OCN C53 Staring

Xiao Ming looked back, not quite sure what to think. If he ignored the fact that his face was completely expressionless, then the man opposite him was really handsome. He had a pair of unusually expressive eyes, his hair was meticulously styled, and the clothes he wore were fitting to the point where it was clear that these were custom-made. For a moment, he couldn’t help but think that this was precisely the type of person that Shi Ru Qiu would describe as a male lead in his novels.

As soon as that thought occurred to him, Xiao Ming tried to move his line of sight away. As a result, what he saw was another attractive man just a step away from the first one that was looking at him excitedly.

Xiao Ming’s expression turned a little strange. Not because of two handsome men appearing at the same place but because this one wasn’t a stranger. He had seen him just two days ago when he went to the store with Li Shui. This was the guy who had sent him the video. And that person had been talking about Nin Sha so …

Xiao Ming’s looked back. He had a faint guess in his heart just who this person in the middle might be. He really didn’t know what to think. Unwittingly, all those love confessions and praises that Nin Sha had left in the comment section entered his mind, making him feel flustered.

To be honest, he had wondered every now and then just what type of guy Nin Sha really was. Somebody who would so passionately express himself online to a person that he didn’t really know … He had wondered if maybe there was nothing else going on in his life that he would react to a small food anchor like him this way.

When he found out that Nin Sha was actually somebody who had ties to the rich and famous, he had been quite stunned even though he probably should’ve figured it out by the way he usually threw plenty of gifts on the live streams as if money meant nothing to him. But previously, he had always thought that this guy was probably just throwing his hard-earned money out the window to support them.

It had warmed his heart while also making him feel a bit despicable for accepting all this. So he had always reminded him that while he was happy that he was supporting them, he also shouldn’t overdo it. As it turned out, to Nin Sha, this bit of money wasn’t much. Xiao Ming felt even more so that this was the case after seeing this display.

Well, the more he thought about it, the more complicated his feelings got. He didn’t know what to say or do and could only look at him silently. As such, he finally realized that from beginning till end, Nin Sha’s expression had never changed. After entering, he was just standing there, silently staring at him. He hadn’t moved his gaze away for a single moment and hadn’t moved a muscle. His whole face seemed completely expressionless save for that pair of eyes.

This was really … It absolutely wasn’t in line with how he would’ve imagined Nin Sha. He had thought that if they did indeed meet, this guy would be completely excited, rushing over to gush to him in the same way that he always did in the comment section. But as it turned out, he had been wrong. Nin Sha was completely different from his imagination.

On the other side, Si Er leaned over behind Si Jin and looked at Si Yi. “Hey, Brother Yi, is this a good sign?”

Si Yi furrowed his brows and glared at this idiot who was making a ruckus at this point in time. Hadn’t he seen that their master was currently busy flirting with Young Master Xiao? He’d better shut up now!

Si Er just grinned and then leaned back, secretly taking out his phone and typing a bit.

A moment later, Xiao Ming’s phone vibrated. He was sure that he had turned it on silent before, so he was a little startled. He looked away from Nin Sha and took out his phone, trying to see what was going on.

As a result, he was once again faced with a mysterious file that had suddenly appeared on his phone. It was even very conspicuously titled ‘gift two’. Xiao Ming looked back up at the man next to Nin Sha with a complicated expression. He felt that if he looked at this, he would get another surprise like the last time. What would it be this time? He was afraid but curiosity won over his rational mind and he still clicked on it. In any case, Si Er probably would have opened it for him if he didn’t do it himself.

For a moment, Xiao Ming didn’t know what exactly he was seeing. There was something that looked like a screenshot of a computer screen that was showing a list of files. He slightly furrowed his brows and watched on, looking closer at the names of the files.

Then, he realized that these were all videos of their live streams. Just when he figured that out, the still picture started to scroll, exposing rows upon rows of files, all titled in the very same way: There was the date the live stream had been held, as well as the title that they had given it.

Just when Xiao Ming thought that they had reached the end of the video when the video of the live stream from yesterday appeared, the video switched to another binder. This time, instead of video files, there were images in sight. In the same way as the videos, they also had the date and title, as well as a row of numbers attached to it as their name. Xiao Ming was just wondering what kind of pictures this might be when the design of the binder changed and a preview window popped up on the right side. Then, the first image was selected and a picture of him popped up.

Xiao Ming silently watched as the person scrolled down, looking through all of the pictures that showed him in various live streams cooking, talking to the audience, or just smiling at the other two while they were eating.

