SML V6C76 The Reaction Is Uncertain

Qiao Ya pursed her lips, feeling sad for herself for a moment. She didn’t have many relatives even though she would have loved a big family. Now, that dream seemed to be dashed once again.

She sighed but then tried to cheer herself up. Anyway, it wasn’t like she had lost anything. She simply hadn’t gained anything. Although, maybe that wasn’t right. Wasn’t there still Mo Fang?

She felt a bit better thinking of that and cleared her throat. “Say, do you want to come and meet my grandparents? You could tell all three of us more if you’d be alright with that.”

Mo Fang was stunned. “Come along?” He certainly hadn’t expected that offer. While he wasn’t somebody who bothered to hide his sexuality, he knew that there were many people who had an issue with it. That Qiao Ya had reacted so well to hearing that he had been engaged to her brother was already very good. Her grandparents though …

“Are you sure your grandparents would be alright with that? I mean, I am still a man.” And he definitely wouldn’t hide that he had been Yu Ting’s fiance. He didn’t have to be explicit about their relationship but he would never deny that it had existed. There were just some things he couldn’t compromise on.

“Ah?” Qiao Ya blanked. She hadn’t even thought about how that might be an issue. This whole time, she had been preoccupied with the fact that she had apparently had a half-brother all her life without knowing. As for his relationship, she hadn’t thought about it any deeper. She had just thought that Mo Fang was really pretty and it was no wonder her brother would fall in love with him. Now that he mentioned it though, she felt stupid for not noticing sooner.

“Uh …” She scratched her head. “Well, I’ve never talked to them about these kinds of things so I can’t be sure. Maybe I’ll tell them first and if they react well, you can come along next time?”

Mo Fang laughed. “Alright. Don’t worry about it. I know the older generation can be a bit … stubborn sometimes. Whether they accept it or not doesn’t really matter much.”

Qiao Ya gave a hum but she felt uncomfortable thinking about it. “I’m sure they will. Anyway, my brother clearly must have loved you very much if he asked you to marry him. And it’s not like it’s forbidden over in those European countries. What could they have against it?”

Mo Fang didn’t bother to pierce her bubble and instead just pushed the topic along. “Well, before you go, do you want to know anything else? Or something I should send you?”

Qiao Ya didn’t dwell on the issue either and thought about Mo Fang’s question. “I think I’ve gotten the gist of the story and I also want to ask them what they knew about it. They might not be unfamiliar with my mom’s part anyway. But if you have, you could send me a bit more about my brother. Like, just how his life was and what he did. That kind of thing. I think my grandparents would like to know that if they have any interest at all.”

“Alright.” Mo Fang glanced at the time and sighed. “I wanted to tell his adoptive family that I found you anyway. I guess I’ll give them a call in a minute and ask them what they have. These things, they’re clearer on it than me.”

“Oh, true.” Qiao Ya pursed her lips again and played with a strand of her hair. “Right … when you’ve called them, can you send me a text to tell me how it’s gone?” She didn’t have much hope that she’d get to have more contact with them. After all, they were in a different country and it wasn’t like her brother was there to act as a bridge any longer. They might even have a negative view of her family because they abandoned her brother. But still, she couldn’t help but hope for the best.

Mo Fang could guess what she was thinking. He smiled faintly and hummed. “I’ll do that. If you want to, I can also put you in touch with them.”

Qiao Ya hesitated. “Well … let’s wait to see how they react. After that, we can still do that, right?”

“True.” Mo Fang didn’t press the issue. He could imagine that Qiao Ya was nervous. All of this was new and she didn’t even know how the rest of her family would react to the news even though she was familiar with them. After realizing this, she would naturally be more worried about the reaction of Yu Ting’s family.

In fact, even Mo Fang himself wasn’t totally sure. He didn’t think Yu Xin or his parents would mind. They had all known that Yu Ting wanted to find his birth family after they went to China together. But all of this had been discussed before Yu Ting’s accident. Who knew if finding out about Yu Ting’s sister now wouldn’t just rip open the wound that had barely healed at all? So maybe they wouldn’t feel too happy.

Both of them had their worries about the matter so they quietly agreed not to do anything else before they hadn’t made sure how this news was received on either side. After talking for a little longer, they said goodbye and then both got ready to deal with their side of the two families.

Qiao Ya still stayed at home and pondered what exactly she wanted to say and how. Later, she’d go over to her grandparent’s place with her father so she would have somebody who could help out if things really didn’t turn out as well as she hoped.

On the other hand, Mo Fang could only pick up the phone by himself. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then clicked on Yu Xin’s contact, waiting for him to pick up with bated breath.

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