OMF V11C9 An Ability of the Fallen Gods

Qiang Yan deeply furrowed his brows. When the two guards contacted him, they hadn’t told him in such detail and only roughly described that someone had grabbed Jing He. Now, this whole matter seemed more mysterious. “That man … can you describe him?”

Mu Kun raised his brows and looked at Huang Lan. “Well … I never saw him before and he was only there for a moment. From my impression, he seemed tall and he had long black hair. He could have been a god but … it’s tough to say.” Even though black hair was normal among the gods, there were dragons and demons with the same feature as well so that wasn’t much of a signifier.

Qiang Yan glanced at Huang Lan. “Any other obvious features? Was there a mark between his brows?”

Huang Lan could only shake his head. “Not that I saw it but we couldn’t get close and as Mu Kun said, it was only a short moment from when he appeared to when he left.” He furrowed his brows as well, turning to look back to the exact spot where the man had vanished with their crown prince. “It was odd. Seeing how he appeared, it was as if he had been watching from afar and thus appeared right the moment he needed to so he could catch His Highness and then retreat before anyone could come close.”

Mu Kun gave a hum. “He completely ignored us. Just grabbed His Highness and left.”

Qiang Yan didn’t respond. He was still trying to make sense of all of this. In the best case … or no, maybe it wasn’t the best case. Either way, that person might have been a fallen god who kidnapped Jing He for some reason. Since Mu Kun and Huang Lan weren’t sure if there had been a mark between that man’s brows, it couldn’t be excluded.

Another possibility was that his nephew himself had fallen. This … he didn’t want to imagine it. In fact, they didn’t know much about the process of falling. They only knew that it seemed to only happen to trueborn gods, was likely related to their soul, and accompanied by signs in the sky. It was also assumed that all fallen gods were crazy to a degree which was why they figured their souls should be involved. There was no way to make sure of any of this though.

No matter what though, Qiang Yan couldn’t imagine that the process of falling was pleasant. No, a fallen god was much more powerful than a trueborn god. The reason for that … he was afraid it was self-evident. Somehow, they gained power during their fall but according to the law of balance, this also meant they had to lose something else. That something … it was likely the life they had known, their sanity, maybe even their soul.

He really didn’t want that for his nephew. But then, he didn’t want him to have been abducted by a fallen god either. Jing He was … well, he was a bit timid. Being locked away by an unknown man, uncertain if or when he would be freed … that also wasn’t good.

All things considered, they could only pray that neither of these options was what had happened and that Jing He had been grabbed by somebody who wanted to help him against whoever that fallen god was. He knew just how unlikely that was though. With the signs in the sky fading as soon as Jing He and that man disappeared, it had to be tied to one of them.

Rong Su was staring at his brother-in-law intently, waiting for him to announce whatever he was able to glean from this information. When Qiang Yan simply stayed silent, he finally couldn’t take it any longer. “So what’s going on? Where is Jing He? How do we find him and get him back?”

Qiang Yan turned to look at him, his expression complicated. “I have no idea. At the very least, we’d have to find out who that man was to make any guess where he could have gone. Unfortunately, without further details about how he looked …” He shook his head. No, he had no idea where to start. With how that man had left, it didn’t even make sense to have his men search the city. They could be anywhere!

In the back, Jinde elbowed his husband.

Leng Jin Yu glanced at him with a puzzled look. He also didn’t know who this was.

Jinde sighed and made a cutting motion.

In turn, Leng Jin Yu’s expression turned thoughtful. Yes, they had no idea who that man might be because the guards hadn’t gotten a good look at him but they knew one thing: He had created that cut in the air that let the guards see another ‘dimension’ as they said or, at the very least, he had had somebody do that for him. This was already a clue as to who or at least what he might be.

He cleared his throat and stepped forward. “God of War, maybe I can shed at least some light on this: The way the guards described that man appearing out of a cut, it’s something I’ve seen before. The fallen gods have this kind of ability.”

Qiang Yan nodded. “I know that. I’ve seen it happen as well.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. He hadn’t expected that but then, who was called if there was a fallen god running rampant? Of course, the God of War might have seen that. He nodded, seeing as they were on the same page but still continued to try and reason something out. “I don’t think it has to do with dimensions though. It’s more like they cut through space. They are able to travel from any point to wherever else they want.

“While this means that we can’t be sure where they went, it means that a fallen god was involved and it should be either that man or somebody helping him. Maybe … we could try and investigate from there.” After all, even a fallen god had to stay somewhere. Just look at Xiang Yu who was currently in the dragon king’s palace.

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