SML V6C90 Not Impossible

Mo Fang froze. This topic was something he didn’t like talking about. He gave Qiao Ya a faint smile before shaking his head at Yu Xin. “Li Ming also works at the organization, I don’t think he’d like me jumping around in front of his face every day.” In fact, Yu Xin’s idea wasn’t bad. If it was not for Li Ming, maybe he would really consider this even if it was only to spend more time with Qiao Ya. But under these circumstances, it just didn’t seem right.

Yu Xin pursed his lips. “Isn’t he just an ex-boyfriend? Why are you worrying so much? Just do what you want!”

On Qiao Ya’s other side, Si Tao leaned closer to her behind Tong Lan’s back and lowered his voice. “Yu Ting passed away while he was walking for a fashion show. He said modeling brings back the memories so he doesn’t want to continue.”

Qiao Ya’s eyes widened. Mo Fang had been a bit vague about the circumstances of Yu Ting’s death, only mentioning that it had been an accident. Since there were so many new things she learned about all at once, she had simply accepted that explanation and not asked for further details.

Anyway, to her, this was only a story about a person she unfortunately hadn’t had time to meet. The impact of knowing that he had died had been much less than finding out that he had existed in the first place. Of course, she hadn’t thought about it too much. She had been a lot more interested in finding out more about how he had lived.

Qiao Ya lowered her head, feeling guilty. It was understandable why she would think about Yu Ting’s death like this but Mo Fang was different. Her question just now had probably been like pouring salt into open wounds.

She didn’t know how to make up for this blunder so she could only hurry to change the topic and hope that he would forget about it when the conversation kept going. “Ah! Don’t worry about brother Li. That’s not an issue at all!”

Mo Fang shook his head. “I know you both mean well. If it was anyone else, I also wouldn’t say anything but our breakup wasn’t good and even though we get along, I wouldn’t want him to have to see me every day. In fact, I wouldn’t want to see him every day either.” Mo Fang smiled wryly.

In fact, this wasn’t wrong. Yes, he would want to make up with Li Ming if there was ever a chance. But he wasn’t so conceited to believe that he would be or should be handed an opportunity on a silver platter just because he had gone through a few things. No, while Li Ming’s attitude had softened, the pain he had caused was still there. Maybe time would heal those wounds but there was no guarantee and he didn’t dare to ask for it either.

Qiao Ya hurriedly shook her head. “That’s not what I mean!” Her eyes sparkled when she found that there was indeed a chance for the two of them to work together in the future. “You might not know yet but he is only working at the organization two days a week. It’s just volunteering when he doesn’t have work. The day he caught that private investigator you hired, that was actually his first day of stopping by and giving it a try.

“Plus, I won’t be at the organization much longer myself. This isn’t a long-term job for me. Right now, I am working at different charity organizations for a few weeks to see if this is really a career path I like and also to check which specific direction I want to go in. So in another two weeks, I will actually stop working there.”

Mo Fang raised his brows. Mister Ruan had investigated Qiao Ya a little before he informed him that he had a lead. But most of the information he had provided him with was about her mother and her family. In terms of her job, only the organization had been mentioned so he had thought this was where Qiao Ya was working full-time. “Then right now, you’re also just volunteering?”

Qiao Ya tilted her head. “Well, you could call it a short-term internship, I guess. They are letting me have a look at the different positions in the organizations so I will know what I’m getting into. After all, there are many jobs you can do for a charity.”

Mo Fang nodded, feeling that this made sense. He had once worked as a model for a campaign for a charity organization but that was the only point of reference he had. At that time though, he had indeed had a little bit of contact with the workers from that place so he had a faint impression.

Yu Xin looked from Qiao Ya to Mo Fang and then raised his brows. “Xiao Fang, how about it? Wouldn’t you like this type of job?” Maybe it was thanks to his brother or just the prolonged contact but his originally bad impression of Mo Fang had turned 180 degrees. By now, he definitely thought of him as a person that was beautiful inside and out. He had no trouble at all imagining Mo Fang helping others.

Mo Fang’s expression was a little troubled. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to work for a charity. The pay didn’t matter to him since he was already set for life just based on his maternal family, not to mention the added inheritance from Yu Ting. He also felt that he could take harsh environments. After all, as a model with little fame in the beginning, he had faced quite a few things as well.

The problem was that he wasn’t as sure as Yu Xin that he was suited to this job. Working with Yu Ting’s sister had a huge appeal though. In short, he was torn on this question and he didn’t know how to answer it at all.

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