OCN C33 All-Around Bad

[I’m not going to just bash her looks. I’ll show you that she’s an all-around, three hundred sixty degrees bad woman! And that no matter which part of her life you look at. Now, let’s start with her work ethic!

As I said before, this Misses Youya is actually a reporter on the radio. Now, I don’t know about you but I looked up what that entailed to make sure I won’t make any unsubstantiated claims. So, turns out, she’s not just yapping away in front of a microphone. No, she has to do some research stuff and write some of the things that are going to be reported on.

Well, at the very least, she should be doing that. But look at exhibit A! This vile woman is actually letting everybody else do the hard work while she gets the laurels afterward!]

Below this statement was a whole gallery of screenshots from conversations that Fan Mei had had with coworkers on WeChat. Each and every single one of them was her asking them to do something for her.

Si Shi Qi furrowed his brows. Looking at it closely, you could see that these conversations were spread out over the course of several years so this was actually something that happened just once in a blue moon. But with so many of them put together, the impression they gave was a completely different one, namely that she was always relying on others instead of doing work herself.

This wasn’t good. While not too many people might care about it if she was bashing a cooking channel and only those who wanted to watch the world burn would come over to look at the one in question, things were a bit different when it concerned his sister. After all, over the years, she had exposed quite a few people.

Some of them had even lost their careers over something like this. And even those who had been enough of a big name at the time to not be affected as much certainly hadn’t been happy about it either. He could very well imagine that there would be at least a couple of people who would be willing to blow this up further to make sure that she would get her just deserts.

Thus, it was pretty likely that her employer would also soon hear about this kind of thing. And while there might not be too many cases of this and her colleagues might even be willing to testify that it hadn’t been a constant issue, she had already become a liability. After all, her name was associated with exposing scandals. That wasn’t necessarily the type of thing that a radio channel would want to be tied to. So she might very well lose her job over this.

He sighed, shook his head, and then continued to read. In any case, there was still a chance to remedy the situation if they went about it in a smart way.

[This isn’t all. Her private life is just as messy as her career. Look at this poor chap that she shamelessly took to the cleaners before dumping him!]

Once again, the lacking writing style was supplemented by what seemed like evidence at first glance. There were screenshots of conversations, as well as a few audio files, all of them detailing what the man in question had done for Fan Mei. Finally, the last exhibit was the one where she was breaking up with him.

Si Shi Qi’s brows furrowed together. This was actually a video file. Getting the screenshots and recordings was definitely easy but he really wondered why there would be a whole video of his sister breaking up with her boyfriend. She certainly hadn’t filmed herself doing this so that left the question of just why Si Er had this.

Even if he tried to hack into some kind of security camera, this shouldn’t have been possible. If he remembered correctly, Fan Mei had already broken up with this guy three years ago. There shouldn’t be any evidence left in any public space of something that had happened that long ago. Could it be that Si Er had already been gathering things against her at that time? This was really too much! This was a family member of his.

Si Shi Qi turned around to scold him but couldn’t see him among the others. Before he could speak up, Si Jiu patted his shoulder.

“Don’t be so slow! Scroll down already. I want to know what else he’s written.”

Si Shi Qi shot him a dark look but still scrolled down so the others could see the rest of the article.

[Not convinced yet? Then let me show you how this vicious wench is treating her own blood relatives! Clearly, the men in her family aren’t treated any differently from a random suitor.]

The following was yet another series of screenshots from yet another conversation that she had had. This time, it was one with her father.

Si Shi Qi facepalmed, feeling that now, Si Er had really gone too far. What was this, please? This was just a daughter acting cute in front of her father! Could you really say that she had a bad character because of that?!

Although, he did have to say that maybe his father was a little too indulgent with Fan Mei. Because he had always felt a bit sorry for not being able to tell her about the Si clan and not being able to let her follow in his footsteps despite the fact that she was clearly looking up to him, he had always spoiled her silly. Actually, it was no wonder that she had become this demanding and unyielding.

To be honest, Si Shi Qi had always felt that his father was going a little too far with this. Women weren’t allowed to become members of the Si clan. It had always been like this. Or, well, at least it had been since that one fateful incident where they had taken one in and things hadn’t turned out so well. But that had been long before their time. And who were they to violate the rules that their forefathers had set to protect them from the consequences that allowing a woman to be a part of the clan might have? So there really was no reason to feel bad about it.

Well, he never would’ve thought that his father’s indulgence for his sister would be able to be construed in this way. He shook his head at Si Er’s vivid imagination and then went on to read.

[If you think this is all, then you’re wrong! A woman that can scam her own, old father like this, is definitely even worse toward other relatives. Behold how much she is making a fool out of her brother!]

Si Shi Qi’s lips twitched when he saw that sentence. He wouldn’t have thought that Si Er could sink any lower but as it turned out, he had been wrong. Very much so! He could almost imagine just what would follow next.

Indeed. The next thing he saw was a wild assortment of screenshots, audio recordings, and even some video files, detailing a few cases of his sister taking advantage of him and him sucking it up because he was afraid of his father’s scolding. Si Shi Qi didn’t even look at it too much and just scrolled further down, looking at the rest of the article.