He had to say that whoever had saved these pictures had really managed to choose the best possible moment for each of them. Without exception, he looked excellent in every single one of them. It was as if this person was really only seeing the best sides of him and was able to capture them in a heartbeat.

It was … a bit touching but, to be honest, it was equal parts creepy. He really felt the need to stop this video and go to cry to Qian Huang and Li Shui.

Before he could do anything drastic, the end of the folder was reached, and instead, a rather surprising second folder was opened. There were a couple more photos in there that weren’t actually from the live streams. Xiao Ming needed a moment but then figured out that these were pictures from a few bloggers that had asked to interview them before to write posts for their sites. Li Shui had taken pictures for that or — if it was somebody who lived close by — they had gone over so the bloggers could do it themselves.

As it turned out, there seemed to be a picture of every such occasion in this folder. And then, there was even a third folder popping up after this, which held a single photo. It was a candid shot that was quite familiar. This seemed to be the one that Qian Huang had taken the other day and sent to Nin Sha.

Xiao Ming’s face was already burning when the video finally ended. Nin Sha’s feelings for him … they were a little too deep, weren’t they? This guy was very clearly completely obsessed with him. He really didn’t know how to feel about that.

At the same time, Si Jin was still staring at Xiao Ming, hoping that he would look back up. But unfortunately, Xiao Ming was suddenly very focused on his phone. He really couldn’t understand. Just what had happened?

Si Yi also saw what was happening and turned to Si Er, glaring even more. What had this guy done this time? He really wanted to grab him by the ear and pull him over to interrogate him. Unfortunately, right now wasn’t the right time for that. Thus, he could only nonverbally express his dissatisfaction with Si Er’s behavior and then lean closer to his master. “Master, Young Master Xiao looks a little embarrassed. I think that right now might not be the best moment to go over and introduce yourself. How about finding our spots first and then using an opportunity later on? In any case, he has already seen you and seems to have taken an interest.”

Si Jin continued to stare at Xiao Ming for a moment but he felt that what Si Yi said was indeed true. Xiao Ming had requited his gaze for quite a bit of time. If it was other people, they would usually look away earlier. This should be a sign of Xiao Ming’s good feelings toward him, right? Convincing himself of this, Si Jin nodded.

Si Yi inclined his head and lightly bowed his head. “Then I will inquire about the distribution of the cooking spots.” With that, he turned around and walked over to the nearest staff member, looking quite imposing with the way he was walking upright with his chin held high.

In the group of ninjas, Si Qi watched him leave, a hint of light in his eyes. He continued to watch out of the corner of his eyes while Si Yi conversed with the staff member but retracted his gaze before he turned around and faced the front as if nothing had happened.

Si Yi returned and then motioned forward. “Please, follow me.” He led Si Jin over to one of the cooking blocks that was quite close to the area where Xiao Ming and Mister Yu were already sitting with the host.

Si Jin quietly stopped at the place that Si Yi indicated and then raised his head again, continuing to stare at Xiao Ming, putting all his feelings into his gaze while the rest of his face stayed completely expressionless.

Meanwhile, Si Yi had also given the other ninjas a sign to not stay too close to them or it would become apparent that they were actually one group. Thus, most of them when to inquire about the arrangements from the crew themselves, and only Si Er and Si Qi that were already associated with their master in the eye of the public already went to ask Si Yi for information directly.

Si Er who was only two places away from his own master glanced over and realized that he was still staring. He watched for a moment and then turned to look at Xiao Ming who looked still a bit flustered. He really wondered what Xiao Ming was thinking right now. Maybe he was wondering if he had somehow attracted either a stalker or some psychotic murderer? With his master’s expression, that would probably be the kind of thought that any normal person would have.

Feeling generous, Si Er took out his phone and then gave a brilliant piece of advice that he had managed to come up with after glancing at about a dozen romantic movies.

Si Er: [Smile at him.]

Having said his peace, he slipped the phone away and started to examine the things in front of him. In any case, whether his master succeeded or not, he also couldn’t influence that further than this.

Meanwhile, Si Jin took out his phone, feeling that if one of the others sent him a message right now, it needed to be one that contained supremely important information. When he saw Si Er’s string of words instead, he just put the phone away and continued to stare at Xiao Ming again.

When he didn’t get the desired response after several more minutes, he finally faintly raised the corners of his mouth. Unfortunately, this so-called smile looked so stiff that it really was hard to say whether he was truly smiling or just in immense pain.

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