OMF V10C212 A Nice Person

For the time being, whether it was the matter of Qiu Ling’s wedding or Ye Yang’s way of ruling the demon realm, there was nothing they could do about it. Thus, Qiu Ling who hadn’t gotten any sleep last night went to lie down. Of course, he didn’t forget to tell Xiang Yu to wake him up immediately in case his beloved was alone and could receive him. He wouldn’t want to miss out on that for something as insignificant as a few hours of sleep.

As a result, Xiang Yu sat in the courtyard, looking very much like he had spaced out. Actually, he was using his abilities as a fallen god to spy on the Son of Heaven though. Watching him … he felt a bit odd.

He could see just what Qiu Ling liked about him: For one, he was really pretty. If he had to compare it, then he would have said that he wasn’t any less beautiful than Jinde even though their beauty was very different. Two, he seemed super gentle. This type of person had to be easy to get along with.

As soon as that thought came up, Xiang Yu debated paying him a visit. Right now, the battle was over, Qiu Ling was at home, and Jinde had also woken up. The child in the shell was definitely safe right now so he didn’t have to be here all the time. He could go out and do his own thing for a while. And he really would have liked to speak to Jing He.

Back in the demon realm, he had met him as Zhong Jing Yi. Now, he was back to being Jing He. How did that make him feel? As somebody who had also gone through a trial recently, he would have liked to know. Maybe Jing He as somebody who had managed to find a good fiance could also give him some advice about what he should do with Xin Lan.

Xiang Yu thought about this for a long time while he watched Jing He getting ready for the day. He could almost imagine the beautiful friendship they would form. Unfortunately, before he could make a decision, somebody else was faster at snatching away Jing He’s company.

Xiang Yu pursed his lips and then tilted his head, still seeming like he was staring into empty space while he was actually looking at the person that had entered Jing He’s palace. Thanks to his Mark of Wisdom, he knew exactly who this was: the Heavenly Emperor so … Jing He’s father and Qiu Ling’s father-in-law or, in other words, the mean person who had dared to separate a loving couple. He immediately had a bad impression of him.

Over in his palace, Jing He got to his feet with a guilty conscience. He had been sitting at his dressing table, contemplating life for much longer than he probably should have. His father had probably wondered what he was up to. Not to mention that there was the matter of Qiu Ling staying at his palace last night. No matter which of these two it was, he didn’t feel that it was right.

“Father.” He hurriedly greeted him and walked over even though he inwardly dreaded what was likely to come. Based on the last three weeks, his father would either stay around for several hours without giving him any time to himself or he would once again try to introduce a suitor to him. Neither of these was something he looked forward to.

Rong Su nodded and gave his son a deep look. He had spent a lot of time at Yu Ling’s palace yesterday so he hadn’t seen Jing He save for the time when he originally came to his palace and then had that short conversation with Duan Ming. Later, Jing He had used the opportunity while he was away to return to his own palace. Even though there had been guards with him, he felt suspicious that there was more to that.

He couldn’t glean anything from Jing He’s expression so he looked around the place instead, trying to see if there was anything out of place. He still couldn’t spot anything even after a few moments though. Well, even if something had happened, the traces might have been done away with by now.

Thinking of this possibility, Rong Su felt quite uncomfortable. He didn’t directly say anything about it though. After all, he still wanted to believe in his son. Jing He might have been led astray but surely, he wouldn’t go that far.

He smiled and walked over to pat his son’s shoulder before sitting down at the table. “I’m sorry for yesterday. Something came up suddenly so I didn’t have time to accompany you further. How did the rest of your day go?”

Jing He watched his father and then turned to brew a pot of tea. He knew what this was: His father was trying to fish for information about whether he had somehow gotten in contact with Qiu Ling. Even though he had people follow him, it seemed he still didn’t believe that he hadn’t done anything forbidden.

He lowered his eyelids, staring at the steaming water while trying to suppress his feelings. He couldn’t let his father know how unhappy he was or all of this would only get worse. “Well, after Duan Ming left, I went back to my own palace and read for a bit before going to sleep. It really wasn’t an eventful day.”

“I see.” Rong Su looked at his son’s back, nodding to himself. This sounded like something Jing He would do so he didn’t doubt his words. Seeing as he mentioned Duan Ming though … “What do you think about Duan Ming? He’s quite the commendable young man, isn’t he?”

Jing He closed his eyes and picked up the tray, wresting his expression back under control before he opened his eyes again and turned around, walking back to the table. “As expected of the son of the Goddess of Magnanimity.” Of course, that didn’t change his feelings.

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