SML V6C88 New People to Meet

By the time they reached the hotel, Qiao Ya was really in awe of Si Tao. This guy … not only could he describe people well, but he also had no regard for his own image. Otherwise, how could he tell someone like her who could basically be considered a stranger this kind of story?

She helplessly looked at Mo Fang, not sure how she should react. Now, only her brother-in-law could help her!

Mo Fang only chuckled though. “Well, we’re already there. Let’s go in then. I’m sure Yu Xin is already getting anxious even if he had Tong Lan accompanying him.”

Qiao Ya nodded in relief and stuck close to Mo Fang after getting out of the car. Actually, she wasn’t nervous any longer though. Since Si Tao didn’t care about his image and Yu Xin was like an oversized pet, what was there to fear? In fact, she was starting to feel like she and Mo Fang were the only normal people here. Even in regard to Tong Lan, she wasn’t sure if she should expect a regular person after the story just now.

Mo Fang patted her shoulder and smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry. Ah Tao loves his fiancee a lot and can’t stop talking about her. He really considers that story to be a fond memory of his so he tells it to anyone he can get to listen. I know it can feel awkward if you don’t know him but it’s really not a big deal. So don’t think too much about it and just be yourself. Even if you don’t get along with any of them, it won’t change things between us.”

“Mn!” Qiao Ya nodded solemnly and picked herself up, looking at the door of the hotel with some expectations. Anyway, whatever happened, she wouldn’t lose anything. She could only gain one more family member and two new friends. With those odds, this was something to look forward to, right?

When the three of them stepped in, Yu Xin immediately shot to his feet and rushed over. Even the security guards couldn’t help but twitch at the sudden action but seeing the big boss that sometimes came by with the same breezy expression as usual, they finally turned a blind eye as well.

Qiao Ya tensed and almost wanted to hide behind Mo Fang when somebody rushed at them. Then, she finally recognized the face from the video and relaxed. Inwardly, she couldn’t help but marvel at just how right Si Tao was. Look at this! He even charged at them like a happy dog welcoming its owner back.

Mo Fang hurriedly stretched out a hand toward Yu Xin before he could do anything too wild and completely overwhelm Qiao Ya. “Eh, don’t scare her off!”

Yu Xin’s expression turned sheepish and he hurriedly nodded his head before turning back to Qiao Ya. “Uh … I’m Yu Xin, your brother.”

Qiao Ya nodded as well. “Big brother!” Saying this, she beamed at him. Since he was this straightforward, she also wouldn’t feel awkward just acknowledging him as her relative. Anyway, having a big brother like this was nice.

Yu Xin’s face also lit up and he finally ignored Mo Fang’s warning and pulled her into a bear hug. “Ah, I’m so happy to see you! When Xiao Fang called me to tell me about you, I immediately booked the next flight to China. If you don’t mind, we can also fly my parents here. They’d love to meet you!”

Qiao Ya nodded in a daze even though she wasn’t as sure about Yu Xin’s parents. On the one hand, those were the two people who had raised her brother but, on the other hand, it felt like the distance between her and the people she was supposed to meet was growing bigger.

Originally, it had been Yu Ting’s fiance. This had felt quite close because, after all, Yu Ting was her brother so his fiance was supposed to become her brother-in-law even if it wasn’t possible any longer.

Now, there was Yu Xin. While he was related to Yu Ting, he wasn’t actually related to her so this already felt a bit awkward. It worked though because they were of the same generation, after all. In fact, Yu Xin didn’t seem to be more than a little older than her. In fact, the age gap between her and Yu Xin might be smaller than the one between Yu Xin and Yu Ting. It directly made her feel closer to him when she realized it.

Yu Xin’s parents were different though. They weren’t related to her either and were even of the older generation. Not to mention that she was afraid that they might blame her mother for abandoning Yu Ting. As a result, would they have a bad impression of her as the child that had been kept? She sure hoped not! She didn’t want to have to find out too fast either.

Mo Fang glanced at her and then dragged Yu Xin back again. “Give her time to get to know you and Tong Lan first. After that, we can still talk about your parents.”

Yu Xin nodded. Anyway, Mo Fang already knew Qiao Ya slightly better so he should defer to him when it came to any suggestions. In fact … “What should we do now?” He hadn’t really thought about that. They probably wouldn’t just sit around in the lobby of the hotel and chat, right?

Mo Fang pursed his lips and turned to Qiao Ya. “Do you have any preferences? I’d invite you to eat again since you haven’t had the time after your shift. The hotel does have a restaurant.”

Qiao Ya wasn’t sure if a restaurant in a hotel like this was something she’d like. It looked a bit up-end, not what she was used to.

Tong Lan saw her hesitate and cleared her throat. “Actually, the pet cafe I worked at is only a few streets away. How about going there? It’s really cute!”

At that, Qiao Ya’s eyes lit up. A pet cafe definitely sounded like the type of thing she’d like! It was just … she turned to look at Yu Xin, feeling that he was the uncertain factor right now. Mo Fang definitely wouldn’t mind and Si Tao was Tong Lan’s fiance after all.

Being looked at with such an excited expression, the person who had been nicknamed big puppy naturally couldn’t say no. Thus, the group of five soon found themselves sitting at a table on the upper floor of Si Tao’s pet cafe.

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