RMN C549 A Suspicious Pie

Zhi Guan felt relieved when he got his answer before either of the three disciples paid attention to him again. At least now, this part was something he wouldn’t have to worry about.

Of course, that was under the assumption that they weren’t putting on an elaborate play for him but he didn’t think that was the case. For one, since they met, Song Yu Zheng hadn’t been alone with either of the other two for even a moment so he couldn’t very well give instructions. Two … well, he felt like he had done a good job so far and shouldn’t be too suspicious. They shouldn’t have a need to do something like that.

Actually, even if they did, it wouldn’t change anything. He had to tread carefully but he couldn’t plan for everything. If he somehow gave himself away, it was over. He simply had to resign himself to that fact.

Reminding himself again that he was among a ton of demonic sect disciples, some of which were at his own level and not easy to deal with, Zhi Guan turned even calmer. He had never been afraid. It would only be a pity that he couldn’t bring back the news he had received.

Yes, this matter with the Lin family the other three had mentioned seemed important. And even if he didn’t know about such a family that didn’t mean that the Elders did not know either. It could very well be that his Master would be aware as soon as he heard the name and could infer something from that. Even if not his Master, then maybe Elder Xing or the guardians.

Although … who knew if the latter would still be there when he returned? Considering his current situation, he didn’t think he’d get out of here anytime soon. By the time he managed to return to the border town, he was afraid the guardians would have long left. In the worst case, it might even be too late for their side to prepare anything.

Zhi Guan suddenly found himself in a dilemma. Getting out of this place wouldn’t be easy. He’d need a time when he was alone so as to not draw too much attention. Maybe he also needed to get Yang Wu Huang out of here, although he had to admit that he cared a lot less about that now. No, bringing back the information was more important.

Unfortunately, since Song Yu Zheng and the other two had met them together, Yang Wu Huang would be in a really bad situation if he were to vanish so he kind of needed to consider this after all. Otherwise, he was afraid that guy would end up dead for sure. Even though he disliked him, that wasn’t something he could simply accept.

While Zhi Guan was distracted by his plans for the upcoming days, Song Yu Zheng remembered that there was somebody who wasn’t aware yet. He turned to him and found that the little he could see of his expression hadn’t changed at all. He raised his brows in surprise, feeling that this guy’s mental fortitude wasn’t bad. The Yu She Sect had really picked up a bargain there.

His thoughts moved and he finally smiled faintly. Well, just because he was with the Yu She Sect now, that didn’t mean that he would always be with them, right? They should treat him well these days and entice him to change to them. Even if entering the sect late was awkward, as long as he had genuine skills, he could also carve out a place for himself. With their help, it would be even easier.

“Brother Zhi, say, you likely don’t know any details of the Elders’ plan, do you?” He tried to put on a kind expression even though he was unsure if it would help with the veil in place. Or, well, even without.

While this Zhi Lin clearly was somebody who had emotional attachments, that was in regard to his sister as far as they were aware. That was a special case. They were blood-related and had likely grown up together. Since she was younger, he might also feel responsible for her. Outsiders wouldn’t necessarily get the same type of treatment even if they tried to get into his good graces.

Zhi Guan straightforwardly shook his head. “No, we weren’t told much.” Even if those three were putting on an act, he was sure that this much was right. “Basically, we just got the gist before being sent over to the headquarters.”

Song Yu Zheng nodded, got up, and wandered over to Wen Xiang’s side, plopping down on the bed next to him where he was closer to Zhi Guan. “Well, to be honest, our Elders weren’t that forthcoming either. Since they know we have spies on the righteous side, they are naturally aware the other side could have spies among our disciples as well. Who knows how high they even rank? Thus, they are especially careful with sharing information now that the plan is being implemented.”

Zhi Guan nodded. “Makes sense. The more important the information, the less it can be allowed to be known by the wrong people.”

“Precisely!” Song Yu Zheng felt even happier when Zhi Guan directly got what he meant. “So it’s really not surprising that we weren’t told anything. I bet that even in our Wu Yun Sect, it’s only the disciples of Elder Feng who are aware of what exactly is going on.”

Zhi Guan gave a hum. “Like senior martial brother Mu.” Because most likely, they were necessary for the plan, or rather Mei Chao Bing was. They were just failed experiments. Wasn’t that what they had thought before?

Song Yu Zheng nodded. “Exactly. That’s why they’re the ones in charge. But, well, you see: The three of us also don’t rank that low in the Wu Yun Sect and we’ve heard a thing or two even if the Elders didn’t intend to share. Seeing as we get along well, I won’t mind letting you know some of it as well.”

Zhi Guan carefully blinked his eyes. A pie falling from the sky? He didn’t think it was that easy. On the contrary, this seemed highly suspicious.

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