OCN C46 Theoretical Knowledge Put to Practice

Xiao Ming really wasn’t sure how to go about things but considering what he had seen on the cooking shows that he had watched in the last few weeks, he just imitated what he remembered the hosts had done. Even though he had paid more attention to what the judges did, he at least had a rudimentary understanding of what the host would do when going over to look at what a contestant was doing.

First, he intently stared at what they were doing, trying to get an understanding. Then, he turned to Qian Huang to make sure he had gotten it right. “What are you doing?” Right now, what they needed was some kind of entertainment for the viewers. Since just watching somebody badly cut vegetables probably wouldn’t cut it, he felt that asking a few questions would probably be for the best.

Unfortunately, he had completely underestimated the effect this kind of question would have on Qian Huang. The knife that was just about to cut suddenly stilled in the air and Qian Huang turned to him. “What? Am I doing something wrong?”

Xiao Ming was startled. Had he said that Qian Huang was doing something wrong? Hadn’t he just asked what he was doing?

On the other side, Si Shi Wu masked his laugh with another cough and then turned to the host, helping Xiao Ming out with getting their viewers some more entertainment. Not that that little skit between Young Master Xiao and Qian Huang hadn’t been hilarious.

“Being a contestant for the first time instead of the host that is asking the questions, how does that make you feel?” He might be a professional cook but there were many people in the Si clan with different talents and skills. Even though nobody could be counted a professional in all of these things, it was inevitable that they would pick up bits and pieces of knowledge on the skills the others were proficient in. That was even true for the things that their spouses were doing.

So since they had Si Shi Qi who was married to an award-winning actress, the current generation of ninjas would naturally also pay attention to the news of the entertainment industry. And they were very much aware of how things over there worked. Si Yi had even made it a point to brief him on what he had to expect before he came here. Thus, Si Shi Wu was quite confident in handling this issue.

The host was a little startled at suddenly being asked such a question. Thanks to his years of experience, he managed to get a grip on himself after just a second though. He smiled, then stopped cutting to make sure that he wouldn’t make a blunder while he was distracted. “It sure is a different feeling. To be honest, I’m quite happy that you suggested this. Now, I have a much better idea of just how the contestants in the show must feel. Even though I was always excited for them, I never knew that it could also put stress on you because he wanted to do your job as well as possible. Every mistake you make will be caught on camera. It is actually quite daunting. As an outsider, that is hard to imagine.”

Si Shi Wu nodded and then went on to ask the next question. “Mister Qiang had the luck of working together with Mister Xiao since the day ‘Bright Yellow Water’ was established and from what I know, they have known each other even longer so he has probably watched him cook numerous more times than even the most zealous fans of the trio. Even though he usually doesn’t cook, he should at least have a rudimentary understanding of how it is done. What about you?” He deliberately left the question open like that, making it sound as if he was actually asking whether or not he had even that ‘rudimentary understanding’ of cooking food instead of asking about his background in general.

Ren Ya Hui also noticed that this might be seen as the implication but he also couldn’t fault Ai Gui Jin. If it had been Xiao Ming, he might’ve still thought that it had been done deliberately since while he wasn’t a professional host, he was at least a food anchor online and should have a certain understanding of these things. But Ai Gui Jin was just a chef. Usually, he would only cook and at most meet with a few special guests at the restaurant. How would he be able to understand these intricacies?

Thus, Ren Ya Hui could only pretend he hadn’t noticed and make sure that his explanation made clear that there was no reason to doubt his skills. “Well, I certainly didn’t have the same opportunities as Mister Qiang but I do happen to cook at home every now and then together with my wife. So while Mister Qiang has a lot of theoretical knowledge, I’m sure that I will be able to put it into practice as well.”

Si Shi Wu nodded as if he didn’t hear the dig at Qian Huang being only able to talk but not actually do it himself and then glanced at the vegetables that Ren Ya Hui was cutting. His brows raised slightly as if he really couldn’t hold back the surprise.

The cameraman on the other side thought that Ren Ya Hui had to be pretty amazing and immediately zoomed in, only to realize that Ai Gui Jin had looked at the cut vegetables a little strangely because they were cut quite ugly. In fact, they really weren’t any better than Qian Huang’s who had never cooked.

The cameraman bit his lip but he really couldn’t do anything about it now that it had already happened, so he just showed it for a moment, then switched over to Qian Huang’s cutting board that didn’t look any better, and finally zoomed out again, showing the two of them working side-by-side harmoniously. Ah, well, in any case, this was for the viewers’ entertainment. So as long as they were happy and would watch the show, the producer would also be happy. Who cared about the host?

