OMF V10C168 A Little Sooner Than Planned

With Xiang Yu’s reminder, Leng Jin Yu managed to stabilize his mood. He gave a nod to show that he was alright and then gently gathered Jinde into his arms. It wouldn’t change anything but he just needed a bit of reassurance right now that his husband was still with him.

Xiang Yu watched him and finally left silently. It seemed like what Tian had done would still need some time to take effect. He didn’t want to disturb them and anyway, somebody needed to pay attention to the child. After all, it would be too unlucky if they finally solved everything but there was suddenly another mishap along the way. He definitely wouldn’t let that happen!

Sitting down in front of the shell again, his thoughts trailed off soon. He couldn’t help but think about what Leng Jin Yu had said: Could it be that Xin Lan was indeed the one who had gone to ask Tian for help?

In his eyes, this was a sensible thing to do. In fact, he felt a bit vexed that he hadn’t thought of this himself. Clearly, he knew himself that Tian was able to do a lot and he also knew that Tian was always willing to help him. After all, hadn’t he patiently advised him before about the matter with Xin Lan and also helped him go on his trial? Since this was the case, he should have known that Tian would also help Jinde. He only would have needed to go and ask for it.

He pursed his lips when he realized this and suddenly felt a bit more thankful to Xin Lan. Even though that stupid dragon had been mean to him, he had at least thought about Jinde’s matter seriously and done something about it. Looking at that, he could probably forgive him for the rest. Well, if he got an apology, that was. Xin Lan owed him at least that much!

Xiang Yu still pouted but he already felt a bit better. The thing he liked most about Xin Lan was how he treated the people he cared about very well. To a degree, this even extended to the people that the ones he cared about cared about themselves. This was a good attitude to have. Now, if only he was as king to him again as he had been to his mortal incarnation …

Xiang Yu hung his head. Actually, this would have been a good opportunity for the two of them to talk. But even though Tian had already come and helped, Xin Lan still couldn’t be seen. Didn’t he want to come back and check whether Tian had managed to do what he promised? Or was it that Xin Lan was just as sure as he was that there shouldn’t be a problem if Tian was the one getting it done? Or … did he not want to come back because he was here?

He wrapped his arms around his knees and then placed his chin on top, feeling lost. Qiu Ling had gotten his Jing He back and would marry him as soon as his father-in-law was sorted out. Leng Jin Yu and Jinde would even have a child as soon as the latter was better. Why was it that everyone else managed to find happiness except for him?

He sniffed and pulled out the vial that Tian had given him. The last time, he had made Xin Lan swear an oath that he would accompany him for the duration of his trial. Only that was why Xin Lan had even been there in the first place. The role of his lover … at first, he might not have taken it seriously but Xiang Yu still felt that it had worked out well in the end. If he went on another trial … would it still be the same?

He stared blankly at the liquid in the vial but couldn’t quite figure out if it was smart to go. He knew he couldn’t right now. Even if he didn’t want to wait until after the child’s birth, he should at least wait until Jinde woke up and the child’s situation was stabilized. He didn’t know how long that would take but he definitely had that much patience. After that …

Xiang Yu raised his head and looked up at the sky. It didn’t seem any different, no matter whether you were in the mortal or immortal realms. The people … he had met some of them in both lives as well and gotten along nicely. It was easier as a human though because people wouldn’t be afraid of him. Not to mention that everything seemed easier when he didn’t remember the past.

Above his head, the clouds drifted by. They were thick and fluffy, like dots of brightness on the blue sky. They had also looked like that on the day he met Yan Xia. They had still looked the same after his trial ended and he followed him to the demon realm. It was odd to think how the world didn’t change no matter what happened.

Xiang Yu’s brows furrowed and he clutched the vial tighter. Yes, as soon as Jinde woke up, he should leave for another trial. It didn’t matter if there was Xin Lan at his side or not. It didn’t matter where he went either. As long as he could forget about all those things for a while, it would be great.

In fact, maybe it would be best if he could completely forget about it. Being a fallen god … it wasn’t that nice. Maybe after this trial, he could ask Tian to send him off to reincarnation in general. Not just for a trial but … for real this time. Anyway, if Xin Lan didn’t want him any longer and everyone would be afraid when they saw him anyway, it didn’t seem like such a good idea to drag it out.

It would just be a pity to leave behind Qiu Ling, Jinde, and Leng Jin Yu. But then, maybe they could come and find him wherever he was reborn. Anyway, if Tian helped, it shouldn’t be impossible.

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