OCN C39 Do You Like Him Or Not?

Qian Huang thought about the matter for a while and finally decided to just make a post himself to address everything. That way, people would be less likely to randomly talk about it in the comment section of the videos since they would have another outlet. Then, the live streams would be going better again. Thus, he immediately took to Weibo, making a new post.

Bright Yellow Water: [Everybody has probably seen the posts by Misses Youya and Shi Ru Qiu. Originally, we didn’t want to address this matter because we thought that nobody would believe us but since things have already blown up this much, we’ve come to realize that we can’t stay quiet on it any longer.

Mister Ru is right about the way our channel was founded. As you can imagine, this topic is still difficult for Xiao Ming to handle so we ask everyone to please refrain from asking any further questions. If you really can’t let it rest, you can just look for the related articles from back then. We will not give any further statements. — Qian Huang]

He read over the message again and then decisively hit the send button. His refusal to say more might sound rude but he really didn’t want to talk about it. When Xiao Ming went online, he would also see all the posts and comments. He shouldn’t have to clarify what had happened in his own life. Not when it was about something like this. And if the viewers and bystanders were really too curious, they could just check it themselves. No need to bother anyone else.

He already wanted to close his notebook when a notification popped up that they had gotten a message. He raised his brows, fearing that it might be some news outlet but when he clicked on it, he saw a very familiar handle.

Nin Sha: [I’m sorry.]

Qian Huang raised his brows even higher. What exactly was this guy apologizing for? Would it hurt him to add another word? He tsked and then wrote a response. If it was anyone else, he probably wouldn’t bother but considering that Nin Sha had also been implicated in this whole mess, he felt that he definitely deserved one. Also, over the years, Nin Sha had been one of the people that supported them the most. It just didn’t feel right to ignore him.

Bright Yellow Water: [It’s Qian Huang. What exactly do you mean?]

He waited but he didn’t get an answer. His brows twitched and he sighed heavily, sending yet another message.

Bright Yellow Water: [Xiao Ming currently isn’t checking the account. So he doesn’t have to see everything that’s going on.]

In the house of the ninjas, Si Jin lifted his phone again, looking at the message with the faint hope that this time, it would be from Xiao Ming himself. When he saw that it still wasn’t, he was disappointed but at the very least, the content of this message was about Xiao Ming. Hesitating for a moment, he finally responded after all.

Nin Sha: [I didn’t want things to develop like this.]

If not for the fact that Si Shi Qi’s sister had caught onto everything, then Xiao Ming wouldn’t have been hurt in the first place and Si Qi never would have needed to write that post which had just made Xiao Ming sad.

Qian Huang stared at this message and tried to wrap his head around what exactly Nin Sha meant. After a moment, it finally clicked. This guy … he should be feeling guilty?

He was stunned and couldn’t help but stare at the screen for a moment, not sure how to react. Finally, he glanced at Xiao Ming who was currently preparing breakfast for them. He hesitated for a moment and then raised his phone, snapping a photo.

Xiao Ming looked up, a little puzzled at what was going on. “Is something up?”

Qian Huang put on an innocent expression and shook his head. “No, just that my arms grew a little numb so I stretched. Do you still need long for breakfast? I want to answer some comments.”

Xiao Ming shook his head. “Just a few minutes. If you need more time, I can keep it warm though.”

Qian Huang waved. “Well, in the worst case, I’ll just answer them at the side.” He smiled and then turned back, sending the photo over to Nin Sha.

This time, he had the ninja’s full attention. In fact, Si Jin was pretty much glued to the screen as soon as the photo appeared, making sure to save it in his folder and giving it a special title so he would always be able to find it. This wasn’t a screenshot of one of the live streams that everyone could look at. No, this was a candid shot of Xiao Ming in his own private life. Clearly, this was a special rarity that could not just be thrown in with everything else.

After saving it, he opened it again and started to study it. The longer he looked, the more he felt stressed. Was he imagining things? Xiao Ming’s eyes seemed a little red and he was a bit pale. His hair was also slightly messed up, making him seem vulnerable. Apparently, he had been hit very hard by everything.

Qian Huang had no idea what exactly Nin Sha was thinking and just continued to add a message to the photo.

Bright Yellow Water: [Xiao Ming is a little down but has already cheered up a little since seeing the post by Shi Ru Qiu. In any case, I think it’s better if he doesn’t go on too much in the next few days so it’s just me answering messages right now.]

He waited for a few minutes but once again, there wasn’t any response since Si Jin was still busy scrutinizing the photo. Qian Huang’s lips twitched. This guy … was he doing this deliberately? He already wanted to send him an angry message when Xiao Ming called out to him.

“Ah Huang, it’s time to eat. Do you want some right now or do you want to wait a bit?”

Looking over, Qian Huang closed his laptop and just took his phone with him, scrambling over to the counter and sitting down next to Li Shui. “I’ll never say no to your food!”