Next to him, Li Shui was eagerly watching every one of his moves, trying to learn as much as he could while he had the chance. He was actually extremely excited at this opportunity. While what he had told Xiao Ming three weeks ago was true and he really had just decided on being a cameraman because it was the only thing he had been able to think of at that time, it wasn’t like he had no interest in it.

Actually, he really liked the job he currently had at Bright Yellow Water. If he would be able to learn a bit more to make the stream more interesting just by using his camera, then that would definitely be great. Maybe he should ask if he could follow these guys around for the actual show as well. Since Xiao Ming was there and Qian Huang would accompany him as his assistant, there shouldn’t be any problem. Deciding on this, he watched even more closely, making sure that he figured out if there were any questions that he should ask later on.

Back on the other side, Qian Huang and the host finally managed to finish cutting the vegetables. Qian Huang looked at them, and then glanced at Xiao Ming as if trying to gauge from his expression what he was thinking. Xiao Ming just looked at him though, not giving anything away.

Qian Huang pursed her lips, turned back to what they had done so far, and then cleared his throat. “Well, we finally finished with the filling. So I guess it’s time to make the dough now.” Even though he said that, he didn’t actually move and just stared at the bowls in front of him. Ah, there was a certain problem here.

The others waited and then couldn’t help but give Qian Huang a questioning look.

“What’s the matter, Ah Rong? Are you missing anything?”

Qian Huang pursed his lips together, furrowed his brows, and finally looked up at the camera. In any case, people already knew that he couldn’t cook and they were also here to provide some entertainment. So it shouldn’t be a problem to lose a bit of face. “I’m afraid I forgot how to make the dough.”

Xiao Ming looked at him, seeming a little shocked. “You … Weren’t you positive that you remembered this recipe well before?”

Qian Huang nodded and then picked up one of the bowls as if he needed to hold onto something. “Well … I definitely know that there should be flour in there and some water but I’m really not sure if there was anything else and how exactly you mixed everything up. I guess I can only give it a try.”

Xiao Ming nodded, feeling a bit distraught. Usually, he already would’ve jumped in to help him but he knew that he couldn’t do that right now. Thus, he could only take a step back and hope that Qian Huang would be able to figure this out by himself.

Qian Huang finally went and found another set of bowls, pouring water into one of them and flour into the other. Then, he brought them back, putting them down on the counter. He looked at them and then picked up the flour, before shaking his head at himself and putting it down again. “That doesn’t make any sense. We should pour the water into the flour and maybe not take so much. I’m really not sure how much Xiao Ming usually uses but it’s not supposed to become slightly floury water but some kind of dough.”

He picked up the other bowl and then poured a little bit into the flour, giving it a look. “That … still looks somewhat dry.” In fact, the whole water seemed to have integrated into the flour, not leaving anything at all. He had probably been way off the mark. Thus, he picked up the water again and poured a little more this time. As a result, when he finally picked up a spoon and stirred the mixture, he had way too much water in there.

He pressed his lips together while Xiao Ming looked on with wide eyes from the side, and then went to get more flour. Pouring it into the bowl, Qian Huang glanced up at the camera. “In any case, this is flour and water in here. I can’t really get it wrong, right? I think I’ll just add some more flour and then continue like that until it looks like what Xiao Ming usually makes.” With that, Qian Huang’s fight of getting the ratio of water and flour right began.

The other three people all looked on, painfully aware of the fact that time was slowly trickling by.

Si Shi Wu raised his brows and looked at the prepared filling. Clearly, he had a few things to say about it but he held back since they still needed to judge both the final dish and the process later on. If he already said anything now, it wouldn’t do.

Qian Huang toiled around for almost a quarter of an hour before he finally had what seemed like some kind of dough.

The host who had already gotten impatient by just standing around, couldn’t help but pipe up. “Anyway, that already looks good. Why don’t you just use the dough like this?”

Xiao Ming and Si Shi Wu didn’t look like they were too satisfied with the result but they didn’t say anything so Qian Huang just nodded.

“Alright. Then … let’s wrap them up?”

The two of them first picked a bit of the dough and then started to form it into thin sheets, wrapping the filling inside. Soon enough, they had prepared a few, and Si Shi Wu cleared his throat.

“How about processing the ones you already have first and leaving the rest for later? Otherwise, I’m afraid we’ll still be standing here several hours from now.”

Xiao Ming nodded, immediately agreeing that it would be for the best.

Qian Huang really dreaded this next part, but finally had to go along with it. “Well … if you insist.” He had hoped that inspiration would strike him while he was forming them but now, he already had to do the next part. “Well, we usually steam those. So I guess we need the steamer.”

He looked around and finally found it standing on the other side of the kitchen block as well. Picking it up, he was finally standing in front of the other problem he had been wondering about: Just how much water did he need? And did he need to salt it? There were so many questions and nobody to ask, it really was vexing.

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