclined her head. “I hope Qiu Ling wakes up soon.”

“Thank you.” Leng Jin Yu inclined his head as well, then turned back to his husband and took his arm before the two of them set off for the dragon realm.

On the way, Jinde sighed. “Well, so much for secretly preparing a wedding. It seems ridiculous now that we were happily talking about that only an hour ago.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I don’t even want to imagine what will happen when Qiu Ling wakes up.”

Jinde sighed. “It might be best if he stays unconscious a little longer. Although then again, that might not help. How do you find a fallen god? They can go anywhere in nothing but a heartbeat!”

“I don’t know but I suppose that is something Xiang Yu can help with. If there is any way to locate a fallen god, the one most likely to know is another fallen god.”

Jinde nodded and then turned to look at his husband with a thoughtful expression. “Say, since they couldn’t get close enough to have a good look, the man in question couldn’t have been Xiang Yu, right?”

“If it was that would mean Jing He has fallen. I’m not sure we should be looking forward to that. I don’t think so though. I mean … would you describe Xiang Yu as tall?”

Jinde frowned. Actually … “I mean, he is at least a head shorter than me but I would be considered tall.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at his husband and nodded. “Yes, but even then … The guards were worried about the person suddenly appearing. Sure, part of that is the way it happened but the other part should be that they felt that person is threatening. Xiang Yu … He is a lot but even at a distance, I don’t think anybody would think of him as a danger unless they can see the mark.”

Jinde hummed. “It’s the mark that seems threatening, definitely not his face.” Yes, Xiang Yu was … well, he looked like a child, if he was honest. He probably hadn’t reached maturity yet when he fell. “When we ask him about this, we have to be careful. He never said why exactly he fell but it should have been bad. We don’t want him to recall all of that and go crazy as well. It’s bad enough as it is.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and the two of them fell silent. Soon, they reached the capital city of the dragon realm and rushed straight to the courtyard, not bothering to walk the way there from the gate. They landed directly next to Xiang Yu who looked up with a smile.

“How did it go? Oh, right! Xin Lan came by but I didn’t tell him where you went so he wouldn’t bother you!” He looked incredibly proud of himself while saying the latter.

Leng Jin Yu and Jinde exchanged a glance. Xin Lan had come by? Well, he had been gone for a while …

Jinde furrowed his brows. “Was he alright?”

Xiang Yu pursed his lips. “No, he didn’t say a single nice thing.” He still felt hurt thinking of how Xin Lan hadn’t seemed to care about him at all. By now, shouldn’t enough time have gone by for him to at least show some positive feelings again? He couldn’t still be caught up in his grief, right?

Jinde’s lips twitched. “That’s not nice of him but I meant whether he was physically alright. He was gone for a long time after going to Tian for me, wasn’t he? I was a bit worried about him.”

Xiang Yu’s expression changed. Right. Xin Lan had suddenly vanished again. He had thought that was just Xin Lan not caring again but maybe something had indeed happened to him. Ah, and he hadn’t asked about how Xin Lan was doing when he saw him. Didn’t this mean he had been uncaring toward him as well? That wasn’t right! No wonder Xin Lan had treated him like that …

Jinde wasn’t sure what to make of Xiang Yu’s expression but since he didn’t mention any injuries, there shouldn’t have been anything big. In that case, it was better to deal with the other matters first. “Well, what about Qiu Ling?”

“Qiu Ling?” This time, Xiang Yu blinked his eyes in confusion. “He wasn’t injured either.” He hadn’t seen him for a while though …

“Yes, but, was there any news about his condition after he collapsed?”

The expression Xiang Yu made next showed that he hadn’t even known that something had happened to Qiu Ling in the first place. So much for that.

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