[You see how she’s playing him like a fiddle?! From an outside perspective, it’s really hard to understand how anyone could fall for something like this. Either she’s a real manipulator or this guy is an absolute dumbass. To be honest, I think it might be a mixture of both.

But you know what? This guy is actually married to my goddess Tao Jin! Yes, you read that right! This is the famous husband that has always been kept out of the media. Now you’ve seen him!

Honestly, I can’t see what she likes about him. Granted, he might be better looking than his sister but that’s honestly not a big achievement if you look at her mug. And clearly, he isn’t very bright if you look at how his sister is able to wrap him around her little finger and have him do things for her all the time with just a few words.

I really don’t think he’s any good. I’m pretty sure that my goddess Tao Jin could be doing much, much, much better. Especially if you consider that now, this sister of his has even dared to spread such vile lies about her own sister-in-law. You really think that’s something that should be easily forgiven?

Anyway, I rest my case now.]

There was a line left empty after that before a small edit followed.

[Well, I’ve been keeping an eye on this, and at the very least, I have to give it to Tao Jin’s pig husband that he wasn’t as easily deceived this time. Have a look at this audio recording that I just managed to get my hands on!]

Attached was a recording of the phone call he had just made. Si Shi Qi rubbed his forehead when he saw this. This guy! He was really going too far! He didn’t bother to listen any further and just got up, storming out of the room. “Si Er, you get back here!”

Before he could yell for him again, another voice already answered him from around the corner, slowly getting closer.

“Making a ruckus again, Si Shi Qi. It seems like you have no regard for Master’s training at all. In that case, it seems like I’ll have to teach you.”

Si Shi Qi froze and then mechanically turned around, finally seeing Si Yi just a few steps away from him. He shrunk back, hoping that maybe this was just some kind of apparition born out of fear. Before he could try and make sure, the ‘apparition’ had arrived in front of him and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, dragging him off. Clearly, these hands were very real. He could only wail silently, hoping that his punishment would soon be over.

Meanwhile, Si Er was hidden away in the basement, smiling madly while he was listening to somebody on his phone.

“Kid, I knew you had it in you! This was exactly what I was foreseeing back when those old guys were all laughing at me for my successor being a hacker. I always knew that with the times changing, your profession would be incredibly important to the Si family one day. It seems that I haven’t promised too much. I really want to see that Si Shi Qi’s ugly face right now.” The man laughed boisterously, while Si Er’s smile widened.

“I told you not to worry, uncle. Of course, I’m doing well. You can be sure that I’ll be doing even greater things for Master in the future.”

“Yes, yes, don’t hold back! Anyone can be sacrificed for the glory of the Si clan!”

Si Er’s brows twitched. His uncle was being way too dramatic again. But, well, he wouldn’t tell him. Since the old man was happy, he should just let him bathe in the good mood. “Anyway, I think I’ve done quite a lot to solve this crisis. Now, we won’t have to worry for a while. I’ll keep you updated if something else happens.”

“You do that, kid. Make sure not to bring dishonor to our name!”

“Sure! Don’t worry about it.”

The two of them said their goodbyes and then ended the call. Si Er crawled out of the corner he had been hiding in and opened the door a crack. Peering outside, he looked in both directions before he came out. By now, Si Shi Qi and the others should have finished reading that article. For the time being, he should stay close to Master and Si Yi. That way, he wouldn’t get into trouble.

With a grin on his face, he swaggered up the stairs, and then rushed over to the kitchen where Si Shi Wu was currently instructing their Master on the different types of dough. He strolled in, and then stood to the side, picking an apple to eat while he curiously watched what was going on.

Si Shi Wu slightly furrowed his brows when he looked over. “What are you doing here? Don’t have anything else to do?”

Si Er shook his head. “Oh no, you misunderstand me.” He raised a hand and waved it in the air as if wanting to waive all the accusations away that were hidden beneath Si Shi Wu’s words. “There will be sixty-four spots given to the participants of ‘Golden Spoon’ that get into the actual show. Since we are all going to participate in the casting save for you, it would be best if we were able to learn a bit more beforehand and make sure that we can block nineteen of those places for Master. Then, he won’t have to compete with as many random people. We can become the foil to his splendid demonstration so his chances of winning the date with Young Master will be even higher.”

Si Jin looked up, quietly staring at Si Er while he kneaded the dough. There was no saying what he was thinking but Si Er preferred to imagine that he was inwardly praising him for his quick thinking.

Si Shi Wu raised his brows, the doubt clearly visible in his eyes, but since their Master wasn’t saying anything, he didn’t either. “Anyway, let’s get back to the dough. After all, there are only three more weeks.”

Si Jin nodded and threw the ball of dough into an open bowl before putting the lid on it. Then, he turned around and placed the bowl in a line with the other twenty-four that were already standing there. Looking at them, he nodded to himself, and then turned back around, starting to do everything from the beginning once again.

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