Xiao Ming nodded and put everything down in front of the two of them before sitting as well. “Well, make sure you don’t choke while eating. The comments probably aren’t going to run away.”

Qian Huang looked a bit dismayed when he thought about it. “Yeah, they’re probably not.” In fact, after he ate, he would probably still not have gotten a response from Nin Sha. This guy was really difficult to handle. He really wondered if things would be different if it was Xiao Ming.

Come to think of it … He glanced at the screen, hesitating for a moment. Finally, he put the spoon back down and picked up his phone again, sending another message.

Bright Yellow Water: [So do you like Xiao Ming or not?]

He stared at the message for a moment, not sure if he should send it or not. In the end, curiosity won over his reason and he sent it after all. In any case, if Nin Sha didn’t want to answer, he could just ignore this message as well. Although then, he should probably delete this message from the invoice, or else, Xiao Ming would be embarrassed if he accidentally saw it.

Hearing another notification, Si Jin looked over and his heart couldn’t help but thump. Clearly, this still wasn’t Xiao Ming speaking but considering how Qian Huang was a good friend of his, it was likely that he would be told whatever the answer would be. Staring at the screen with a blank expression just as usual, he finally deigned to answer.

Nin Sha: [Like.]

Qian Huang’s brows furrowed tightly when he saw that message. The content wasn’t surprising at all. In any case, he had joked about this quite often in the past because it just seemed like the most likely explanation for Nin Sha’s behavior. But … couldn’t this guy say a little more? What was it with this kind of one-word answer when being asked such a serious question? Couldn’t he elaborate a little? Just when had he fallen in love, ah? Please tell him clearly! In any case, he still needed to decide if he was willing to hand his best friend over to him or not.

Somewhat angry, Qian Huang ruthlessly closed the window and put the phone down next to him with a huff.

Li Shui raised his brows, actually raising his head from his bowl for once, and turned to Qian Huang. “What’s the matter? Are the comments not good?”

Qian Huang jolted, suddenly realizing that he actually hadn’t paid any attention to the comments anymore after he got the message from Nin Sha. He held his forehead and groaned, dissatisfied with himself. Really … he should pay better attention. Right now, whether Nin Sha liked Xiao Ming or not wasn’t important. In fact, if he did, it might even be detrimental to them since it’d brought up the previous rumors again that Misses Youya had spread. So why had he still insisted on asking that kind of stupid question?

Glancing at Xiao Ming, he picked up his phone again and then looked through the other comments that had come in since he posted the statement. In any case, this matter with Nin Sha could wait until the casting for ‘Golden Spoon’ started. Before that, there was no use in even thinking about it. Instead, he should just quietly do his work and hope for the best.

Li Shui who was completely ignored and didn’t even receive an answer continued to look at Qian Huang for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders and turned back to his bowl to eat. In any case, he wasn’t that curious. He was much more curious about today’s breakfast.

With this, the three of them settled back into their usual routine despite the shock that they had received in the morning.

At the same time, Si Jin was sitting with his phone in his hand, staring at the screen intently. This Qian Huang … why was he suddenly not answering anymore? Could it be that he had gone to tell Xiao Ming that he liked him? Then … what was Xiao Ming’s reaction? This was a question worth pondering. Unfortunately, there was no way for him to find out. Or at the very least, that was what he thought.

At this very same moment, Si Er was sitting in his room, his head lowered and tears gathered in his eyes while he pounded on the table. He was heaving, unable to even take a breath, and fell off his chair. He didn’t seem to notice though and just slapped the ground until, finally, a peal of laughter rang out.

Ah, this was too great! Unfortunately, the others were all wet blankets without a sense of humor so he couldn’t share his precious finding. This really was such a loss for them!

Shaking his head and barely pressing down another laugh, Si Er got up from the ground and sat down in his chair again. He hastily compiled the evidence he had just gathered and then watched the video again. Just halfway through, he broke out in laughter again, barely able to hold on.

Ah, he really couldn’t keep this to himself. But what should he do with it? He definitely couldn’t show it to any of the others. While not all of them were as crazy about serving their master as Si Yi was, most were still too serious or would just overanalyze the small matter.

The only one that might appreciate it a bit would be Si Qi but who knew if he wouldn’t go to tattle on him to get into Si Yi’s good graces? Don’t kid him! As the all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing ninja of the Si clan thanks to the magic of modern technology, he knew exactly what was going on in Si Qi’s mind.

No, that was a risk he wouldn’t take. Even though he could hide the evidence if things became known, as long as Si Yi got suspicious of him, that would definitely be detrimental to him. It had been hard enough to escape after the post he had written about Si Shi Qi’s sister. To add Si Yi to the list of people that were out to get him … No, he wouldn’t risk that. It was probably better to just keep the evidence for the time being. Later on, he might still be able to do something with it. For now, he would have to shelve these thoughts. Really a pity though, ah …

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