OMF V10C210 Nobody Is Going to Be Harmed

Jinde noticed Xiang Yu’s expression but didn’t say anything. If that little fallen god stayed quiet, he had probably realized that whatever went through his head wasn’t a good idea. He shouldn’t encourage him to think about it further by calling attention to it.

He turned his gaze back to Qiu Ling and nodded. “You’re not wrong. You probably won’t be able to convince him easily. Time might change that but … that’s not a given and I don’t think you want to wait that long.” Not to mention that if nothing happened regarding their circumstances, it was unlikely that the Heavenly Emperor would change his mind.

Many people were set in their ways. They didn’t consider the perspective of others or even if they did, they’d feel that the other side had to be wrong. When it came to an overbearing father like that, it was almost impossible to make him like you. After all, every word and every action would be scrutinized by a biased person and seen in the worst possible light. No matter what you did, there would always be a bad reason they could ascribe to it or a flaw they could find where you fell short of expectations. In such a situation, was trying even worth it?

Jinde’s golden brows furrowed. He had never had to go through such a situation. His father had long been dead when he fell in love with Chun Yin and his mother hadn’t cared about him after throwing him to his Master.

As for Chun Yin’s parents, he had met them when the two of them had only been considered martial brothers under the same teacher and friends who got along well. There had been no talk of love so nobody had thought of any nefarious reasons he might have for getting close.

By the time things changed between them, Lin Cai had died in the war and Yuan Yin had followed her soon after. Thus, there had never been a consideration of getting along as in-laws. Well, not that that would ever have been a concern with how his relationship with Chun Yin had turned out.

Jinde glanced at his husband who also didn’t have any living relatives left in this life and sighed. It seemed that the two of them didn’t have any relevant experience. They also didn’t really know other people that could give valuable advice because they had gone through this so they could only try to think of something themselves.

He sighed and turned back to Qiu Ling. “Right now, I can’t see a solution either. But don’t worry. We won’t give up that easily. There has to be some way to convince him.” He furrowed his brows, completely uncertain what that could be.

Qiu Ling’s expression didn’t look any better. If it had been easy, he would have done it long ago. The fact that he hadn’t was answer enough regarding why he hadn’t made any progress. Now, things seemed even worse because the Heavenly Emperor was so upset with his actions the last time. And he couldn’t even go to explain just why he had been doing that because that bastard would definitely blow his fuse if he even dared to utter the word ‘wedding ceremony’ or ‘wedding night’ in the same sentence as his son’s name. Ah, he really had a headache just thinking about it …

Xiang Yu looked from one person to the other, feeling useless. He had no idea how to solve situations like this. To make somebody’s father like you … well, he couldn’t even get Xin Lan to like him. If Xin Lan had a family, it would probably be even worse. After all, who would like a fallen god?

He furrowed his brows when he thought of that and then shook his head. He shouldn’t be thinking of Xin Lan right now! Anyway, that fake dragon wasn’t treating him right so he shouldn’t wait for him to come back. It was much more important to help Qiu Ling. And even if he couldn’t come up with any ideas, he could at least try and find ways to implement the ones Qiu Ling and Jinde thought of.

Come to think of that … Xiang Yu tilted his head and then tugged at Qiu Ling’s sleeve. “Do you want to try saving his life? Then I could pose as a threat.”

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes and then … seriously pondered the question for a while. Actually, he hadn’t thought about it much when he said that the Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t gain a better opinion of him even if he saved his life. Now that he pondered it a bit more … Maybe it could be possible? Even if he didn’t accept him with open arms, he might at least soften his prickly attitude a bit.

Jinde watched the two of them and finally reached out, knocking on both of their heads. “Knock it out! Nobody is going to get harmed in whatever plan we come up with. Even if somebody is going to be harmed, it’s not going to be by either of you two. After all, there is a good possibility you’ll run into each other in the future.” Saying this, he turned to Xiang Yu with a serious expression. “Xiang Yu, you still want to see Qiu Ling and us in the future, right?”

Xiang Yu naturally nodded.

“In that case, you have to be a bit careful. You know being a fallen god isn’t that well accepted. As long as you don’t directly harm anyone, people can overlook your identity though. Now, if the Heavenly Emperor realizes you’re the one who attacked him, you’d be in trouble. So this definitely can’t be done. Especially since that man will still be Qiu Ling’s father-in-law in the future. He’s likely to run over here regularly. You wouldn’t always want to hide at that time, would you?”

Of course, Xiang Yu could only shake his head. Of course, he didn’t want that. If he could, he just wanted to marry Xin Lan, settle down in the dragon king’s palace, and then live with everyone else happily. It was a pity … things weren’t looking up.

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