RSH Stratagem 45: Move Your Beloved’s Heart (5)

Qiu Ling raised his hands and a few water droplets appeared above his fingertips, gently swaying in the breeze that circled around his hand. “Dragons are creatures of the wind and water. So usually, places that are rich in the corresponding spiritual energy are those where they feel the most comfortable.”

Actually, he personally hated places with lots of water but then, that had more than just a little to do with the fact that he wasn’t a full-blooded dragon despite what everyone thought. So it could likely be said that this observation still held up if you looked at normal dragons. Naturally, he wouldn’t bring up what an odd one he was either.

He stopped using his magic and turned back to look at Jing He. “When it comes to where water is the most abundant, then that is in the south of the immortal realms. There is the Great Ocean encircling the realm from the south to the northeast, the Western Sea separating it from the mortal realm, and the Qishi sea that I mentioned before at the border to the Nine Heavens. Then, you have many smaller or bigger lakes dotting the landscape every now and then. It is a true paradise for the dragons.”

Jing He nodded. He had never been there but he could imagine it. Especially right now when they were in a place like this, he had no trouble believing that it had to be the perfect place to live.

Qiu Ling gave a hum after seeing his beloved’s expression. “The dragons naturally feel drawn to that type of place so it was an easy decision to make. Of course, other parts of the land aren’t necessarily different.

“If you look at the Nine Heavens, then you can say that they are the most versatile part of the immortal realms: With the Great Sea bordering the land in almost every direction but the southwest, there are many regions rich in water. For example, the Eastern Heaven would be just as much of a paradise as the dragon realm is to us.”

Jing He’s smile brightened unwittingly. He knew this had no bearing at all but hearing Qiu Ling say that there were places in their realm that he would feel comfortable in made his heart beat with joy. He was afraid to give those thoughts away so he could only try to mask them with a general comment. “With the alliance between our people, it is good that there are places where the dragons feel at home.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then leaned closer. “Of course, when it comes to us, we can feel at home almost everywhere as long as one prerequisite is met.”

Jing He looked at him with surprise. After everything Qiu Ling had said, he certainly hadn’t expected to hear this and for a moment, he was stunned. After thinking about it for a moment, he still couldn’t figure it out. “What prerequisite would that be?”

Qiu Ling’s gaze flickered. He had been acting shameless in front of Jing He for a full six years. The fact that his beloved still believed him when he said something like this and could ask so earnestly … it really made him feel that Jing He was too pure for this world.

He almost regretted having said that but then reconsidered after a moment. The previous awkwardness was gone and it was just some sweet nothings. Why shouldn’t he say it?

He faintly raised his brows and then patted his chest. “Our bodies are sturdy so even if the spiritual energy or the climate isn’t as suitable, we will be able to live. The most important, of course, is the heart. As long as there is someone we love, we can live anywhere with them.” Of course, he used the opportunity to stare into Jing He’s eyes, trying to communicate that for him, he absolutely was the person he had mentioned.

Jing He’s lips parted, his heart thumping faster. In hindsight, he felt that he should have expected this. It was in line with how Qiu Ling usually behaved and it seemed to fit the topic. Somehow, he still hadn’t expected it.

His cheeks flushed while Qiu Ling’s words from earlier rang in his mind. To reassure him … suddenly, the opportunity seemed so suitable to do so even without being too forthright.

Jing He lowered his gaze, his finger brushing over the hem of his sleeve. “I believe this … isn’t something only the dragons feel.”

Qiu Ling’s eyes widened slightly. Excuse him for being surprised but this wasn’t the usual way his beloved acted at all! When it came to somebody making corny love confessions whenever there was an opportunity, then the person to do so was surely himself. Jing He would maybe chastise him afterward or be a bit more acquiescing and just pretend not to understand. This kind of response … ah, he should cherish it!

Qiu Ling reminded himself not to overdo it and sighed. “Well, I suppose that is what love does to a person: When your heart beats faster in response to somebody, everything else stops mattering. You just … want them to be close to you, to see them happy and content in their life, to fulfill every wish they might have.”

Even though he told himself that he shouldn’t be too presumptuous, he still raised a hand and reached out. Just a moment before he touched Jing He’s cheeks, he reminded himself of how things had turned out earlier and sighed faintly. “It’s not always easy.”

He pulled back his hands, his fingers rubbing together. He felt as if he could feel the warmth of Jing He’s skin even though he hadn’t actually touched him. Ah, this really was too agonizing!

Jing He took a faint breath. Just now, he hadn’t dared to breathe when Qiu Ling reached out. Those words before … they indeed made his heart flutter and he had to admit that all of it was true. He wanted to be close to Qiu Ling whenever he could and naturally, he wanted the dragon king to be satisfied with his life. As for fulfilling his wishes … he felt lacking in that regard.

This person was the king of the dragon race, a man much older than himself who seemed to have seen everything and tried so many more things than he could even begin to imagine. What kind of wish could he have that he would be able to fulfill for him?

At first, he felt that no matter how he thought, he wouldn’t be able to come up with anything. There simply shouldn’t be much Qiu Ling wished for and whatever it was, it was certainly out of his hand. But then, he once again remembered Qiu Ling’s previous words and his heart started to thump even faster.

Yes, no matter how high a person’s position was, how long their life had been, and how deep the pool of their experiences was, everyone had wishes. In fact, a person such as Qiu Ling might have wishes that seemed small in comparison to others. After all, he had managed to reach these heights through his own strength. He had no need to want anything handed to him. But those small matters … yes, he might want those.

After a moment, Jing He couldn’t help but look up into his eyes. These wishes the dragon king held … he would try his best to fulfill them one after the other. After all this time of basking in his gentle attention, that was what he should do.

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