OMF V10C173 Too Pitiful

In Jing He’s mind, what he focused on was indeed just the gods and dragons but he tried to imagine how the life of a half-blood had to be. Surely, there could be all kinds of combinations that would make life easier or harder. There was no saying how it could be. Also …

“I guess apart from the trueborn gods, there would also be ascended deities that need to be considered. They count as gods from the time they make their way to the Nine Heavens but at the heart of the matter, they are human. If one of them were to be in a relationship with a dragon or maybe even a god, it should also be that the result would be a half-blooded child.”

The one he thought of when saying that was actually Leng Jin Yu. By now, he remembered him and Jinde to a certain degree, even though he didn’t have an accurate read on them thanks to the fact that his memories returned in reversed order. Still, he knew that they were very much in love and that they had been preparing to have a child. This child — which Qiu Ling regarded as his sibling — would be half-dragon and half-human no matter how you looked at it.

In fact, thinking further, when the two of them were to have a child in the future, it would also be half-god and half-dragon. This was something they had not talked about in-depth but they had brushed the topic of children once before they were even engaged and Qiu Ling had also mentioned his wish to have children to him during his trial. At that time, he had said it wasn’t something he was thinking about too much for the time being because he thought him too young for that but clearly, the wish was there. In that case, he should really consider this more thoroughly.

Jing He suddenly felt like he hadn’t been thinking deeply enough. He had tried to learn more about the dragons after the relationship between him and Qiu Ling became deeper but he hadn’t considered this obvious part of their future. Naturally, he needed to know more about the half-bloods and the way they lived as well if he wanted to successfully have and raise a child with Qiu Ling.

Jing He looked at his hands that were still resting on Qiu Ling’s arm. There was no doubt that he wanted to have that child. In fact, if he could, he would wish to give Qiu Ling more than one to fulfill his dreams of the family he had lacked before. He couldn’t do that though. Thus, he could only try to excel as much as possible in everything that concerned this one child.

Raising his gaze back to Qiu Ling’s face, Jing He smiled faintly. “I’m afraid I haven’t considered this enough in the past. But don’t worry, I’ll make up for that shortcoming. By the time we get married, you won’t find my thoughts lacking.”

Qiu Ling stared at him in a daze. That … that really wasn’t what he worried about. Unfortunately, he had no way to say that. At the very least, none that didn’t make him feel like he was exposing too much. But then, maybe exposing more would be better. After all, sooner or later, he had to tell him the truth.

He gulped and forced himself to continue the topic even though Jing He had given him such an easy opportunity to stop here. “I don’t think you’re lacking at all.” If anything, it is me with my cursed blood who lacks the qualifications to even be with you. “It’s … it’s just something to consider. You … you do believe the half-bloods should have a place among our people, don’t you?”

Jing He who was still thinking of how both Qiu Ling’s sibling and child would be half-blooded with how their future family was structured naturally nodded at once. “But of course. Anyway, our people are allied. Intermarriage between the two races is not just tolerable but should maybe even be encouraged.” If this was the case, his father would have less reason to push back against his relationship with Qiu Ling as well. Who knew? There might be others like them out there who were being held back by their families simply because of the race they were born into. That wasn’t right.

Qiu Ling closed his eyes, feeling even worse when he heard that. Of course, Jing He wasn’t wrong but he still wasn’t considering anyone with demon blood in this scenario!

He forced himself to open his eyes after just a moment and nodded with heartache. “That is indeed the case. In the future, I will work toward that goal. I believe there are also many among the gods who will be interested in that.” He hesitated and then thought of the people that had returned from the demon realm while he was gone. He had met them after his return since most of them wanted to settle in the dragon realm. Most likely, they were as good an excuse as he could get?

He cleared his throat and pulled Jing He to sit down, feeling that this conversation might become even longer than expected. “You know how some people returned from the demon realm after their previous king died, right?”

Jing He nodded. He had indeed heard that. In fact, he had been sitting in his father’s study when An Bai brought them over but he hadn’t gotten involved since it was official business and he had no right to interfere there. “They are quite pitiful. Especially the dragons who fell in love with a demon. Will they be alright in the future?”

Qiu Ling took a deep breath, feeling that they were about to touch on the topic he had really wanted to introduce. From now on, every word had to be put extremely carefully so he wouldn’t scare his beloved off and end this relationship between them before it could finally become official.

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