OMF V10C213 Voicing His Doubts

Rong Su peered at his son’s expression but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. For a moment, he didn’t know how to feel. It wasn’t like he wanted Jing He to fall in love. If possible, he wanted him to not even think about men for another few hundred years. But considering that that despicable bastard from the dragon realm had extended his claws toward him, it was best to find an alternative fast.

Duan Ming seemed like the best choice but even though Jing He hadn’t disagreed that he wasn’t bad, he didn’t seem interested either. He was just looking at Duan Ming from an outsider’s point of view. That really didn’t bode well at all for his plan.

In the end, Rong Su pursed his lips and just picked up the teacup Jing He put in front of him. Anyway, this wouldn’t be his precious son if he fell in love randomly after a single conversation. His feelings wouldn’t be so cheap. Thus, he couldn’t expect anything too fast.

It was good enough that Jing He had a generally good impression of Duan Ming. This way, there was still a chance to turn things around in the future. He simply had to let these two spend more time together so Jing He’s view on Duan Ming would turn from this general idea to something more specific. Of course, saying a few good words here and there couldn’t hurt.

Taking into consideration what Jing He had just said, he found a possible topic soon enough. “You’re right about that. Yu Ling has always been a dependable and empathetic person. It’s only to be expected that she would manage to raise a good son.”

Jing He declined to comment. There were two parents and if their influence was the only thing that formed one’s personality, then he was afraid that wouldn’t bode well for many people, himself included. Of course, this couldn’t be said out loud.

Rong Su took his son’s silence for agreement and hummed in satisfaction. “That Duan Ming is not that much older than you but he seems to be hardworking. I took the chance to talk to him and his mother yesterday so I know a bit about his situation.”

Jing He quietly sipped his tea. When it came to Duan Ming’s situation, he was also somewhat familiar with it. After all, he had met him during his trial and they had talked a bit.

To be honest, based on those encounters, his impression of Duan Ming was very good. He was somebody willing to help others even without a benefit to himself, had a sense of morals but also wouldn’t just abandon his friends for doing something wrong and would instead try and find a solution for everyone.

If not for Qiu Ling, he might have considered this man. He probably wouldn’t have been able to fall in love but having that kind of marriage that was simply agreed on because it was the right thing to do would have been possible as well. It might not even have been difficult to do.

Jing He only listened to his father praising Duan Ming with half an ear and instead thought about the marriage of his parents: His father had been engaged to Yin Lin Lin originally but he had broken off the engagement for the sake of his mother. He had heard some things so he was roughly aware that she hadn’t been interested at first but then slowly been won over. In this regard, the two were a bit similar to him and Qiu Ling even though he would never dare to say that in front of his father.

The problem was that even such a marriage that was based on mutual feelings grown over time wasn’t able to give them lasting happiness. He could see it: His parents were both unhappy in this marriage even if it was for different reasons. This kind of life, was it worth it?

Jing He put down his cup and tried to focus on what his father was saying again, not wanting to think about this any longer. If he did, he might come to regret his own decision of marrying Qiu Ling.

Right now, they were both in love with each other and he didn’t think that his feelings would ever fade. But then, the current situation was stressful, and too much stress could erode even the strongest of feelings. If they didn’t find a way out of this or forced the issue somehow, could they go on loving each other after getting married?

He had often doubted whether Qiu Ling could continue to like him after a long time. It didn’t seem possible. Those ten years … he had already been surprised enough that he managed to wait them out. But what were ten years in the grand scheme of things? They could live forever. Could their feelings last just as long? Looking around them, that seemed unlikely.

“Either way, I think it’s a good opportunity for both of you. I know, the time for you to take over is very far off but you’ve never had a practical task. Since your trial is finally over, I believe this is a good opportunity now. You can see how you fare and then we can talk it over in detail.

“Don’t worry that I’ll rush you though!” His father gave him a reassuring look, worried that his son might feel that he was putting too much on his shoulders. Of course, he didn’t want that! It had just been such a convenient excuse to let the two of them prepare the festivities.

Jing He gave a faint hum. He had hardly paid enough attention to know what this was about but he had at least caught onto the gist of it in time. He didn’t like it though.

Wrapping his hands around the teacup, he finally looked up straight at his father and voiced the doubts he had had throughout the past three weeks. “Father, is this really about wanting me to prepare for my future duties … or this is because you want me to marry the son of the Goddess of Magnanimity?”

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