OMF V10C206 Not Easy to Do

Qiu Ling wasn’t sure how to continue but he felt that an apology was necessary for sure. In fact, just one might not suffice. Also, with how Jing He was, he would certainly need more reassurance now.

He thought for a moment and then kissed his forehead before pulling Jing He’s hand closer and pressing another kiss on his skin. “I love you. I want to make it right for you.” He added another kiss, wondering if Jing He would react better to words or to actions.

On the one hand, the gods were modest and didn’t view physical contact between people who weren’t spouses the way the dragons did. On the other hand, Jing He had always been insecure and words alone might not have the desired effect. He always doubted himself and always doubted whether their feelings could last. Wouldn’t showing him through actions that he desired him no less than before be better?

Qiu Ling made up his mind and continued to shower his fiance with kisses. This time, his actions were soft and unhurried. There was none of the urgency of before but the feelings contained in the touch were obvious.

Jing He who had indeed been doubtful when Qiu Ling pulled back calmed down at once. There was still some disappointment that they once again hadn’t taken the necessary steps to be more going forward but Qiu Ling at least didn’t seem to be pulling back because he was dissatisfied with his behavior. At the moment, that seemed like it was enough.

Their breathing slowly calmed down and finally, Qiu Ling sighed. He leaned forward until their foreheads touched, their breath mixing. “Alright. The two of us should really sleep or we’re going to do something we might regret later.”

Jing He hurriedly gave a hum even though he still didn’t think that he could ever regret this. Still, the bit of courage he had gathered earlier had already scattered so he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep.

He wasn’t tired after what had just happened so, at first, his mind wandered. He thought of everything that had happened in the last few weeks, how it had driven him to what he had tried to do today, and finally, to the time he remembered from his trial. All of it seemed so complicated, it really made him wish that the world was simpler.

He had had this thought before: That if he and Qiu Ling weren’t who they were and instead had a lower status, things could be so much easier just like they had been during his trial. Maybe his father would still not be happy but convincing him should be easier. And in the worst case, eloping wouldn’t risk so much more. It would only be about the two of them and what was in their hearts. It was a pity that life couldn’t be chosen that way. You had to deal with the lot you were given.

While imagining that kind of life where a future would be in their grasp and not something they had to fight to obtain, he slowly drifted off into sleep. In his dreams, the memories from his trial continued to come back one by one. This time, they seemed to rush back into his conscience, one directly following the other.

It really wasn’t surprising. Jing He had previously remembered almost everything that had happened after his ascension to the Nine Heavens. Now, what awaited him in his memories was the time spent in the secret realm of Yun Zou Sect.

At that time, there had been nobody around but Qiu Ling, Jinde, and Leng Jin Yu, and he actually hadn’t seen the latter two too much since they were mostly preoccupied with themselves. Thus, most of those memories were just the daily life he shared with Qiu Ling which had little variation. Uncovering those memories really didn’t take much time.

While Jing He slept sweetly, remembering a time when the two of them had pretty much lived like a married couple save for not having any official status, Qiu Ling lay awake next to him.

This whole evening had him slightly alarmed. He didn’t know how to go forward. Clearly, it wasn’t alright to just wait this out. Jing He’s father wouldn’t suddenly change his mind. He needed to do something if he wanted to marry Jing He and, well, that had never even been a question. Since the moment he first heard him speak, he had wanted nothing but this.

Thinking of the Heavenly Emperor’s unreasonable behavior, he also knew that he couldn’t wait much longer. If he did, who knew what that guy would do? He definitely couldn’t let his beloved be married off to somebody else. Even just the idea made him panic.

The problem was that he really had no idea how to go forward. There didn’t seem to be anything he could do to make that old bastard like him. He knew the Heavenly Emperor reasonably well. They might have never spent much time together but it was easy enough to get a general read on him. And in his situation … everything would be interpreted with the worst possible intentions.

Handing over gifts would be deemed bribery or trying to buy Jing He. Trying to spend time together and saying some nice things would get called flattery or make him get the label of a liar. Getting involved in something the Heavenly Emperor cared about … uh, well, it hadn’t turned out too well when he got involved with his only son, had it? So, no, it was better not to try that.

Qiu Ling sighed to himself and gazed at Jing He’s sleeping face that was almost buried in his chest. He had to do something but didn’t know where to start. When it came to winning people over … he really was clueless. After all, this was a skill he had never developed. It was much easier to piss somebody off and make them hate you than it was to get into their good graces, especially when that certain someone already disliked you.

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